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  • WYPALL® X80 Wipers

    Kimberly Clark

    Our WYPALL® X80 Wipers with patented HYDROKNIT* are strong, absorbent, reusable wipers with no adhesives or binders leaving no residue and ideal for heavy duty wiping tasks.

  • Clorox® Disinfectant Wipes


    One-step cleaning and disinfecting Bleach-free formula kills 99.9% of bacteria, including staph and salmonella Ideal for day care centers, offices, schools and restaurants 35 wipes per container, sold as case of 12 containers

  • KIMTECH SCIENCE® Precision Wipes Tissue Wipers

    Kimberly Clark

    Precision Wipes Tissue Wipers, 1-ply, are an economical choice for general low-lint cleaning tasks Soft and absorbent Anti-static dispensing reduces lint Coated packaging helps protect wipes from spills

  • SCOTT® Roll Control Center-Pull Towels

    Kimberly Clark

    An economical and highly effective choice for your hand drying needs, SCOTT® Center-Pull Towels have Absorbency Pockets™ that absorb lots of water fast, for superior hand drying and are folded for one-handed dispensing. Highly absorbent, so you’ll use less and waste less Small cases for…

  • WYPALL* X60 Wipers

    Kimberly Clark

    Wypall* X60 Wipers bring the absorbing power of our Hydroknit* technology to a lighter-weight wiper. Designed to outperform rags, Wypall* X60 Wipers raise the standard for general-purpose wipers. No adhesives or binders; leaves no residue Reinforced for extra scrubbing and cleaning power…

  • ProjX® 700


    ProjX® 700 is a creped cellulose / polyester nonwoven wiper recommended for ISO Class 5 and above environments composed of a hydroentangled nonwoven blend of 55% cellulose and 45% polyester. This combination of properties provides ProjX® 700 with the level of absorbency, abrasion resistance and…

  • Kleenex® Cottonelle® Bathroom Tissue

    Kimberly Clark

    A premium bath tissue that makes a great impression. From Kleenex® Cottonelle®, a high-quality brand that offers home-like comfort Individually wrapped in attractive packaging so rolls stay clean and hygienic Small cases for easy storage and handling Meets EPA standards;…

  • KLEENEX® PREMIERE® Kitchen Roll Towel

    Kimberly Clark

    Thomas No. 1189A30 KLEENEX* Premiere* Kitchen Roll Towels are strong and tear-resistant towel for wiping up spills and drying hands. Patented Hydroknit® technology makes towels strong and absorbent Great for scrubbing and wiping-up spills Tear-resistant Cloth-like material that is soft…

  • WypAll® L10 Lightweight Utility Wipes

    Kimberly Clark

    When you need a light-duty towel to deliver results at an economical price, the WypAll L10 Limited Use Towels are a great choice. They are soft, strong and absorbent, so they’re a favorite replacement for cleaning towels for spray-and-wipe jobs, glass surface cleaning, absorbing small liquid…

  • PRO-WIPE® OS Wiper


    Composed of 100% polypropylene meltblown, Pro-Wipe OS is engineered for oil absorption and retention. Surfactant free and low linting, this wiper is ideal for nutraceutical and gel capsule manufacturing where FDA food contact certification is required.  100% polypropylene meltblown…

  • WYPALL* X70 Wipers

    Kimberly Clark

    Our WYPALL* X70 Wipers offer an alternative to cloth rags or shop towels, with absorbency that extends usage and reduces waste.

  • Bio-Pure™ Alcohol Wipes

    Diversified Biotech

    100% Biodegradable  - Proprietary fabric is formulated to easily break down over time. Green  - Re-sealable and flexible packaging has a low carbon footprint. No Residue  - 70% IPA/30% H2O mixture evaporates completely Lint-Free  - Wipes won't…

  • Cheesecloth Cleaning Cloth


    Bleached, fine weave cotton gauze Soft, absorbent and lintless 36 inch wide bolts Grade 10 Cloths have 20 x 12 threads per square inch; Grade 50 Cloths have 28 x 24 threads per square inch; Grade 60 Cloths have 32 x 28 threads per square inch. 2904B10 each package contains two…

  • TekniSat Polyester Knit Presaturated Wipes in Pails, 70% IPA/30% DI Water,…


    Teknisat presaturated polyester knit wipes are made with a hi strength continuous filament polyester yarn in a double knit, no run interlock pattern. Knitting, pre-washing, cutting, sealing, washing and packaging are all done in-house for optimum control & cleanliness. The wipe is clean and…

  • Kimtex® Heavy-Duty Wipers

    Kimberly Clark

    Reusable Solvent-resistant Convenient packaging Very strong, reusable, heavy-duty shop towels are ideal for cleaning oil and solvents. Low lint cleaning performance. Wipers measure 9.75" x 16.75".

  • Presaturated Wipers, Polypropylene, Meltblown, Non-Woven, 70% IPA, 30% Deionized…


    LYMSAT® presaturated wipes remove dust, dirt, oxides, and most contaminants from electronic equipment and most surfaces. Wipes are made with strong, durable hydro-entangled fabric that will not tear easily. They are handy, convenient, economical and disposable. A great wipe for cleaning work…

  • Like-Rags®


    High performance nonwoven towel …Like-Rags® are designed for durability, strength, and absorbency. Ideal replacements for rental shop towels and rags. Like-Rags® can be used in all cleaning and wiping situations —heavy duty machine & part cleaning, polishing or bondo…


    Kimberly Clark

    Designed for wiping tasks where low lint or use of chemicals are required. Engineered for critical applications involving solvents, inks, and paints. Acid, base, and solvent resistant. Perfect for use with lubricants, oil, and grease. Polypropylene construction.  Applications include:…

  • M1 Technology Unlaundered Lightweight Polyester Knit Wipers

    American CleanStat

    These high quality cleanroom polyester knit wipers are manufactured from a 100% continuous filament textured high-bulk llight weight (3.2 oz per square yard) polyester. Double bagged in clean poly bags with an outer case liner, stack packed and vacuumed sealed, these wipers are manufactured in…

  • TechniCloth® Wipers, Polycellulose Blend, Nonwoven

    ITW Texwipe

    TechniCloth® wipers are fabricated from a hydroentangled, nonwoven blend of 55% cellulose and 45% polyester. This fabric blend combines the highly absorbent properties of a natural fiber with the cleanliness and strength of a synthetic wiper. With its low particle counts, low extractable levels and…

  • KIMTECH® WETTASK® Wipers for Disinfectants and Sanitizers

    Kimberly Clark

    KIMTECH® Wipers for the WETTASK® Wiping System, featuring spunlace wipers that are compatible with Quaternary Amine disinfectants and sanitizers. The enclosed system helps avoid contamination of the wipers & cleaning solution while reducing exposure to chemical vapors and splashes. This system is…

  • SCOTT® Center-Pull Towels

    Kimberly Clark

    An economical and highly effective choice for your hand drying needs, SCOTT® Center-Pull Towels have Absorbency Pockets™ that absorb lots of water fast, for superior hand drying and are folded for one-handed dispensing. Highly absorbent, so you’ll use less and waste less Small cases for…

  • Polycellulose Blend Non-Woven Cleanroom Wipers


    Teknizorb cleanroom wipes are made from a hydroentangled blend of 55% polyester / 45% cellulose. This creates a strong, clean, and very absorbant wipe for liquid removal or lint free wiping of surfaces for contamination removal. This nonwoven wipe exhibits lower particle and fiber release than…

  • Polycellulose Wipers, Nonwoven, Standard Weight, 12x12, Validated Sterile

    Protection Systems

    Hydroentangled blend of 55% cellulose / 45% polyester. Gamma irradiated with Cobalt-60 to a sterility assurance level of 10-6 in accordance with procedures outlined in Standard AAMI/ISO 11737-Method 1. Our general purpose wipes combine highly absorbent natural cellulose fibers with tough…

  • Kleenex® Tissues

    Kimberly Clark

    2-ply construction Soft and gentle on skin Polyshield on Pop-Up ® dispenser box keeps excess lint in, contaminants out. Signal ® Feature alerts user to when the last ten tissues are being used. Each box contains 125 tissues.

  • FREEZER RACK DRAWER 2" BOXES 5X5 26 3/4X11 13/16X5 1/2"

    Argos Technologies

  • Thomas White Disposable Paper Wipers


    Soft material, yet extremely strong and durable even when wet Low-lint material great for cleaning glass, beakers, and other areas 12" x 17" sheets come flat packed in cardboard box

  • PRO-WIPE® 880 Wipers


    Pro-Wipe® 880 is ideal for cleaning areas in which acids and solvents are a concern. The multi-layer construction produces a soft material that won’t scratch or abrade even the most sensitive parts in laboratories, aerospace, defense electronic, food processing, photo processing,…

  • WYPALL* L10 Windshield Towels

    Kimberly Clark

    WYPALL* L10 Windshield Towels are designed for better cleaning performance! Extra strength and special textured surface. This towel is available in light blue color. WYPALL* L10 wipers meet EPA guidelines for recycled fiber content.

  • MICROSEAL® 1200 Wipers


    MicroSeal® 1200 is an ultrasonically sealed edge cleanroom laundered wiper recommended for ISO 3-5 environments.  Its low endotoxin levels and high absorbency makes it ideal for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing applications. 100% polyester knit wipers with ultrasonically…

  • SUPER POLX® 150 Wipers


    Super Polx® 1500 is perfect for use in aerospace and computer/circuit board and semiconductor manufacturing where particles and ion content are a concern. Its rugged knit construction makes Super Polx® 1500 great for wiping up tough spills on either soft or rough surfaces without abrading or…

  • Wipes Dispensers

    AK Ltd

    Tabbed base holds box in place Mounts horizontally or vertically Clear acrylic plastic Small holders can be used with small Kimwipes® and large holders can be used with large Kimwipes and Kaydrys®. Dimensions: small: 5 1/4” W x 5” L x 3 1/4” D; large: 5…

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