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    MTC Bio

    Minimize antibody usage Hinged lid reduces evaporation For halves, wholes, strips, or minis Whether you're doing Western blots in halves, wholes, strips or minis, we have the right Western blot box for you. Choose the size that suits your needs and you'll be able to instantly reduce…

  • 100% pure cotton fiber; 0.345mm thickness Sheets are smooth, flat and RNase free Economical - compare to 3MM Our HyBlot 3A™ paper is specifically designed, controlled and packaged for electrophoresis and blotting applications. High purity grade cotton fiber paper is…

  • 0.83mm thickness, smooth surface Economical - compare to GB003 Generally used as a blotter under the "weight" of a capillary sandwich. Assures continuous contact of buffer from the chamber through the gel and transfer membrane to the opposite pole (electroblot) or weight…

  • Convenient, pure, fast buffer preparation Advansta's Avant buffer pouches are perfect for standardizing your electrophoresis and Western blotting applications. Dissolve a pouch of pre-measured molecular biology-grade chemicals in 500mL of deionized water to obtain a ready-to-use 1x…

  • Enhanced protein transfer for improved sensitivity Achieve improved detection of low-abundance and posttranslationally modified proteins with Advansta's proprietary FLASHBlot Transfer Buffer. High-efficiency protein transfer and increased protein retention on the membrane add up to more…

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