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LaMotte Water Purification

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  • Demineralizes up to 65 gallons of water with 7 grains per gallon hardness before requiring replacement Internal indicator, which causes resin to change colors as it nears exhaustion Removable top plate, which makes resin replacement easy Nylon inlet and outlet fittings, which have flexible…

  • Generate limited quantities of high- quality demineralized water anywhere, anytime - for rinsing labware, for dilutions or for chemical procedures Low density polyethylene squeeze bottle, which comes partially filled with mixed-bed ion exchange resin that exhibits a color change as it nears…

  • Softener Model


    Softeners in the Model S Series are designed to produce a large volume of high quality softened water. Each softener has a faucet adapter that easily connects to any faucet. As water passes through the chamber, the resin column causes scale-forming calcium and magnesium ions to be exchanged for…

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