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  • Designed for Strong, Consistent Mixing of Microplates Microplate Vortex Mixers are designed specifically for continuous duty throughout the speed range. Analog variable speed models or microprocessor-controlled digital models offer exact speed control for applications that demand repeatable…

  • Improve Efficiency by Processing up to 50 Samples at a Time Multi-Tube Vortexers are ideal for high throughput sample processing. Interchangeable foam racks for vortexing tubes from 10 to 29 mm in diameter available. Vortexing action is created by securing the top of the sample in place while…

  • Designed for Continuous Duty Applications Heavy-Duty Vortex Mixers feature a heavy-duty design and efficient motor to permit continuous duty operation, and the ability to handle accessory components over the entire speed range. Analog variable speed models or microprocessor-controlled digital…

  • Process up to 50 samples at a time Displays for speed and time Pulsing mode Ideal for applications requiring accuracy and repeatability. Operating Features: Microprocessor Control: The variable speed microprocessor control provides consistent uniform mixing action. LED…

  • Built Sturdy to Provide Stable and Reliable Vortexing Action Four Mini Vortex Mixer models for gentle to high-speed mixing are available. Analog model offers variable speed control, and digital model allows input of the exact speed and time to achieve reproducible results. Pulsing model…

  • Talboys Stainless Steel microtube holder holds up to (12) 1.5 -2mL microtubes or 5Ml tubes.

  • Talboys Foam inserts for Vortex Mixer to be used with Insert Retainer. 1 each of the following: 9-13mm tubes, 14-19mm tubes, 20-25mm tubes and 1 flat insert.

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