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Brooks Life Sciences

  • Depyrogenated Sterile Empty Vials

    EP Scientific Products

    Thermo Scientific™ Depyrogenated Sterile Empty Vials are offered in capacities ranging from 1 to 100mL. Certificate of Sterility & Pyrogen Test included with each lot. Sterile vials are Type I borosilicate, assembled with butyl stoppers and aluminum seals. Type 1 Borosilicate…

  • VOA Vials - Solid Top Closures, PTFE Lined, Precleaned & Certified

    J.G. Finneran

    Available in clear or amber borosilicate glass. Assembled with the solid top PTFE-Lined closures. Available in standard, precleaned or precleaned/certified in accordance with recommended E.P.A. Protocol. Class 1: (Standard) Containers are assembled with liner and closure without washing treatment.…

  • COD Analysis Kits


    USEPA-approved Mercury-free COD kits CHEMetrics’ leakproof reagent vials contain premeasured solutions of sulfuric acids and potassium dichromate. To perform the COD determination, the analyst simply removes the Teflon® lined screw cap from the vial, adds sample to the vial,…

  • Manual Hand Crimper and De-Crimpers

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Manual hand crimper/de-crimpers for 11, 13, or 20mm aluminum seals and vials. Perfect for chromatography and general crimping needs.

  • Target DP Vial System

    National Scientific

    For Agilent 7673 and 1100 Series Autosamplers Wide cap profile for rotating or robotic arm autosampler trays 40% wider opening 33 expansion glass (Type I Class A) Borosilicate glass Convenience of a screw cap vial with the integrity of a crimp vial, I-D™ vials have…

  • Shell Vials For Waters Wisp 96-Position Autosampler

    J.G. Finneran

    Designed to work in the Waters WISP™ 96 position autosampler. Available in clear or amber Type I borosilicate glass, or polypropylene for easy disposal. Vials feature thicker walls for safer sample handling. Limited volume shell vials have a precisely designed conical bottom which permits…

  • Limited Volume Inserts

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    labForce Brand Limited Volume Inserts are ideal for sampling small volumes using a labForce 12x32mm vial for support. Inserts are pre-assembled with a polyethylene spring which aids in alignment. Manufactured from Type I borosilicate glass Conical design permits complete sample removal …

  • Internally Threaded, Starfoot Cryotube Vials

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    Allows easy one-hand capping/opening of the tube (when used with the CryoTube rack) and improves aseptic handling 12.5 mm o.d. vials are internally threaded and have star-foot bottoms which interlock with 5151S30 Rack for one-hand operation Sterile Made for cryogenic storage of cells,…

  • 16mm ScrewTin™ Headspace Vials


    These headspace vials offer excellent performance Vials are made from Type 1 borosilicate glass and work well on PerkinElmer®, Agilent™, CTC Analytics, Shimadzu™, Tekmar®, and other headspace autosamplers. They meet strict tolerances set by the manufacturer of the…

  • Tuff Vials


    Highly break resistant tough polycarbonate vials with polypropylene leakproof closures. Glass clear allows viewing of valuable contents, liquid or solid. Reusable and autoclavable. 5mL and 10mL are also ideal for leakproof shipping of reagents and buffer solutions, for packaging of serum,…

  • Deactivated Screw Thread Glass Vials

    Agilent Technologies

    2 mL volume Flat bottom ensures compatibility with inserts 8-425 thread design Original, narrow neck size The original, smaller opening vial with an 8-425 thread size screw cap. Vials are available with black caps and a variety of septa to meet the needs of your application. …

  • Vials


    Clear or amber borosilicate glass Choice of open-top cap, PTFE/silicone septum or closed-top, PTFE-lined cap Amber glass is recommended for UV-light sensitive samples. Vials 9711J04 through J09 come with a Septa-Gard™ polyethylene friction-fit snap cover that fits over the vial to…

  • 10 ml Vacule With 22-350 Cap

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Heavy wall construction designed for lyophilization and freeze-drying. Manufactured from Wheaton 33 low extractable clear borosilicate glass that conforms to ASTM Type I, Class A and USP Type I requirements. Vacule vials have controlled ID, for accurate stopper fit. Designed for lyophilization…

  • Wide Opening Crimp Top Convenience Kits

    Thermo Scientific Sun SRi

    Convenience kits provide an alternative to ordering multiple components Kits include equal quantities of vials and matching closures Tin plate seals are used for applications requiring magnetic transport of vials Reusable two compartment trays protect vials and closures while keeping matching…

  • ABC CONV PK, W225150, W225334A-0401

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

  • Clear R.A.M.™ Vial with Ribbed Screw Thread Cap

    J.G. Finneran

    Large opening R.A.M.™ vials 40% larger opening Type I Borosilicate glass Clear or amber These vials function similarly to the Kimble ROBO Vial™, National’s Target DP, Sun 1 and Wheaton ABC Vials. Specifically designed to work in robotic arm autosamplers like…

  • Storage Boxes for Cryogenic Tubes

    Globe Scientific

    Storage boxes for 1.0mL and 2.0mL CryoClear™ and cryogenic tubes Holds 81 vials (9x9 format)   Polycarbonate Temperature Range: -196° to 121°C Transparent lid with printed numbers for easy sample identification Lid has one angled corner to ensure the…

  • COD2 Digestion Vials, Dichromate


    COD2 Digestion Vials, Mercury-Free Formulation High Range Method: Reactor Digestion Range: 20-1500 mg/L COD

  • Limited Volume Vial Inserts

    Worldwide Glass Resources

    Worldwide Glass Resources offers inserts to fit Standard Opening Vials as well as Large Opening Vials. 8-425 Screw Thread Vials use inserts with a 5 mm diameter. 9 mm Screw Thread Vials, 11 mm Large Opening Crimp Vials and Snap Vials, 10-425 Screw Thread Vials, use inserts with a 6 mm diameter.

  • Cap and Butyl Rubber Stopper Septa for Headspace Vials


    Butyl Rubber Stoppers create a gas-tight seal for improved stability.

  • Tube Selection Tool Stainless Steel

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    Tube Selection Tool for Nunc Cryobank and Bank-It vials. Pre-select tube locations that need to be retrieved from the ANSI footprint rack and press tubes out of the rack so remaining tubes can be returned to the freezer without thawing

  • Cryogenic Microtubes

    Bio Plas

    Sterile Tubes Of virgin polypropylene with heavy uniform wall construction Excellent for low temperature storage of cells or biological fluids in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen or in any mechanical freezer Ideal for sample processing where incubation, autoclaving,…

  • 20 mL, 20 mm, Crimp Top Vial with Write-on Patch and Fill Lines


    We offer Headspace Crimp Top Vials with graduation or the PerkinElmer logo in various volumes.

  • Scintillation Vial Caps

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Bulk packaged in a case of 1,000 caps Available in three cap materials and with four liner types

  • Snap Plugs For Shell Vials

    J.G. Finneran

    CLEARANCE SALE! Original Price: $5.40 Starburst and conical design of the snap plug provides self centering needle penetration guidance as well as better resealability of plug after use. Plug is designed to easily push in and remove from the vial while still providing a tight fit…

  • Inserts for Vials


    Conical Glass, Pulled Point, Narrow Opening. Microliter has a Full Line of LC and GC Chromatography Consumables and Can Help You Determine the Best Products for your Application. 

  • System 100 Cryogenic Vials

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Polypropylene Leakproof silicone gasket in closure Externally threaded vial Printed fill line, graduations and white marking area For use in mechanical and vapor-phase freezers. Leakproof to 8000 x g in centrifuge. Includes Certificate of Quality which assures that vials are non-cytotoxic,…

  • Snap Top Polypropylene Vials

    Thermo Scientific Capitol Vial

    Thermo Scientific™ Capitol Vial with Snap Cap is ideal for storage of small parts, office supplies and general packaging. 100% FDA compliant food grade polypropylene Tight fit snap on cap secures container Translucent vial for easy visibility of contents Ideal for general…

  • 10-425 Screw Thread Closures

    J.G. Finneran

    CLEARANCE SALE! Original Price: $11.61 Largest opening Closures are ideal for autosamplers requiring closure to support or hang vial in tray such as Hitachi, Jasco, Shimadzu, etc. Larger opening provides increased target area for needle penetration. Available in a wide…

  • VOA Vials - Open Top Closures and Septum


    High-quality borosilicate glass and rigid, autoclavable cap Standard open top, flat silicone/ PTFE septum design 40 mL capacity Available in clear or amber Vials are available assembled only or pre-cleaned to EPA protocol B. Independent laboratory certified version is also available.

  • Glass Sample Cell


    For use with colorimeters and spectrophotometers. Pack of six includes caps.

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