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Brooks Life Sciences

  • Sterile, Polypropylene Cryogenic Vials

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Non-cytotoxic and non-pyrogenic Nalgene, linerless seal ring system External thread provides no risk of contaminating contents of vial Self-standing without a holder; conical bottom allows complete sample retrieval Deep-skirted closure allows single-handed aseptic technique without…

  • Crimp Top Vials


    Crimp top vials, which require an 11mm seal, are available in a variety of styles. These vials have a solid glass finish and are available with a 4.6 or 6.0mm ID opening. The larger opening increases the target area for needle penetration. The crimp seals for these vials are available in a variety…

  • CRYOVIAL® External Thread Design with Lip and Silicone Washer Seal


    Made of specially formulated polypropylene Designed for the storage of biological material, human or animal cells, at temperatures as low as -196°C (but should be used only in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen). The cap features a long skirt for easy one-handed aseptic technique, a super…

  • Manual Hand Crimper and De-Crimpers

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Manual hand crimper/de-crimpers for 11, 13, or 20mm aluminum seals and vials. Perfect for chromatography and general crimping needs.

  • LC Certified Vial Kits

    J.G. Finneran

    LC Certified Vial Test Parameters include: Glass - Type 1, Class A, 33 Expansion Clear or Amber Borosilicate Dimension –Height, Diameter, Bottom Thickness, Neck Length, Thread Profile, Annealing Cap/Septum- Diameter, Height, Thread Integrity, Center Flash, Septa Insertion …

  • Target DP Vial System

    National Scientific

    For Agilent 7673 and 1100 Series Autosamplers Wide cap profile for rotating or robotic arm autosampler trays 40% wider opening 33 expansion glass (Type I Class A) Borosilicate glass Convenience of a screw cap vial with the integrity of a crimp vial, I-D™ vials have…

  • Storage Boxes for Cryogenic Tubes

    Globe Scientific

    Storage boxes for 1.0mL and 2.0mL CryoClear™ and cryogenic tubes Holds 81 vials (9x9 format)   Polycarbonate Temperature Range: -196° to 121°C Transparent lid with printed numbers for easy sample identification Lid has one angled corner to ensure the…

  • VOA Vials - Open Top Closures and Septum


    High-quality borosilicate glass and rigid, autoclavable cap Standard open top, flat silicone/ PTFE septum design 40 mL capacity Available in clear or amber Vials are available assembled only or pre-cleaned to EPA protocol B. Independent laboratory certified version is also available.

  • SAFE® 2D Tube Rack, Side Coded, External Thread, Non-Capped, 300µl

    LVL technologies

    SAFE® 96 XT: 2D Coded Tubes with External Thread in 96 SBS/ANSI Rack 2D tubes with external threads in the 96 SBS format. Especially when it comes to sample storage in automated storage systems, for reasons of costs, it is essential that the largest possible quantity of samples can…

  • 9mm Vial with Fused Insert

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    The labForce Brand 9mm glass vial with a clear glass insert fused together eliminates movement of the insert. The fused insert also eliminates concerns about contaminants around the fused seam/space between the neck of the vial and the insert. Capacity - 300uL Manufactured from Type I…

  • Closures for VOA Vials

    Thermo Scientific Sun SRi

    High quality polypropylene Open-top closures allow sampling through the septa

  • Mass Spec Certified Vial Kits

    J.G. Finneran

    Mass Spec Vial Test Parameters include: Glass – Type 1, Class A, 33 Expansion Clear or Amber Borosilicate Dimension – Height, Diameter, Bottom Thickness, Neck Length, Thread Profile, Annealing Cap/Septum – Diameter, Height, Thread Integrity, Center Flash, Septa Insertion GC/MS…

  • Vials


    Clear or amber borosilicate glass Choice of open-top cap, PTFE/silicone septum or closed-top, PTFE-lined cap Amber glass is recommended for UV-light sensitive samples. Vials 9711J04 through J09 come with a Septa-Gard™ polyethylene friction-fit snap cover that fits over the vial to…

  • VOA Vials - Open Top Closures with Patented Top Hat™ Septa

    J.G. Finneran

    Available in clear or amber borosilicate glass. Assembled with the patented Top Hat™ Liner system. Available in standard, precleaned or precleaned/certified in accordance with recommended E.P.A. Protocol. Class 1: (Standard) Containers are assembled with liner and closure without washing…

  • Snap Top Polypropylene Vials

    Thermo Scientific Capitol Vial

    Thermo Scientific™ Capitol Vial with Snap Cap is ideal for storage of small parts, office supplies and general packaging. 100% FDA compliant food grade polypropylene Tight fit snap on cap secures container Translucent vial for easy visibility of contents Ideal for general…

  • Nextgen™ V Vials®, Glass with Solid Top Black Phenolic Caps

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Clear, non-graduated glass vials with open top black phenolic caps Teflon® faced silicone liner Screw cap attached Heavy wall construction for variety of applications Conical interior bottom provides downward drainage Made from clear and amber borosilicate glass …

  • 10-425 Wide Opening Screw Thread Vials

    Thermo Scientific Sun SRi

    Vials feature a 6mm diameter opening for easy filling 10-425 vials are suitable for many instruments where the vial remains in sample trays during injection Manufactured from clear, Type 1 Class A or amber, Type 1 Class B borosilicate class Glass vials have a graduated, write-on patch for…

  • Cane for Cryovial® Tubes


    Made of aluminum For storage of up to five 1.2 or 2 mL Simport® Cryovial® tubes in liquid nitrogen containers such as Dewar flasks.

  • Color Coded Cap Inserts

    Globe Scientific

    Inserts used for color coding CryoClear™ tubes. Polypropylene (PP) Available in 6 bright colors Available packaging: 100/bag and 1000/bag Also available in a case of assorted colors: 1 bag/100 of each of the 6 colors (600 each) Ideal for color coding samples Easily…

  • Sample Vials, 1 & 2 Dram


    Packaged in a clear PETG tray complete with a slide or lift off dust cover. Vials are separated by a SBS partition to eliminate glass to glass contact. Caps are supplied complete in the package, not attached. Entire package is recyclable. Vials are made from 33 expansion borosilicate glass which…

  • Omni-Vial Scintillation Vials

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Disposable, with press-fit cap Of high-density polypropylene with friction-fit cap Can be incinerated 9718E60 has a capacity of 4 mL ; O.D. x height: 13 x 57 mm. 9718E66 has a capacity of 6 mL ; O.D. x height: 15 x 57 mm. Sold in cases of 1,000 with vials and caps packed separately…

  • TOC Certified Containers

    EP Scientific Products

    Trust our low-level certified vials for Total Organic Carbon testing and sampling. Manufactured, tested and packaged by exacting standards, Thermo Scientific™ TOC Certified Containers are certified to contribute <10ppb or < 20ppb TOC as background. Containers: Available…

  • 20mm Crimp Caps

    Agilent Technologies

    Caps are ready to use with any headspace crimp top vials. Caps with safety feature release pressure at approximately 45 psi. Septa are sold separately.

  • Interlocked™ Vial with Insert

    J.G. Finneran

    Interlocked tm Vial is composed of a glass vial and a clear glass insert fused together thus eliminating any movement of the insert and concerns about contaminants around the fused seam/space between the neck of the vial and the insert.

  • Transport Tubes

    MTC Bio

    Transport tubes, sometimes called mailing tubes, are used in multiple sectors of the laboratory market, including medical, hospital, environmental, independent testing, food testing, and biological research labs. Used to store, transport or freeze samples, these tubes come in both 5mL (16 x…

  • Syringe 3ml PP Ll Sterile

    Thermo Scientific Sun SRi

    Made of chemically resistant, inert polypropylene and polyethylene material No rubber plunger seals or silicone lubricants that may cause sample contamination Safe, functional back-stop feature Luer-Lok and luer-slip connections Easy to read permanent graduations

  • COD Tube Tests


    The Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) test is widely used as a measure of organic contamination by determining the quantity of oxygen required for oxidation of reduced species including organic matter, in a water sample using a specific oxidizing agent, temperature and time reduction. COD testing is a…

  • Cryogenic Microtubes

    Bio Plas

    Sterile Tubes Of virgin polypropylene with heavy uniform wall construction Excellent for low temperature storage of cells or biological fluids in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen or in any mechanical freezer Ideal for sample processing where incubation, autoclaving,…

  • Vial File for Organic Samples

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Vial File® for Organic Samples with amber vials with open top black phenolic Teflon® faced silicone lined cap.

  • 9mm Vial Component Kits (with ETFE/Silicone Septa)


    MicroLiter's 9mm caps are available in multiple colors and septa types.

  • Thin Septa Vials


    Clear borosilicate glass with 0.060 in. Thin Septa 40 mL clear septa vials feature a thin (0.060”) PTFE/silicone septa. The septum is easy to puncture with syringe needles and is ultrasonically bonded to the 24-414 polypropylene closure. No adhesive is used. I-CHEM Certified®…

  • Vials Snap Top Fixed Insert Amber

    Agilent Technologies

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