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  • Vial,screw,4ml,clr,WrtOn,100PK

    Agilent Technologies

  • Made of specially formulated polypropylene Designed for storing biological material, human or animal cells, at temperatures as low as -196 °C (but should be used only in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen). The cap features a long skirt for one hand aseptic methods, and a super fast thread…

  • Plastic Scintillation Vials

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

  • Environmental EPA Vials

    J.G. Finneran

    Available in clear or amber borosilicate glass. Choice of closure and linter, including patented Top Hat™ liner system. Fixed (bonded) closures eliminate liner fallout.

  • Amber non-graduated glass vials with screw thread finish Screw caps not included Heavy wall construction for variety of applications Conical interior bottom provides downward drainage Made from clear and amber borosilicate glass Available with solid and open top screw cap or serum finish …

  • Amber Screw Thread Vials offer protection from harmful light and UV rays for light sensitive products. These general purpose glass vials are made of Type I Borosilicate glass, providing exceptional resistance to heat shock and chemical leaching. Attached green thermoset (phenolic) are known for…

  • Screw Thread Headspace Closures

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    For use with WHEATON screw thread headspace vials Screw thread finish eliminates the need for crimping tools For use with CTC Analytics Systems requiring magnetic closures Also compatible with modern Agilent, Perkin Elmer and Tekmar autosamplers that do not require transports

  • LC Certified Vial Kits

    J.G. Finneran

    LC Certified Vial Test Parameters include: Glass - Type 1, Class A, 33 Expansion Clear or Amber Borosilicate Dimension –Height, Diameter, Bottom Thickness, Neck Length, Thread Profile, Annealing Cap/Septum- Diameter, Height, Thread Integrity, Center Flash, Septa Insertion …

  • E-C Vials w / Rubber Lined Caps, Clear, 4 ml

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    These economically priced sample vials are conveniently packed in two shrink-wrapped packs of 100 vials. This packaging reduces contamination from corrugated material found in traditional packaging. The clear vials are manufactured from Wheaton 33 low extractable borosilicate glass that conforms to…

  • For sealing sample vials for temperatures up to 160 °C. Very low background peaks, very low permeability, not recommended for repetitive injections from the same vial. Includes un-assembled aluminum caps and star springs. Note : Due to the patent which PerkinElmer holds on the closures system of…

  • Vials with vinylite liners Consisting of 9710F12 series borosilicate glass vials and attached 2386C10 series caps fitted with cork-backed vinylite liners Vials with Caps (9710D13 to D73, 1233Z28 to Z37) Vials without Caps (9710F12 to F82, 9711B45)

  • TOC Certified Vials

    J.G. Finneran

    EPA Certified TOC Vials

  • Autosampler Vials, 12x32mm with 9mm Screw Thread

    labForce® (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    labForce Brand autosampler vials, 12x32mm with 9mm screw thread are designed to work in robotic arm autosamplers. Manufactured from Type I borosilicate glass Designed to work in robotic arm autosamplers Available with graduated marking spot Made in the USA

  • 12 x 32 Crimp Top Vials Type I Borosilicate Glass Clear or Amber 40% larger opening Increased target area helps prevent broken needles. Designed to work in Agilent (HP) and other autosamplers. Vial incorporates the unique StepVial design that precisely centers a limited…

  • Writing area Specified for mechanical freezing or vapor-phase of liquid nitrogen External screw cap also lessens risk of contamination due to handling Sterile 12.5 mm diameter tubes (13 mm cap) with conical or round bottom. NOTE: Not recommended for liqiud nitrogen unless sealed…

  • 11mm Snap Top Caps™

    J.G. Finneran

    Use with Snap Ring™ or Snap Seal™ vials Snap on and off easily No sharp aluminum edges 2686S94 through 2686T10 are Polypropylene GC Snap Top Caps. 2686T21 through T42 Snap Top Caps are for Shimadzu Autosamplers. All caps are 11 mm. Caps may be snapped on and off…

  • Kimax Borosilicate Glass 12mL Screw Thread Sample Vial without Closure, Amber

  • 9mm Vial with Fused Insert

    labForce® (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    The labForce Brand 9mm glass vial with a clear glass insert fused together eliminates movement of the insert. The fused insert also eliminates concerns about contaminants around the fused seam/space between the neck of the vial and the insert. Capacity - 300uL Manufactured from Type I…

  • Storage Vials, Vial Only

    National Scientific

    Storage glassware manufactured in Type 1, Class A, 33 expansion borosilicate glass or 51A amber glass Capacity ranges from 2mL to 40mL Provide constant pH for duration of sample storage life Chemically inert caps suitable for most chromatography and storage applications Top grade…

  • Preassembled closures and septa come ready to use. Designed to work in Agilent or other robotic arm autosamplers.

  • PolarSafe cryogenic storage vials provide biological sample storage in temperatures as low as -196°C. Innovative vials feature a co-molded screw cap that combines polyethylene (PE) with a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that eliminates the need for silicone o-rings. Traditional vials have the…

  • Largest available variety Save reagents Requires less sample Limited volume inserts are available in a variety of designs to accommodate all size vials and all types of autosamplers. Polymer Top Springs™, bottom springs and metal springs act as shock absorbers that protect…

  • Mass Spec Vial Test Parameters include: Glass – Type 1, Class A, 33 Expansion Clear or Amber Borosilicate Dimension – Height, Diameter, Bottom Thickness, Neck Length, Thread Profile, Annealing Cap/Septum – Diameter, Height, Thread Integrity, Center Flash, Septa Insertion GC/MS…

  • Depyrogenated Sterile Empty Vials

    EP Scientific Products

    Thermo Scientific™ Depyrogenated Sterile Empty Vials are offered in capacities ranging from 1 to 100mL. Certificate of Sterility & Pyrogen Test included with each lot. Sterile vials are Type I borosilicate, assembled with butyl stoppers and aluminum seals. Type 1 Borosilicate…

  • Available in polypropylene or polymethylpentene (TPX) Finneran black polypropylene vials protects light sensitive samples from having a chemical reaction during sampling, testing, storage or transporting. The polypropylene elimates vial breakage. Specify black PP when amber just isn't dark enough.

  • Vials 1.5ml Clear Crimp R / Btm 0

    Thermo Scientific Sun SRi

    Chemically inert solid HDPE offer solvent resistance and sample compatibility Crimp top vials provide leak resistant sealing Wide opening design provides easy filling and proper fit with 6mm diameter inserts Manufactured from clear, Type 1 Class A or amber, Type 1 Class B borosilicate glass 2mL…

  • SAFE® 96 XT: 2D Coded Tubes with External Thread in 96 SBS/ANSI Rack 2D tubes with external threads in the 96 SBS format. Especially when it comes to sample storage in automated storage systems, for reasons of costs, it is essential that the largest possible quantity of samples can…

  • Axygen Storage Boxes Axygen Storage Boxes are ideal for sample storage. These polypropylene boxes are engineered to withstand the harsh environments necessary for daily workflows in your laboratory. This includes freezing temperatures at -80°C and autoclaving temperatures up to 121°C…

  • 20mm Crimp Caps

    Agilent Technologies

    Caps are ready to use with any headspace crimp top vials. Caps with safety feature release pressure at approximately 45 psi. Septa are sold separately.

  • 9mm Polypropylene Screw Thread Vial

    labForce® (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    labForce Brand 9mm polypropylene vial is an economical alternative to glass and is compatible with many solvents. 12x32mm vial with a 40% larger opening Capacity - 100uL to 300uL Manufactured from chemical resistant polypropylene Designed to work in robotic arm autosamplers …

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