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  • PEEKsil is polymer-sheathed fused silica tubing, available in outside diameters of 1/32 inch or 1/16 inch, and now in 0.36 mm. The sheathing polymer is polyether ether ketone (PEEK) that is mechanically strong and has ideal characteristics for sealing with conventional metal or polymer ferrule…

  • Manufactured from precision bore tubing, column-to-column reproducibility and hydrophobic and hydrophilic surface treatments. Wide pH range available in 30, 50, 75 and 100µm ID.

  • Burr free cutting of fused silica tubing Reduces likelihood of blockages Ensures square ends for "Press fit" style connectors Clean entry for on-column injection

  • Cutting wheel for cutting 1/16" and 1/8" stainless steel tubing Clean, right angle cuts with minimal burring or chipping of the tubing No additional reaming or deburring is required Spare cutting wheels are available

  • Coated fused silica tubing exhibits excellent flexibility, chemical stability, tensile strength, and exacting tolerances. These properties make it the tubing of choice for GC capillary applications, LC tubing, and other micro tubing requirements. It is also well suited for use in bioanalytical and…

  • SGE's Methyl Deactivated Fused Silica Capillary Tubing is available in a range of sizes. The tubing is chemically inert and thermally stable up to 380°C (716°F). It is ideally suited for use with capillary GC guard columns and transfer lines.

  • The Fixed Outlet Splitter is recommended for splitting the flow from a capillary column between two detectors.

  • Deactivated fused silica tubing is an essential ingredient in maintaining a high performance chromatography system. Chemically inert and thermally stable up to 380°C. Ideal for biotechnology applications. Available in 0.025 - 0.53mm ID, quality guaranteed.

  • Smooth and clean bore. Supplied in coils and enclosed in a stainless steel spiral mount. Where tubing OD is smaller than 1/16", ends are bushed to 1/16" and GC ferrules are supplied.

  • GLT™ exhibits excellent resistance to the harshest of conditions.  Maximum temperature for continuous use of GLT is 500°C.

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