SCP Science Lab Supply Products

SCP Science Lab Supply Products is a reputable laboratory supply industry brand. SCP standards and reagents are ideal for quality control, chemical reactions, and analysis and testing within the lab. Choose buffers, solvents, or standards.
SCP also has a great range of sample preparation equipment, including hot plates and magnetic stirrers.
At Thomas Scientific, we offer a wide range of SCP science-branded products suitable for various laboratory needs.
Ensure safety in the laboratory with high-quality SCP Science safety equipment, including safety goggles, lab coats, and products to ensure a safe working environment. Increasing lab efficiency and confidence with safety equipment and lab supply products.
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  • 17 x 100mm Autosampler Tubes with improved markings and accurate graduations: Made from virgin polypropylene Assures ultra low metal content 0 to 15 graduation lines in increment of 1mL 5mL - 10mL - 15mL graduation lines are accurate to Class A tolerances (+/-0.10mL) Tubes fit…