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  • 15mL Centrifuge Tubes, Polypropylene (PP)

    Globe Scientific

    This top quality line of centrifuge tubes feature flat-top, plug-seal leak resistant screw caps, a large white writing area and printed graduation marks. Cap is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Sterile tubes are Rnase/Dnase and Pyrogen free White graduations and writing area …

  • Dome Cap PCR Tubes


    Polypropylene Thin walls 0.2 or 0.5 mL capacities Molded from 100% virgin polypropylene, PCR tubes feature thin walls for optimal heat transfer and caps that seal securely to minimize evaporation. Extensive quality inspections to ensure consistent performance. PurePak™…

  • Posi-Click 1.7 ml microcentrifuge tube, 1.7ml red color (500/PK)


    Boil-proof cap Withstand 28,000 x g Easy to open, easy to close Double, high pressure locking ring RNase, DNase and pyrogen free Unsurpassed clarity Frosted writing surface and graduations Ultra smooth interior-low liquid retention Made from highest…

  • 50ml Conical Bottom Copolymer Screw Cap Centrifuge Tubes


    Axygen Brand 50mL Screw Cap Centrifuge Tubes are designed to meet the needs of your laboratory. Made of durable polypropylene homopolymer, these tubes can withstand forces up to 12,000 RCF. Printed in two colors with a large writing surface. Centrifuge Rated to 12,000 x G Easy one hand…

  • Screw Cap Micro Tubes


    For transport, storage and sample processing in the laboratory.

  • Cell Strainers

    Celltreat Scientific

    CELLTREAT® Cell Strainers can be used for many applications including isolating cells and removing clumps or debris. CELLTREAT Cell Strainers are compatible with CELLTREAT brand and other standard 50mL centrifuge tubes. The exclusive Pestle design improves manipulation of material in the…

  • ClavePak 96 Racked Tubes, 1.1ml tubes, Strips of 8 tubes in bulk package, Qty:…


    1.1ml or 0.65ml capacity Polypropylene - autoclavable and freezable to -80°C Ideal for preps and dilutions that are ultimately carried out in 96 well plates. Also used for large volume screening, HIV testing, cell harvesting and storage. Compatible with multi-channel pipettes and workstations.

  • Wide-Mouth Conical Centrifuge Tubes

    Thermo Scientific Nunc

    More volume. More access. More space for decanting. The Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ 250 mL Conical Tube offers added capacity for your larger samples with a one-of-a-kind wide mouth design, providing open, easy access for pipetting, decanting and removal of the pellet following…

  • Cell Strainers

    NEST Scientific USA

    Nest Cell Strainers are ideal for obtaining uniform single cell suspension from various sources. Nest Cell Strainers are made from nylon with 3 different mesh sizes (40µm, 70µm and 100µm), showing optimal performances in a variety of applications such as stem cell & primary…

  • ClavePak 96 Racked Tubes, 0.65ml tubes, Single tubes in 10 racks of 96, Qty: 960


    1.1ml or 0.65ml capacity Polypropylene - autoclavable and freezable to -80°C Ideal for preps and dilutions that are ultimately carried out in 96 well plates. Also used for large volume screening, HIV testing, cell harvesting and storage. Compatible with multi-channel pipettes and workstations.

  • Culture Tubes with Screw Caps

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    These standard round-bottom culture tubes are manufactured from 51 expansion borosilicate glass that conforms to ASTM Type I, Class B and USP Type I requirements. The tubes can be reused many times. The caps have a white 14B styrene-butadiene rubber liner or a PTFE faced 14B styrene-butadiene…

  • Eppendorf Conical Tubes


    No Compromise! The Eppendorf Conical Tubes 15 and 50 mL meet the highest demands of diverse laboratory applications. The outstanding quality and specifications make them ideally suited for cell biology applications as well as for sample preparation protocols in microbiology and molecular biology…

  • 5 & 10mL Transport Tubes

    Globe Scientific

    Transport tubes and vials are designed for the safe storage and transport of biological materials. The transparent polypropylene (PP) vials allow unobstructed viewing of the sample. The vials are shatter-proof and may be exposed to freezing temperatures. They feature leak-resistant screw caps that…

  • Fermentation Tubes

    GSC International, Inc.

    Borosilicate Glass. Available with and without base. With and without graduations.

  • 0.65mL MTS Cluster Tubes, 8-TubeStrip, Bags, 600/case


    0.65mL MTS Cluster Tubes, Polypropylene, 8-TubeStrip, Natural 1 Bag of 120 Strips/pk 600/case MicroTube Rack System for Sample Collection and Long-Term Storage Similar to Various Deep-Well Plates, but with Removable Wells Manufactured on the Original Molds Uses include: bacterial and…

  • PYREX® VISTA Test Tubes


    Beaded rim These test tubes are well annealed, resistant to heat and chemically stable. Rims are fire-polished. The 25mm tube does not have a marking spot.

  • Masterclear™ Cap Strips and real-time PCR Tube Strips


    Eppendorf real-time PCR Tube Strips feature an extremely thin wall for optimal heat transfer combined with high mechanical stability. In combination with their optical properties these are the ideal tube strips for any real-time PCR, especially for use with small reaction volumes.The Masterclear™…

  • Morton® Culture Tube Closures

    Bal Supply

    The stainless steel cylindrical closures are excellent for microbiology and related applications. Non-contaminating closures may be autoclaved repeatedly without loss of resilience. The indentations on the top surface permit adequate exchange of gasses under aerobic and anaerobic conditions, yet…

  • ThermoGrid™ Rigid Strip 0.2mL PCR Tubes, 8x 0.2ml Rigid Strip, attached…


    Fits most popular thermal cyclers RNase/DNase and Pyrogen free Caps included Autoclave Safe Autoclave instructions: Autoclave at 121°C at 15psi (1 atm) for 15 mins. Do not use drying cycle. Remove from autoclave once temperature has reached at least 80°C.

  • Tube, 1.7mL Micro, PP, VIOLET, 1000/PK, 500/BAG


    Tube, 1.7mL Micro, PP, VIOLET, 1000/PK, 500/BAG

  • Schlenk Vacuum Sample Tubes

    Wilmad-LabGlass - SP Scienceware

    These borosilicate glass Schlenk sample tubes incorporate a grease-free high vacuum 0-4mm valve and are suited for pressure/vacuum applications. Ideal for reaction and storage of air-sensitive compounds. Sidearm can be connected to inert atmosphere/vacuum source or a manifold.

  • RotoCycler™ Discs for Qiagen Rotor-Gene™ Q Real-Time Rotary Analyzer


    Made of polypropylene RotoCycler™ Discs are specially made to be used with the Qiagen Rotor-Gene™ Q Real-Time Rotary Analyzer. Two models are available: a 72-well format with 100 µL tubes and a 100-well format for reactions up to 25 µL. The discs are a one-piece "plate" equivalent, having…



  • ThermoGrid™ 0.2mL x 8-Strip Thin Wall Real Time PCR Tube Strips


    Fits Most Popular Thermal Cyclers RNase/DNase and Pyrogen Free Caps Included Strips of 8 or strips of 12 96 well format Available in Red, Green, Blue, or Yellow Autoclave Safe

  • Thermal Cylcing Tubes .2ml Individual Tubes with thin wall and attached Domed…


    Individual tubes with and without caps Dome caps RNase/DNase and Pyrogen Free Not autoclavable

  • MTS Cluster Tube Convenient Packs


    MicroTube Rack System™ for sample collection, assay, and short or long term storage 0.65, 1.1 and 2.2mL tubes and variety of capping options are available Cost effective Deep-well plate alternative, with removable wells Now available in familiar single pack format

  • Borosil® Reusable Heavy Duty Culture Tubes with Flat Bottoms


    Borosil® Reusable Heavy Duty Culture Tubes are constructed from low-extractable, mechanically strong borosilicate glass. Supplied with PTFE-lined Polypropylene Screw Caps, tubes are easy to seal. Flat bottoms and ultra-high clarity. Ideal replacement for Biju/Bijou, McCartney, and…

  • 0.2mL Thin Wall Individual PCR Tubes


    1000/package Individual thin walled tubes with attached caps Natural color RNase/DNase and Pyrogen Free

  • Small Volume Microcentrifuge Tubes


    Snap-seal cap Smooth interior Non-sterile Small volume specialty microcentrifuge tubes are designed for lesser sample sizes. These 0.4 and 0.25 mL size tubes have an attached snap-seal closure that provides a leak-tight seal. Specially formulated low-density polyethylene provides a…

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