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  • Amplifyt™ PCR Strip Caps

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Available in 8 and 12 strip caps Available in both flat and dome caps Flat caps are optically clear for real-time PCR Tested to insure fit on both strip tubes and PCR plates Certified free of detectable RNase DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitors, and tested pyrogen-free

  • Capillary Tubes 1.1mm X75 mm Color Code Red

    Chase Instruments

    Chase brand micro-hematocrit tubes are used to measure the volume percentage of red blood cells in blood. Packed in plastic vials with reclosable snap-lock caps to maintain cleanliness Ends may be sealed by flame or sealing clay Heparinized capillary tubes are designed to prevent…

  • Amplifyt™ PCR Strip Tubes (Tubes Only)

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Available in 8 and 12 strip tubes (note these caps must be purchased separately) Available in standard 0.2mL or 0.1mL low-profile/"fast" formats. Available in clear or assorted colors Certified free of detectable RNase DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitors, and tested pyrogen-free

  • ThermoGrid™ 0.2mL Thermal Cycling PCR Tubes


    Fits Most Popular Thermal Cyclers RNase/DNase and Pyrogen Free Caps are sold seperately Strips of 8 Available in Red, Green, Blue, or Yellow Autoclave Safe

  • SureSeal™ Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes

    MTC Bio

    From the SureSeal family of sterile tubes you trust comes MTC Bio’s new 2.0mL screw cap microcentrifuge tubes. Made from ultra-clear polypropylene, with crisp printed graduations, SureSeal 2mL screw-cap tubes offer the best visualization of sample on the market today! May be centrifuged at up…

  • 5mL Snap Cap MACROcentrifuge Tubes

    Globe Scientific

    An efficient and economic alternative to 15mL conical tubes when working with sample volumes between 2.0mL and 5.0mL. With the same diameter and conical shape as a 15mL tube, the shorter 5.0mL macrocentrifuge tubes: Reduce total cost to the lab for purchase and use Reduce…

  • Microcentrifuge Tubes with Snap Caps

    Globe Scientific

    These polyropylene microcentrifuge tubes feature attached leak-resistant flat snap caps. Each tube is molded with precise graduation marks for accurate measurements.  Mfr. No. 111562 & 111572 These 1.5mL and 2mL microcentrifuge tubes are lot certified to be RNase free, DNase free,…

  • Self-Standing 5ml Conical Bottom Copolymer Screw Cap Centrifuge Tubes


    Skirted, self-standing tubes with a conical bottom. Tubes are graduated at 1.0mL intervals and feature a large frosted writing area. Caps fit tubes securely for a leakproof seal. Sterile tubes come with caps attached. Transport tube comes with a blue cap Certified RNase, DNase, and…

  • Amplifyt™ PCR Zipper Strip Tubes & Caps

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    For customers who prefer separate caps with their 8 strip tubes.  The Zipper-strip has one end of the caps attached to the tubes.  This prevents unintentional reversing of the caps minimimizing chances of cross-contamination. Available in 0.2mL size to fit most standard thermal cyclers.…

  • Amplifyt™ PCR Rigid-Strip Tubes With Attached Caps

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    8 Strip Rigid Strips with attached individual caps Available in two sizes to fit virtually every thermal cycler or real-time instrument.  0.2mL for standard blocks and 0.1mL for low-profile or "fast" blocks. Available in clear, assorted, or white.  All caps are flat and…

  • Metal Free® Centrifuge Tubes


    For applications requiring the assurance of low background metals Made of 100% medical grade ultra low metal virgin resins Certified below one part per billion (<1ppb) for trace metals Natural colorant-free flat caps Labcon’s  Metal Free® centrifuge tubes…

  • 15mL Centrifuge Tube, Polypropylene (PP)

    Globe Scientific

    Globe’s clinical centrifuge tubes are molded from polypropylene (PP) and feature flat-top, leak resistant blue caps. The tubes are printed with black graduation marks and have a large white writing area. Sterile tubes have attached blue screwcap Black printed graduations White printed…

  • Microcentrifuge Tubes

    Celltreat Scientific

    Micro Centrifuge tubes are available in three sizes; 0.5ml, 1.5ml and 2.0ml. CELLTREAT Micro Centrifuge tubes have an attached flat top cap, engraved graduations and are manufactured from high quality polypropylene. The tubes have a temperature range of -80°C to 120°C. CELLTREAT Micro…

  • SuperClear® Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes


    SuperClear® Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes include caps with ethylene propylene O-Rings and are ideal for any sample processing application. Excellent for frozen storage or when working with hazardous or valuable materials. Packed 500 in a bag and 10 bags in a pack. All style of tubes and caps…

  • Microtainer® Blood Collection Tubes


    BD Microtainer® Blood Collection Tube was designed for ease-of-use and helps to ensure that a quality capillary blood sample is collected. The wider-diameter BD Microtainer® Tube with BD Microgard™ Closure features an integrated collector and improved mixing ability. This full array…

  • ThermoGrid™ Rigid Strip 0.2mL PCR Tubes, 8x 0.2ml Rigid Strip, attached…


    125 x 8 Fits most popular thermal cyclers RNase/DNase and Pyrogen free Caps included Autoclave Safe Autoclave instructions: Autoclave at 121°C at 15psi (1 atm) for 15 mins. Do not use drying cycle. Remove from autoclave once temperature has reached at least 80°C.

  • 96 Well PCR Preparation Racks

    Bio Plas

    Designed as preparation and storage racks for any variety of 0.2mL Tubes and Strip Caps before and after sample processing application Formatted in the standard 8 x 12 microtiter format Identified "A" through "H" vertically, and 1 through 12 horizontally, providing…

  • PYREX® Test Tubes


    With lip Tubes 10 mm through 18 mm o.d. have marking spot. Listings indicate length x o.d. in mm.

  • 16 x 75mm Test Tubes

    Globe Scientific

    Globe Scientific offers an extensive line of multi-use test tubes. They are molded from premium grade polystyrene for clarity of polypropylene for impact strength and stability to common acids, alkalies, and solvents. Polystyrene tubes can withstand 1500 RPM during centrifugation. Polypropylene…

  • Amplifyt™ PCR Split-Strip Tubes With Attached Caps, Individual Colors

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    8 Strip Split-Strip with attached individual dome caps Available in specific colors (blue, green, red, and yellow) Split-a-part design is easy to break allowing you to use only the tubes that you need Conveniently stacked in bags of 12 strips per bag (10 bags per unit) minimizes the risk of…

  • Test Tubes

    Globe Scientific

    Globe Scientific offers an extensive line of mulit-use test tubes. They are molded from premium grade polystyrene for clarity or of polypropylene for impact strength and stability to common acids, alkalies, and solvents. Polystyrene tubes can withstand 1500 RPM during centrifugation. Polypropylene…

  • Amplifyt™ PCR 12-Strip Tube & Strip Cap Packs

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Thin Wall PCR Strip Tubes & Caps - 12 Strip Available with dome caps or optically clear flat caps (for real-time PCR) Available in clear, assorted, or white tubes (real-time compatible) Convenient combo pack of tubes and caps -- no need to purchase separately Deep seating caps…

  • Centrifuge Tube 15 ml


    These 15mL PYREX® conical centrifuge tubes have white enamel graduations for durability. The 15mL size is graduated upward from the tip in 0.1mL divisions. The 50mL size is graduated upward from tip to 10mL in 0.5mL divisions, and from 10 to 50mL in 1mL divisions. The phenolic 15-415 GPI…

  • ClavePak 96 Racked Tubes, 1.1ml tubes, Strips of 12 tubes in bulk package, Qty:…


    1.1ml or 0.65ml capacity Polypropylene - autoclavable and freezable to -80°C Ideal for preps and dilutions that are ultimately carried out in 96 well plates. Also used for large volume screening, HIV testing, cell harvesting and storage. Compatible with multi-channel pipettes and workstations.

  • SuperClear® 17x100mm Culture Tubes


    Labcon SuperClear® precision-molded, conical and round bottom tubes are perfect for a multitude of general laboratory uses. Precision crafted of extra clear virgin polypropylene in natural and colors or clear virgin polystyrene. Tube caps are made of low density polyethylene for a secure seal…

  • Premium Microcentrifuge Tubes, Volume: 1.7ml, Dimensions: 39 x 10mm Color:…


    Withstand 21,000 x g Improved optical clarity Smooth, uniform bottoms These premium quality tubes were first introduced in 1989 and their innovative features have made them popular in labs around the world. They have external graduation lines and two etched marking surfaces (on…

  • Vacutainer® PST™ Tubes


    BD Vacutainer® PST™ Tubes contain spray-coated lithium heparin and a polymer gel for plasma separation. Samples processed in these tubes are used for plasma determinations in chemistry. BD Vacutainer® PST™ Lithium Heparin Tubes eliminate the need to wait for a clot to form,…

  • Test Tubes

    United Scientific Supplies

    High Quality Borosilicate test tubes with rims.

  • Identi-Plugs®


    Foam plugs for all size test tubes and laboratory flasks Identi-Plugs® are for use with test tubes and flasks. They are reusable and leave no clinging fibers like cotton plugs. They provide a snug fit, yet permit free air flow. Plugs are ideal for use with Drosophila vials. They spring…

  • Kim-Kap Test Tube Caps

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Polypropylene closure Autoclavable Natural For use with the KIM-RAK or other disposable culture tubes.

  • 12 x 75mm Plastic Culture/Test Tubes

    Globe Scientific

    Globe Scientific's plastic culture tubes are produced in polystyrene (PS) or polypropylene (PP). The polystyrene tubes can withstand 1500 RPM during centrifugation. polypropylene tubes can withstand 3000 RPM and are autoclavable and freezable. Tubes with dual position snap caps (LDPE)…

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