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  • Trap provides expanded volume for reactions that have a tendency to foam excessively. The inner vapor tube is sealed to the top of the trap to prevent entry into the condenser. Traps have a 24/40 top outer joint and the listed size of lower inner joint.

  • Similar to CG-4515 traps but having an o-ring joint to connect the trap body to the stopper. O-ring joint provides for a vacuum tight, grease free seal and permits the trap body to be easily disconnected from the stopper for cleaning. Serrated hose connections are 13.5mm at the smallest serration…

  • Two piece vacuum trap connected with an inner and outer joint to facilitate cleaning.

  • Trap is designed for large volume solvent vapor removal during rotary evaporation. Trap is placed between the vacuum source and the rotary evaporator to prevent solvent vapors from entering the vacuum pump. PLASTIC COATED to contain solvent in case of breakage and supplied complete with a…

  • Dewar style trap CONDENSERS designed for large volume solvent removal. Lower reservoir has a capacity of either 500 or 1000mL, with a 4mm PTFE stopcock. Serrated hose connections are 12mm at the smallest serration and 14mm at the largest serration. Optional UHMW Lid prevents evaporation of dry…

  • Vacuum Guage Trap


    Trap provides protection of vacuum gauges from particulates which contaminate the mercury when the gauge is vented to the atmosphere. Supplied packed with glass wool. Hose connections have a 9mm OD at the middle serration.

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