Tourniquets, Blood Collection

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Tourniquets, Blood Collection Tourniquets, Blood Collection

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  • Fold & Snap Rack

    Heathrow Scientific

    For 13, 17, and 21 mm tubes Easy-to-assemble polypropylene racks fold and snap together. Autoclavable. Ship flat.

  • OR Tourniquet Covers

    Halyard Health

    Provides a protective covering for tourniquets, Prevents prepping solution from reaching either side of the cover—protecting the patient's skin from irritation, Outside made of blue Kraton film, Inside made of polyester felt, Product and packaging is natural rubber latex-free

  • Racks are made of Delrin® fiberglass-reinforced polyoxymethylene (POM), an engineered polymer developed by DuPont to have exceptional chemical and heat resistance. These durable racks are molded in a single, continuous piece—no assembly required and no detachable pieces. Molded index…

  • Tourniquets, 1" x 18"

    Graham Medical

    100% latex free tourniquet that protects both patients and healthcare personnel alike from the dangers of latex allergies. Performs all the functions of the standard latex tourniquet. Patients appreciate the smooth comfort and ease of application. Strong with superior elasticity and tear-resistance…

  • Tough and more highly resistant to acids, bases, solvents and heat OneRack® durable racks are molded in a single, continuous piece so no assembly required and there are no detachable pieces. Made from Polypropylene Offers good chemical and heat resistance (0 to 110°C) …

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