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  • This two-stage regulator has a brass body and stainless steel diaphragm and guarantees constant delivery pressure regardless of variations in cylinder pressure. Maximum inlet pressure is 3000psi, and the CGA fitting size is 580. A Swagelok™ 1/4in npt to 1/8in fitting (P/N 09903471) is included.…

  • This Premium HATR trough top-plate is fitted with an AMTIR 45° crystal, allowing for simple sampling of liquids, powders, pastes, and gels. The AMTIR crystal is designed to withstand damage from strong acids and can be used with water samples. Avoid use with highly concentrated acids, oxidizers,…

  • The Titan MPS is a flexible easy-to-use microwave sample preparation system for pressure digestion of a broad range of samples for subsequent inorganic analysis.

  • Set of 15 pieces for stirring in the cuvette. For use with Research Peltier System - 6 Position (PTP-6), (L6310011) and 13-Cell Changer System (B0185210), and Magnetic Stirrer Accessory (B0507355).

  • Two-stage regulator for precise outlet pressure control. Brass body and stainless steel diaphragm for long life and minimum maintenance. Maximum inlet pressure of20,700 KPa. Supplied with CGA-580adapter. Approximate weight: 1.3 Kg.

  • Rechargeable Desiccant Kit comes with two desiccant cartridges. Rechargeable desiccant cartridges are contained in rigid metal cages which are user-installable. Depending on the instrument either one or two cartridges are required. It is recommended to have spare desiccant cartridges available so…

  • Can be used with Argonor Nitrogen and hasa CGA 580 fitting. Acolor-coded hose with1/4-inch SWAGELOKfittings is also included. Max Inlet Pressure:3000 psig

  • Burner Head O-Ring


    Includes three O-rings and one tube of Super O-lube

  • Flow Meter 20-140 ml/Min

  • PerkinElmer is expanding its compressor product portfolio to include an industrial grade, quite, oil-less compressor for dependable and clean air supply. With the addition of a water separator with a 5 micron particle filter, no liquid transfers into the air supply, providing you with contaminant…

  • The Variable-Angle Specular Reflectance Accessory can be used to obtain a spectrum of any flat, reflecting surface on plate or sheet material. Measurements of reflectance are useful in quality control of optical materials and for obtaining information about the crystalline structure of a material.…

  • Burner/Drain Assembly For AAnalyst200/400

  • Agate pestle and mortar set, recommended for use with very hard samples. Agate is much harder than porcelain, thus reducing the level of impurities introduced into the sample during grinding.

  • Rechargeable Desiccant Kit comes with four desiccant cartridges. Rechargeable desiccant cartridges are contained in rigid metal cages which are user-installable. Two cartridges are required for Spectrum One and Spectrum One NTS spectrometers. It is recommended to have spare desiccant cartridges…

  • APCI Quartz tube


    Clear fused quartz sample tube for Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI) ion source used with Flexar SQ300 and AxION 2 TOF MS.

  • Required for the expansion, penetration, compression and flexure modes of operation. Used with high temperature furnace, part of Quartz Parallel Plate System Kit (Product Number: N5390138)

  • The PC 3X is a compact, Peltier heated or cooled inlet system that controls the spray chamber temperature and improves long-term stability. In cooling mode, water or solvent is removed from the aerosol, reducing water or solvent loading on the plasma. In heating mode, sensitivity is increased and…

  • General Purpose Optical Bench (GPOB)

  • By using rectangular windows instead of circular windows, the demountable cell becomes a semi-demountable cell. The semi-demountable cell can be used either as a demountable cell or as a sealed cell for high-viscosity liquids or mull samples. To order a semi-demountable cell, order the Universal…

  • For measuring the fluorescence or phosphorescence from a 6-, 12-,24-, 48-, or 96-well plate in either the X or Y direction or for luminescence micro densitometry of TLC plates and electrophoresis gels. Controlled by the computer. Silica excitation fiber, glass emission fiber. May require LS-50B…

  • The sealed liquid cells have a corrosion-resistant construction making them ideal for highly volatile samples. The sealed liquid cells are ideal for quantitative analysis where you require an accurate reproducible cell thickness. These cells use a lead spacer which is amalgamated to the window…

  • The PolyScience® WhisperCool™ Refrigerated Chiller is designed to deliver quiet and reliable performance over a broad range of operating temperatures and conditions. Extremely dependable and energy efficient, it features a -10 to 40 °C operating temperature range, built-in process and equipment…

  • Diamond DSC Sample loading tool to support sample insertion and removal. For sample and reference side.

  • General Purpose Optical Bench MCT(GPOB) for the Frontier

  • PerkinElmer cells ensure top optical performance, with high celltransmission and accurate pathlength. The cell windows are fused tothe bodies by a special process which avoids deformation of thewindows. This assures that the full width of the cell is usable andthe finished cell dimensions are…

  • PerkinElmer offers a variety of stainless steel, titanium and polymer based nuts, ferrules, unions and tubing for plumbing the components of your LC system.

  • Apex HF system for the PE NexION 300. Includes one PFA-100 ST nebulizer and adapter to NexION.

  • Force Calibration Weight, 50 g.

  • Nitrous Oxide Pressure Regulator.Connects most commercial nitrous oxide tanks to burner control boxes or instruments. Includes heating system to prevent freeze-up of gas line and Nitrous Oxide Hose Assembly (00570566), 115V, 50/60 Hz.


  • Heavy-duty construction prevents cracking or tipping. Conical design allows for use of entire sample. Translucent, low density, recommended for use with most aqueous and organic solutions.

  • The Nitroflow Lab is a portable unit that offers a less expensive and more convenient delivery of nitrogen than cylinders and dewars. NitroFlow lab is a self contained LC/MS Membrane Nitrogen Generator with dual oil-less air compressors. NITROFLOW LAB Integrated Nitrogen Generator. System Includes…

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