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  • FILLING BELLS, ASEPTIC, For aseptic filling of vessels. Tubing is attached to the serrated hose connection while the receiving vessel is placed inside the bell. Made from Type 1 Class A borosilicate glass. BOTTLES, ROUX, 1200ML, The 1,200mL Roux bottle is designed so that when laid down flat, it…

  • The 3 through 7 Liter sizes fit the 8mm Shaft, while the 15 liter fits the 15mm shaft. These blades are used primarily for bacterial cell culture work.Like-for-like replacement parts for Applikon® Biotechnology and Broadley-James® brands of bioreactors.Applikon® is a registered…

  • Easily remove dried-on solids from the interior walls of round bottom flasks without scratching or harming your flask! Stainless steel and PTFE for rapid sample removal Choose from seven sizes - for 100mL thru 5L round bottom flasks Laser etched as to size and part number Available…

  • M10 Thermowells


    M10 threaded thermowell having a ID of .310” that will accept 1/4” thermocouple probes. To enhance the temperature measurement the thermowell should be partially filled with a heat conducting silicone or mineral oil.Like-for-like replacement parts for Applikon® Biotechnology and…

  • Heating Blankets


    Manufactured to fit snugly around Applikon®-style, unjacketed vessels to supply uniform heat. Made of silicone rubber, all sizes are 110VAC with the wattage as listed. Velcro allows easy installation, even with the vessel in a support stand. Plugs are IEC standard 2-prong.

  • PTFE tweezers/forceps with pointed tips.

  • Thermocouple Stabilizer for use with 1/2" diameter coated PT100 sensors. Glass filled PTFE 45/50 inner adapter has a 14mm compression fitting and an extension tube that extends below the joint to stabilize the probe when it is inserted into Chemglass 75 & 100L Reactors. The…

  • This adapter can be used to add fluids or gases to the bio reactor. The portion of the adapter that is within the reactor has a short drip tip tube that can accept tubing to reach further into the listed capacity reactor.Like-for-like replacement parts for Applikon® Biotechnology and…

  • Quartz Cover Slip


    Ultra-thin (.25mm) ground and polished clear quartz microscope slide cover slips.

  • Commercial quality ground and polished clear fused quartz discs. Edges have a ground finished on all sizes.

  • Commercial quality ground and polished clear fused quartz. Edges have a ground finished on all sizes. 

  • BioReactor


    DOUBLE PORT ADAPTERS, M18, FOR BIOREACTORS, The double port adapter fits into the headplate and has two connections that are 4mm OD to fit precision tubing size 16. Inside the reactor, the 4mm tubes are 1.25” long. SAMPLING PIPES, HARVEST TUBES, LARGE DIAMETER, M18, FOR…

  • Cytiva Type 214 clear fused quartz rod. Rod is stocked in 4ft lengths.  PLEASE NOTE: PRICE LISTED IS PER LENGTH OF 4FT ROD.

  • Stainless steel transistion adapter from 30mm Tool-Free™ Glass Flange on the inlet/outlet of the reactor to M16. Tool-Free™ 30mm O-ring Flange is used to connect fluid transfer hose to the vessel. Adapters are supplied with PTFE Split Ring, aluminum lock collar and a fluorosilicone o-ring.

  • Boss Heads


    Boss head connects the vertical rod and the PT sensor support rod. Bosshead slides over the vertical support rod used on most hotplates stirrers. Accepts up to 13mm diameter rods.

  • 45/50 Glass filled PTFE adapter has center port 3/4" female NPT and six side ports 1/4" female NPT. Adapter permits addition of liquids, monitoring of gases, insertion of glass baffles, infrared probes etc. The complete adapter consists of a PTFE standard taper body, Nylon loosening nut,…

  • Cytiva Type 214 grade clear fused quartz tubing. Tubing is stocked in 4ft lengths.  PLEASE NOTE: PRICE LISTED IS PER LENGTH OF 4ft TUBING.

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