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Chemglass Thermoregulators

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  • PID controller for use with our CG-1100 oil baths. Controller has 1500 Watts of power and will control temperatures to ± 1.0°C. Supplied complete with CG-15001-25 Type "J" Thermocouple.

  • Economical temperature controller for applications that do not require the precise temperature (± 0.1°). Auto tune PID process controller for use with Chemglass oil baths or mantles up to 5L. Controller has 1500 watts of power and will control temperatures to ± 1.0°C.

  • Temperature monitor features a built in audible alarm, Type “T” or “K” thermocouple receptacle, and a bright LED display for easy viewing. The monitor is contained in a compact stainless steel cabinet with a side-mounted clamp for securing to a 1/2” diameter support…

  • The J-Kem® Scientific microprocessor based temperature controller is for use with the CG-1966 and CG-1967 pilot plant reactors. The Model 260 disconnects all output power if the process temperature exceeds the entered temperature by a user-specified amount, or following recovery from a power…

  • The J-KEM® Scientific HCC controller is designed to power large scale equipment such as 50L to 100L heating mantles. Designed with the same safety features as the Model 270, the HCC incorporates a 100 hour digital timer to turn heating on or off. PLEASE NOTE: THIS CONTROLLER REQUIRES ONE…

  • Type “J” thermocouple (black) for use with oil baths or other liquid immersion applications. Thermocouple is supplied with a mini plug and a insulated and stainless steel overbraided cord. Thermocouples can be used to 370°C.

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