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Thomas TraceableLIVE

  • The testo 270 cooking oil tester measures Total Polar Material (TPM) content in the oil and displays this as a percentage. As the oil is used, TPM increases. For every deep fried food, there is a point where overused oil will compromise the cooking oil quality and taste and presentation of that…

  • The testo 104 waterproof food probe thermometer comes with a wide range of features including a strong foldable form factor, a rubber-coated anti-slip surface, color coded markers to prevent cross contaminiation, and a long, precise temperature probe that make it ideal for use in the food industry.…

  • The testo 108 waterproof food thermometer is reliable, and rugged solution to food meaurement needs. With a sleek, compact, waterproof housing and interchangable Type T and Type K probes, the testo 108 offers a wide variety of measurement options for most food applications. Key Features: …

  • The testo 830 is a universally applicable infrared thermometer for non-contact measurement of surface temperatures in trade and industry. Thanks to a new processor, and therefore better resolution, even more precise measurements are now possible. Temperature can now be recorded to an accuracy of…

  • The testo 103 food thermometer is the smallest folding food probe thermometer in its class. At a little over 4 in. it is so small it fits in any shirt or trouser pocket. And because the probe can be folded away, it can’t break off or cause any harm or damage. The testo 103 food…

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