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Thomas TraceableLIVE

  • This newest member of the Accurate for Life family of products is also the first NSF-Certified digital refrigerator / freezer thermometer. With a large, easy-to-read display, it is designed to hang, stand or mount with cable-ties (included) within the food zone inside cold storage cabinets. The…

  • NSF Certified Temperature range: -20°F to 80°F (-30°C to 30°C) Dial: 2” Colored dial is zoned with specific applications and HACCP guidelines for freezing, deep chill, refrigeration and dry storage.

  • For those applications where only one temperature is read at a time, the TM99A is an industry standard. It features Min/Max memory, hold, auto shut-off. LCD backlight for dark environments. The TM99A includes a pouch and 1075 general purpose probe.

  • Temperature range: 50°F to 550°F Dial: 2.5”; stem: 15” Thermometer has a vessel clip and wooden safety handle and features specific applications and HACCP guidelines.

  • Replacement Probe for TM99AE Portable Digital Thermometer.

  • Oven Thermometer, HACCP


    NSF Certified Temperature range: 200°F to 600°F (100°C to 300°C) Dial: 2” Dial has colored zone to highlight proper oven temperature range.

  • The 322 Candy/Jelly/Deep-Fry Thermometer includes an adjustable stainless steel vessel clip and is NSF certified. It features a zoned dial with specific applicaions for deep frying, candy and jelly. It also has a preset point for accurate measurements.

  • Thermocouple Thermometer


    Two readings per second High accuracy Type K thermocouple connector NSF certified Model 32311 is an economy thermocouple thermometer that employs some of the latest high tech features. The thermometer offers 2°F/1°C accuracy over its operating temperature range of…

  • MAX Digital Pocket Test Thermometer has a Jumbo LCD, 12" reach with pocket shealth and can be used to test dishwasher final rinse cycles. The DPP800W sensor is located at the end of the reduced tip, providing a quick response time of less than 6 seconds. MAX has a large pocket clip with…

  • This waterproof digital thermometer is NSF certified and has automatic shut-off. Designed with anti-microbial additive to avoid bacteria growth and reduced stainless steel tip for a quick response time.

  • Temperature range: -40° to 450°F/-40° to 232°C Field calibratible NSF certified Dishwasher safe digital pocket thermometer uses thermistor technology to provide accurate measurements. The unit offers a temperature accuracy of ±2°F/1°C over its measurement range of -40° to 450°F/-40° to 232°C.…

  • Thermistor Air Probe


    Thermistor air probe with extra-long cord length.

  • Atkins probes Accuracy ±0.5% of reading ±1°C (2°F) 5-year instrument warranty (1 year for probe) Available in either °C or °F Thermometers in this series have a sturdy, compact nylon housing and are simple to operate. Unit has a wide temperature range of -120 to 550°C (-100 to 1,000°F) and…

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