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  • Traceable® Excursion-Trac™ Datalogging Thermometers


    Features: Datalogging thermometer with user-defined time intervals Stores up to 10 unique alarm events Meets current CDC requirements for vaccine storage and monitoring Rolling memory structure, maintains most recent 525,600 temperature observations Memory can be cleared on…

  • Traceable® XX Long-Probe Waterproof Thermometer


    Traceable® Extra-Extra Long-Probe Waterproof Thermometer Features: Extra-long probe, 20 inches (0.5 meter) created for deep vessels Thermometer is ideal for placing in large beakers/flasks, vats, pails, and drums Applications include foods, pharmaceuticals, industrial plants…

  • Traceable® Thermometer with Time/Date/Min/Max


    Temperature range is -40° to 176°F   or -40° to 80°C Resolution is 0.5° Accuracy is ±1°C Minimu/maximum memory/time of day Unit dimensions are 3 9/16” x 3 9/16” x 15/16”. Sensor measures 3/16” in diameter and 1 1/2”…

  • Traceable® 2Second-Temp™ NSF Certified Food Thermometers


    Quick Response—2 seconds within 1° Water-resistant IP65 Antimicrobial Surface Magnetic Backing Safe Probe Storage Foldable Compact Design HACCP Safety Zone Calibration points 40°F and 140°F Accuracy ± 0.9°F from -4°F to 482°F otherwise…

  • FRIO-Temp® Certified High Precision Liquid-In-Glass Verification Thermometers

    H-B Instrument - SP Scienceware

    FRIO-Temp® verification thermometers for sample temperature measurement within Freezers, Refrigerators, Incubators or Ovens without introducing contamination. These thermometers are filled with environmentally safe non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable Enviro-Safe ® liquid…

  • Insulating Liquid Bottles for Temperature Probes & Thermometers


    Insulating liquid is biodegradable and safe For freezers, refrigerators, incubators, ovens & ambient Plastic bottles unbreakable 1 Complete bottle & cap 30, 60, and 250mL bottles

  • Thermometer


    Mounted in fenestrated plastic armor with perforated bulb guard and suspension ring Range of -5 to +45°C in 0.5° increments, black on yellow scale

  • Accu-Lab Brand Low Temperature, Red Spirit Thermometers


    General purpose laboratory glass thermometers Red Spirit liquid filling Packaged in square plastic tubes for storage Vertical numbers for easy reading Permanent markings, numbers and lines Partial and Total immersions Several Ranges and Lengths

  • ASTM Thermometers, Cloud & Pour


  • Thermometer Advanced

    Sper Scientific

    Highly accurate thermometer (+/-0.3% rdg. +1 C) accepts any type K or J thermocouple probes. Fast response time over a wide temperature range (-200~1370ºC and -28~2498ºF) and high resolution (0.1 C/F). Advanced features include a large 3 /12 digit LCD, hold, auto power off, min/max/avg, and…

  • Non-Mercury Glass Thermometers

    Across International

    Ai 250C Max Non-Mercury 14/20 Joint Glass Thermometer.

  • Frio-Temp® Dual Zone Precision Verification Electronic Thermometers


    FRIO-Temp® verification thermometers for sample temperature measurement within Freezers, Refrigerators, Incubators or Ovens without introducing contamination. These thermometers are Verify sample temperatures in Freezers, Refrigerators, Incubators and Ovens Glass bead bottle fill…

  • Single Laser AccuTherm Infrared Thermometer (-50-530°C)


    Small, lighweight, economical precision infrared thermometer. Design permits one handed point and read. Laser sighting permits precise targeting to measureing surface. NIST traceable certificate is provided for assured accuracy. Belt holster and 9V battery included.

  • DURAC® Calibrated Electronic Thermometers with Stainless Steel Probe

    H-B Instrument - SP Scienceware

    Chemical Resistant Probe! Monitor the temperature of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, chemicals, blood and blood products, food products and more with these high accuracy digital thermometers with chemical resistant probes. Features available include 10-event recording, minimum/maximum…

  • FRIO-Temp® Calibrated Electronic Verification Thermometers for Freezers,…

    H-B Instrument - SP Scienceware

    Available Calibrated for Specific Applications and Equipment Digital thermometers verify sample temperatures in freezers, refrigerators, incubators and ovens. Accurate temperature reading without sample contamination is achieved by using the filled bottle (included), which mimics the…

  • DURAC Liquid-In-Glass Oven Thermometers, Organic Liquid Fill

    H-B Instrument - SP Scienceware

    Glass Swell in Body Holds Thermometer in Place Individually serialized, these oven thermometers contain red organic liquid against white back glass. Partial immersion versions feature a round glass swell to hold the thermometer in place B60803-0600, B60803-0800, B60803-1000 and…

  • Traceable® Double Thermometer


    Temperature range is -50° to 1999°F and -50° to 1230°C Resolution is 0.1° from -50° to 199.9°F (1° outside this range) Accuracy is ±0.75% + 1°C Minimum/maximum/average memory/2 channels/hold Thermometer comes supplied with two Type K…

  • Bluetooth® 4 Channel Datalogging Thermometers

    Sper Scientific

    Wirelessly Display, Log and Download  Bluetooth® Hi / Lo Alarms Ice Point calibration Δ (T1-T2) Min / Max / Ave K, J, E, or T This unique portable thermometer displays data from 4 K, J, E, or T type thermocouple probes simultaneously on a large…

  • NIST Digital Pocket Thermometer w/Probe


    NIST Traceable w/Certificate Pocket Size 4.5" x 2.5" x .5" Attached Bench Stand Minimum / Maximum Memory Programmable High / Low Alarm Data Hold / Test Function C/F Switchable Range: -50° /300°C & -58°/572°F Resolution:…

  • Easy-Read® Environmentally Friendly Pocket Liquid-In-Glass Thermometers

    H-B Instrument - SP Scienceware

    Equipped with a case to protect from breakage, these total immersion thermometers are ideal for field studies, waste water treatment and any "on-the-go" applications. EnviroKleen™ certified Non-toxic, biodegradable, Enviro-Safe® liquid, against lead-free, yellow…

  • Taylor® Pro Waterproof Instant Read Thermometer

    Taylor Precision

    Features Easy-to-read LCD readout Temperature range -40°F to 450°F or -40°C and 230°C On/Off button and auto shut off to conserve battery life One-second updates 5" stainless steel stem Thinner probe makes a smaller puncture into the food …

  • Fractional Degree Precision Laboratory Thermometers

    Chase Instruments

    KESSLER Precision Laboratory thermometers are supplied in yellow back glass with PERMETECH Brand permanent pigmentation of graduations. All of these instruments are aged and annealed for extended accurate service life, and are suitable for certification.

  • Thermometer, Non-Mercury, -5 to 45°C


    Compact and durable, non-mercury thermometers enclosed in a protective nylon case. These thermometers are designed for ruggedness and come in many standard ranges. Suitable for all field and portable uses where an unprotected thermometer may break.

  • Traceable® Infrared Thermometer Gun


    Laser-beam sighting Fast readings Range: -76 to 932°F and -60 to 500°C Resolution: 0.1° Accuracy: ±2°C or 2% of reading Emissivity: fixed at 0.95 Field view: 11:1 Small, lightweight Traceable® Infrared Thermometer Gun takes instant,…

  • MAX Digital Pocket Test Thermometer


    MAX Digital Pocket Test Thermometer has a Jumbo LCD, 12" reach with pocket shealth and can be used to test dishwasher final rinse cycles. The DPP800W sensor is located at the end of the reduced tip, providing a quick response time of less than 6 seconds. MAX has a large pocket clip with…

  • Refrig. / Freezer / Dry Storage Thermometer, HACCP


    NSF Certified Temperature range: -20°F to 80°F (-30°C to 30°C) Dial: 2” Colored dial is zoned with specific applications and HACCP guidelines for freezing, deep chill, refrigeration and dry storage.

  • Type K/J Single Input Thermometer


    Large backlit LCD display Wide temperature range with 0.1°/1° resolution Readout in °F, °C, or K (Kelvin) Data Hold function freezes reading on display Max/Min/Avg readings with relative time stamp Offset key used for zero function to make relative measurements Auto Power off with…

  • Digi-Sense 50:1 Data Logging IR Thermometer, T/C Input


    Safely and easily locate hot and cold spots, preventing problems and saving costs Ergonomic pistol-grip infrared (IR) thermometers provide the precision you need for quick and easy temperature measurements. Noncontact meters safely measure the surface temperature of objects without physically…

  • Thermocouple Probes

    Sper Scientific

    Available in: Immersion & General Purpose: 1225B27, B38, B28, B39 and B29 Penetration: 1225B30-B32 Surface: 1225B35, B33 and B34 Ambient: 1225B36, B40, B37 and B41

  • DURAC® Plus™ Precision Liquid-In-Glass Thermometers, Organic Liquid Fill


    Durac® Plus™ precision thermometers are made with permanently fused markings and fractional degrees to provide precision and ensure accuracy. Mercury free, contain blue organic liquid against lead-free white back glass Ideal for use in chemical laboratories, universities,…

  • Student Thermometers

    United Scientific Supplies

    These student grade partial immersion thermometers are etched in 1° increments. Each thermometer comes complete with an anti-roll triangle and is housed in a convenient re-usable plastic storage. Filled with a red-colored kerosene mixture. The thermometer has a white back and is 11-3/4"…

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