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  • Ideal for securing I.V. tubing and catheters, primary wound dressings, tubing and drainage lines. Micro perforation allows for bidirectional tearing. Easy to tear and stretch. Highly porous for breathability. Water resistant, hypoallergenic and latex-free

  • High quality porous clear tape that is perforated to be easily torn bi-directionally. Excellent for I.V. sites, dressings, and tubing retention. Conforms and stretches to accommodate movement.

  • Occlusive, transparent plastic tape. Transparent to allow monitoring. Waterproof. Flexible for hard-to-tape areas. Hypoallergenic. Occlusive test patches.

  • Clear Surgical Tape


    A hypo-allergenic transparent tape that permits skin examination without tape removal. The material allows for ease of tearing in both directions. This tape is the perfect choice for IV sites and other places where visibility is important.

  • Transparent, easy to tear, perforated plastic tape for securing dressings or devices. Hypoallergenic. Easy to handle with gloves. Perforated for easy bi-directional tear.

Compare Tool

Select up to 3 products

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