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Swabs, Covid-19 Sample Collection Swabs, Covid-19 Sample Collection

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  • Nasopharyngeal swabs and their ability to collect mucus and saliva and release them into the transport medium for diagnostic testing are of paramount importance in the detection of bacterial and viral infection. US FDA and CDC recommends polyurethane swabs for diagnostic testing. Foamtec…

  • iClean Swabs


    Flocked Swabs are ideal for collecting large amount of cells and rapid slution of the specimens instantly release the cells into the cells into the transport medium. It is well recognized and adopted by the diagnostic test kit manufacturers who produce reagents in molecular…

  • The MedSchenker™ CavSwab™ tip is created with precision scalloped surface Nylon® fibers that create a ‘cavum’. This design creates a larger surface area to absorb and help collect a large amount of specimen. The MedSchenker™ CavSwab™ tip is designed with…

  • Total swab length: 68 - 90 mm Narrow head diameter (3.5mm ideal) (< 5mm) Minimal buffer/liquid absorption Pigmented (non-white) shaft color BLUE Medical grade foam Sterile, individually packed FDA registered manufacture

  • Sterile and ready-to-use COVID-19 test swabs Individually packaged in a medical-grade pouch and ethylene oxide-sterilized. Featuring a molded breakpoint designed for intentional breakage of the swab into a transport tube. MADE IN THE USA Individually packaged Tip assembled with…

  • Specimen Collection Swabs

    Miraclean Technology Co. Ltd

    Nasopharyngeal flocked swabs utilize innovative nylon fibre technology under condition of electro-static field. Vertical fixed fine flocking provides excellent sample collection and release. For minimizing invasive bacteria, the plastic stick involves a breakpoint. Break it before screwing the cap.…

  • Used for collection, storage and transportation of human nasopharyngeal virus samples Unused VTM medium can be transported at room temperature Sample transport temperature requirement & storage time: 2 to 4 C°, 48h Individually wrapped and sterile

  • 10ml tube w/1.2ml DNA/RNA shield NP swab Bio bag 6x9

  • This sterile Microbrush® flocked anterior nares swab provides excellent specimen absorption and elution EO sterilized and individually packaged in peel pouches 100% Made in the USA Nylon flocked tip Break point at 85mm 4.05" overall length with 0.75" long flocked tip

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