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  • A small, low holdup automatic head which can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning or replacement of parts. Lower column joint and side arm for condenser are 24/40. Joint on takeoff arm is 28/11. The plunger guide is 19/38 and the 10/30 thermometer joint may be used with our 8314 product…

  • Precision made PTFE stoppers for use at either end of the 5795 Michel-Miller, 5820 Columns or all 7644 Ace-Threds when a leaktight seal without the use of O-Rings is desired. Use 5846- 52 and 7855-829 for #50 size.

  • Used in tentative AOCS Method L-15A-58 for measuring the processing color stability of fatty acids.

  • PTFE full length stoppers, 24/40 size is solid; 45/50 is hollowed from top, bottom closed.

  • Stopcock plug with 1:5 PTFE metering valve.

  • Thomas No. 1166P43 #3 rubber stopper w/holes Thomas No. 1166P44 Aviation frz/pt tube

  • Flask length standard taper stoppers, size 9 is solid, all others are hollow.

  • Stopper, Glass

    Ace Glass

    Ground glass stopper for 7/10 or 14/20 joint, for use with microscale equipment.

  • A front-seal, solid plug for sealing column ends. Supplied with one FETFE o-ring.

  • Medium length standard taper stoppers, size 7/15, 10/18 and 12/18 are solid, all others are hollow.

  • Hy-n-Dry stopper makes any vessel a desiccator, inexpensively. Allows sample storage for long periods, free from atmospheric moisture, even during overnight temperature changes or when refrigerating. Bottom of stopper has a porosity B (70-100 microns)

  • A back-seal, solid plug for sealing coulmn ends. Supplied with one FETFE O-Ring.

  • Hollow glass spherical stoppers, PTFE-Clad to provide the ultimate in no-jam engagement.

  • Full length glass standard taper stoppers with hook.

  • Thomas No. 1166W00 Trap, stopper, vacuum, bent vertical tube, 29/32 Thomas No. 1166W01 Trap, vacuum, complete, bent vertical tube, 29/32, 32mm od outer²body, 13mm od inner/side tube,body length 250mm below joint Thomas No. 1166W02 Trap, stopper, vacuum, bent vertical tube,…

  • Full length glass stoppers available in a variety of joint sizes. Joint sizes 7/25 and 10/30 are solid glass, others sizes are hollow glass.

  • Test tube with interchangeable stopper; 24/40 stopper is hollow, other two solid.

  • Hollow glass stoppers with PTFE-Clad tapered section for controlled expansion, no jamming.

  • Sperical stoppers, sizes 12 and 18 are solid, all others are hollow.

  • Standard taper PTFE stopper with polypropylene extraction nut for easy removal from outer joints.

  • Cap Stopper, Micro

    Ace Glass

    With 14/10 outer joint externally threaded for making O-RING-CAP-SEAL connection with mating inner joint. Supplied with cap and O-Ring. For replacement caps, see 9590-46; for O-Rings, see 7855-720.

  • Cap type stoppers are used to seal unused ports on Air Sampling Manifolds. Use 7670 pinch clamp to secure caps to ports.

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