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  • Centrifuge Tubes


    TUBES, CENTRIFUGE, 50ML, Centrifuge tube with a short, conical bottom and 24-415 GPI threaded top. Fits I.E.C. shield number 320. Supplied complete with a Poly-Seal® polypropylene lined phenolic screw cap. TEST TUBE TONGS, Tongs are made of zinc coated steel, 6" overall length. Spring…

  • Stopcocks


    For replacement or construction of burets having a 1:5 PTFE stopcock plug. One arm is pulled to a delivery tip.

  • STOPCOCKS, STRAIGHT BORE, GLASS PLUGS, CAPILLARY ARMS, Similar to CG-400, but with the sidearms being made of capillary tubing having the same bore as the plug. Supplied complete with metal retaining clip CG-423. STOPCOCKS, STRAIGHT BORE, SCHLENK, GLASS PLUGS, This stopcock is especially…

  • This straight high-vacuum valve is for use in vacuum applications up to 5 x 10-7 Torr. Designed with a precision external thread for fine control Can be used as a bleed up to 1/2 turn Full open position is at 1-1/2 turns Primary seal is made with a FKM o-ring on a tapered seat …

  • 2-way and 3-way Connections This polypropylene stopcock has a detachable, watertight and inert Teflon® PTFE plug that contacts any fluid being dispensed. The barbed fitting end accepts 6.4 to 9.5mm (1/4 to 3/8") I.D. tubing. Three-way models allow connection of two or three arms. Pressure…

  • For lubricating ground glass joints, glass stopcocks and valves, Tensette Pipets, and for sealing desiccators. Lubricant has low vapor pressure and resists attack by acidic and alkaline solutions.

  • Stopcock, High Vacuum, Oblique, Synthware, Bore: 4 and 8mm, Plug Size: 17.35/50 or 25/65 available, Stem OD: 10 or 16mm, with hollow plug, Precision ground with corresponding numbers on the barrel and the plug.

  • High vacuum stopcock that eliminates exposure to corrosive materials. Use to at least 13.6 Kg internal pressure. Variable openings from 0-3mm to 0-10mm. Ultimate vacuum of 10-7 can be realized with standard three seals. Smooth acting valve permits fine

  • Straight bore stopcock plugs, available in borosilicate or PTFE. PTFE plug Corning# 7681.

  • Pressure gauges for monitoring pressure in several pieces of apparatus such as pressure vessels, pressure reactors & chromatography columns. Pressure ranges vary from 0-60psi and up to 0-400psi. Gauges have different NPT end fittings and internal materials, as well as various dial ranges. Some come…

  • Full length stoppers, closed at bottom, with penny head Conform to ASTM Standard E 675

  • 3-way stopcock with T-bored solid glass plug. See Ace 8228 family for replacement plugs.

  • Stopcock Assembly

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Phase interface visible down to stopcock. Polypropylene funnel and screw closure are chemically inert, translucent, autoclavable and have no known solvents at room temperature. Susceptible to softening and swelling from strong oxidizers and aggressive solvents. TFE stopcock assembly has…

  • Used to regulate and measure flows, all working parts and indicia are visible, meter readings are unobstructed; the outlet swivels 360 degrees. Pressure tight to 2Kg/cm2 or more (air). Flow rates from 5 to 50L/minute air or 0.1 to 500cc/min water. Each tube is furnished with either a 316 stainless…

  • PTFE Valves


    VALVES, IN-LINE, PTFE TIP, Hi-vac valve with bent arms to minimize hold up of fluids that would occur in conventional valves. Designed with a precision external thread for fine control. VALVES, 3-WAY, PTFE TIP, Hi-vac valve with three way configuration for use in construction of manifolds,…

  • Replacement Stopcock Plug, T-Bore, Glass, Synthware, Multiple Bore and plug sizes available, solid glass plug.

  • Stopcock Plug, Glass, Straight Bore, Synthware, Multiple Bore and plug sizes available.

  • These high performance Rotaflo® three-way stopcocks can be adjusted from a 0 to 3mm bore opening and have 8mm O. D. sidearms. They are designed so that only chemically resistant polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and PYREX® borosilicate glass are in contact with liquids and gases. The Rotaflo®…

  • Straight connecting adapter, 4mm glass plug stopcock, 15mm O-Ring top joint and either a spherical joint or an inner standard taper joint on the bottom.

  • Solid glass high vacuum stopcock with the NEW Chemglass improved constant pressure retention device. This unique retaining system incorporates a glass plug having an extended snelling which accepts a stainless steel spring and clip. The spring keeps constant tension on the plug at all…

  • Stopcock, Double Oblique, PTFE, Synthware, Bore: 2 or 4mm available, Plug Size: 12.9/44 or 14.4/44 available, Stem OD: 8 or 10mm available.

  • Stopcock Plug, Straight Bore, PTFE, Synthware, Bore: 2, 4, and 6mm available, Plug Size: 11/25, 15.2/30 and 16/35 available, supplied with PTFE plug, one PTFE washer and one o-ring.

  • Leash


    For securing stoppers to neck of vessel or stopcock plugs to shell Rubber strip, 100 mm long x 5 mm wide, has hole 10 mm diameter at each end, expandable to 28 mm

  • Air-sensitive sample handling adapter features either a glass or PTFE t-bore stopcock, standard taper joint and septum port arms. Supplied with two septa, Ace 9096 family.

  • Stopcock, High Vacuum, Double Oblique, Synthware, Bore: 4mm, Plug Size: 16.2/56, Stem OD: 10mm, With hollow glass plug, Precision ground with corresponding numbers on the barrel and the plug.

  • Teflon Double Oblique Bore Stopcock

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    With nut, washer and O-ring Two mm bore

  • Stopcock, T-bore, PTFE, Synthware, Bore: 2 or 4mm available, Plug Size: 15.2/30 or 16/35 available, Stem OD: 8 or 10mm available, Stems are sealed 90 degrees apart, PTFE plug has a "T" shaped bore to connect any two or all three stems.

  • ORGANIC CHEMISTRY LABSET KITS, 19/22, Chemglass organic chemistry kits contain the basic glassware required to perform basic experiments such as vacuum or atmospheric distillation, reflux or reflux with addition, extraction as well as other organic experiments. Each kit contains the 14 glass items…

  • High vacuum stopcock with hollow plug, for horizontal connections.

  • A 1:5 taper PTFE stopcock with three stems sealed 90º apart. PTFE plug has a "T" shaped bore to connect any two or all three stems.

  • Three-way high pressure T-bore stopcock with solid plug.

  • Balloon Adapters

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    These Air-Tite borosilicate glass adapters are designed with a T-bore stopcock for addition or venting inert atmospheres by attaching a balloon to one of two stems. Choose from different sized Standard Taper joints and plug type. IG-22 has a 4mm glass stopcock while IG-23T has a 4mm PTFE plug.

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