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  • Propeller Shafts


    All stainless steel 303/304 are constructed with 15° pitched blades which creates an axial flow. Various shaft lengths and diameters with permanent 2" or 3.5" 3-blade propeller for every mixing need available. PTFE coating available.

  • Mixing Shafts


    Made of stainless steel Add propeller blades to these shafts to customize a propeller shaft Increase agitation with multiple blades on one shaft

  • Model 134- 1 Top mounted standard speed control Heavy duty power at an economical price Offers higher torque over a wide speed range Perfect for mixing emulsions that require high speed and torque Mixes light oils at speeds of 50 to 750rpm Model 134- 2 Top mounted standard speed…

  • Model 107 An economical mixer with a fixed speed of 1600rpm Utilizes an on/off switch Ideal for batch mixing Model 107SC Table mounted Basic Speed Control The speed control is remotely attached by a 42" (107cm) cord Offers a variable speed option …

  • Model 104A Top mounted Basic Speed Control Compact design saves space Dual shafts add versatility Model 104X Economic dual shaft mixer without speed control Outfitted with an on/off switch Speeds of 7500 or 750rpm (Model 104A, 104X) The 104 models are medium duty, multi-purpose…

  • Propeller Blades


    Made of stainless steel. You can customize the propeller to the shaft of your choice. Several blades can be attached for increased agitation. Creates axial flow. Blades come on a bushing with a stainless steel hex-head screw and Allen key for attaching to mixing shafts.

  • Designed for high speed dispersion. These blades tear particles apart and disperse them uniformly throughout the sample. Constructed of stainless steel with welded bushing and a set screw for mounting on mixer shafts.

  • Comprised of precision bored stainless steel tubing. Mixing paddles are joined to shafts of the same diameter to increase the paddle length. You can connect the mixing paddle directly to the motor shaft by using the extension sleeve in place of a chuck.

  • Collet Chuck


    Stainless steel precision collet type chuck is used when the motor shaft and accessory shaft are the same diameter. It is true running and is the preferred choice when running at high speeds.

  • Adjustable Chuck


    Should be ordered based on the diameter of the motor shaft you are using. Each adjustable Jacobs style chuck can accomodate accessory shafts from 1/16" to 3/8" diameter. These products include a chuck key.

  • Ideal for high speed dispersion up to 7500rpm Direct drive Continuous duty Compact design for low torque, high speed mixing. Perfect units for low viscosity mixing. Each is configured with different speed control options. Mixers include collet chuck and 8" (20.3cm) mounting rod…

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