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  • Stirrer Shafts, with 4-Blade Propeller Shaft diameter 6.4 mm, with stainless steel, 4-blade propeller on one end Listings show shaft length x propeller diameter Stirrer Shaft, with 3-Blade Propeller 8 mm-diameter shaft has stainless steel propeller and includes coupling Shaft length 222…

  • Designed to meet mixing requirements for varying viscosities and volumes Feedback circuitry to maintain speed when viscosity changes Reference circuitry to maintain speed even with voltage fluctuations of ±10% Cord connections between drive motors and controls Stirrers filter the drive…

  • Continuous shearing and blending action mixes with introducing air Corrosion-resistant stainless steel Teflon® TFE bushing 11,500 rpm 120V or 240V models available Includes lab clamp The upward flow stirrer may be used effectively with pharmaceuticals, cosmetics,…

  • Medium Duty, Model HST10 Totally enclosed, 1/17 hp, permanent magnet DC motor Direct-drive, with rpm/torque readout and X-Y output Maximum rpm: 2,500 Torque: 1.5 lbs.-in. (1.73 kg-cm) Direct drive provides 20 to 2,500 rpm and 1.5 lb.-in. torque. Available for 120 or 240 V, 50/60 Hz…

  • The Flex-Coupling permits the use of the glass-stirring rod with a motor drive. The 3" epoxy-coated spring compensates for misalignment, reduces the chance for breakage, and eliminates the need for special adapters. Fits 5/16” motor shaft

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