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  • Impellers & Shafts for Caframo Overhead Stirrers


    Thomas No. 1177M38 Impeller. Mixer. Blade. Crossed Blade. Radial Flow. High Speed. Low Viscosity. 316L SS. Electropolished. High Shear. High Vortexing. Thomas No. 1177M39 This radial flow impeller is effective for high speed, low viscosity mixing. The 50 mm (2”) diameter…

  • Four-Blade PTFE Agitator Stirrer Blades


    Agitators are made entirely of PTFE and glass filled PTFE and are for use with 10mm OD stirrer shaft CG-2075-B. Available in 45°, 60° and 90° impeller angles. The 45° and 60° impellers are set up to stir downwards in a clockwise direction and upwards when rotated…

  • Stirring Shafts


    Thomas No. 1198F83: Stirring shaft with floating blades: The two blades that open as the speed rises generate an axial flow in the container, from the top towards the bottom. Particularly recommended for stirring in narrow-neck containers, e.g. flasks. Thomas No. 1198F84: Stirring shaft with…

  • Stirrer, Complete

    Ace Glass

    Precision Trubore Stirrer Assembly consisting of 10 mm ID bearing, bushing, precision ground, button type glass shaft and blade. Available with either glass or PTFE stir blade.

  • Stirring Shaft, PTFE Coated Glass, 10mm

    Ace Glass

    Precision ground glass stirring shafts, 10mm OD, button type, PTFE coating permits higher stirring speeds with Trubore bearings. If used unlubricated, 500 rpm max with water-cooled 8040 bearing. Compatible with 8036, 8038, 8039, 8043, 8047, 8051, 8055 and 13443 bearings. Button type shafts accept…

  • Stirrer Plate Stand


    Support Stand was designed to accommodate vessels up to 10" diameter, to sit close to the support rod. Support rod is ideal for mounting stirring motors. Each of the four corners rests on a rubber cushion. The powder coated steel base measures 7.875” (200mm) W x 12.5" (316mm) deep…

  • Agitator, PTFE, Single Blade, For 10mm Shaft

    Ace Glass

    PTFE agitator with removable blade secured with a PTFE pin. Supplied 76mm long blade will fit through a 29/42 joint. Fits 10mm OD drilled type or beaded type 8068, 8071 and 8075 shafts.

  • Chem-Stir™ PTFE Stirrer Bearings


    Grease-Free PTFE stirrer bearing designed for use under moderate vacuum applications. The bearing consists of a threaded glass adapter having an inner joint, a set of PTFE washer style bearings, a stainless steel spring, nylon alignment ring and Celcon® compression cap. The unique design of…

  • Precision PTFE Stirrer Bearings

    Wilmad-LabGlass - SP Scienceware

    Uniquely designed and lubricant free, these precision stirrer/stirring bearings are self-aligning. The saddle O-ring provides constant force and a positive seal on the stirring rod that allows vacuum operation to as low as 1mm. Ground finish rods from other manufacturers are not recommended for use…

  • Jiffy Mixer


    The small mixing shaft and head of the Jiffy Mixer is specially designed to stir viscous solutions (like food toppings, lotions, cell paste, epoxy resins, paint - anything that is 'flowable'). It thoroughly disperses and/or dissolves multi-part mixtures or suspensions of powders. Where ordinary…

  • Propellers


    Use these three-bladed electro-polished propellers for your general-purpose mixing. Use singly or mount several on a shaft for thorough agitation. Choose marine-style propellers for your general-purpose mixing or choose turbine style for your airless mixing in deep containers. Dispersion…

  • Stirrer Bearings and Shafts


    Heavy duty 19mm stirrer bearing for use in stirring large volumes under high torque. Bearing has a tooled lubricant cup.PLEASE NOTE: NOT FOR USE WITH CG-2087 or CG-2088 PRECISION GROUND AND POLISHED STIRRER SHAFTS. STIRRER BEARINGS, 19MM, HEAVY DUTY, JACKETED, Similar to CG-2082 but with a water…

  • 66mm OD Retreating Blade PTFE Covered SS Stirring Shafts


    10mm O.D. shaft is constructed using a molding process whereas the blade is molded directly onto the PTFE coated stainless steel shaft. This makes the stirrer chemically inert, easy to clean and can be used up to 280°C. The top of the shaft has 50mm of exposed 1/4" diameter stainless steel…

  • Stirring Shaft Coupling

    Ace Glass

    Stir shaft couplings for connecting glass or metal stir shafts to the adjustable chuck on an overhead stir motor. Compression connection is secured to various OD shafts via an Allen screw coupling. The Codes -22 and -24 are complete pass-thru assemblies that enable height adjustment on stir shafts…

  • Mixing Shafts


    Shafts are 316 stainless steel. All 3/8" (9.5 mm) dia shafts are machined on one end to accept a 5/16" (8 mm) bore diameter propeller.

  • Button Style 19mm Ground Stirring Shaft


    A 19mm OD precision ground stirrer shaft to fit CG-2082 and CG-2083 19mm bearings. Side button for attachment of CG-2089 PTFE stirrer blades. PLEASE NOTE: THESE SHAFTS ARE NOT TO BE USED WITH ANY TYPE OF PTFE BEARING. FOR POLISHED SHAFTS USED WITH PTFE BEARINGS SEE CG-2088. ALSO NOTE: 19MM…

  • Universal Stirrer Shaft Coupling


    Universal Stirrer Shaft Coupling incorporates a universal joint to compensate for misalignment of drive motor and glass stirrer shaft. Nylon bushing compresses around shaft using an allen screw. Steel stud attaches directly to the chuck of a stirrer motor. Supplied complete with an allen wrench. …

  • Bearing, Trubore, PTFE Inner Liner, 19mm and 28mm

    Ace Glass

    Self-aligning, lubricant free PTFE Trubore bearing or combination bearing / debris trap. Use with 8076 (19mm od) or 8080 (28mm od) polished glass stir shafts. Debris trap model prevents bearing-wear particles from contaminating the reaction vessel and has a side port for clean-out, evacuating or…

  • Agitator, PTFE, Large Scale Multi-blade

    Ace Glass

    These heavy-duty PTFE agitators impart maximum energy and are offset at the bottom to accomodate slurries. 10mm agitators fit drilled type or knob type 8068, 8071 & 8075 shafts. 19mm agitators fit drilled type or knob type 8076, 8078 & 8079 shafts. 28mm agitators fit 8080 drilled shafts.

  • Stirrer Blades, PTFE

    Ace Glass

    PTFE stir blades for button type stir shafts. 10mm OD shafts can be found in our product series 8068, 8070, 8074 and 8075. 19mm OD shafts can be found in our 8076 and 8077 series.

  • Button Style 10mm Polished Stirring Shafts


    A 10mm precision ground and polished stirrer shaft to fit CG-2076 and CG-2077 10mm bearings. Side button for attachment of CG-2080 or CG-2081 PTFE stirrer blades. PLEASE NOTE: THESE SHAFTS ARE NOT TO BE USED WITH ANY TYPE OF GLASS BEARING. FOR GROUND SHAFTS USED WITH GLASS BEARINGS SEE CG-2075.

  • Stirrer Shafts


    Precision ground and polished stirrer shaft for use with Chemglass process reactors. Designed to utilize CG-2095 and CG-2096 PTFE agitators. Lower portion of stirrer shaft is sandblasted and has a 3/8” wide flat.  Please Note: CG-2097-75 and CG-2097-100 are made from heavy wall tubing…

  • Stirring Shaft, Precision Ground, Gas Dispersion, 10mm

    Ace Glass

    Precision ground glass stirring shaft with attached vanes, 10mm. For use when agitation and gas introduction are desired at the same time. Agitator will fit through a 45/50 joint. Designed for use with our 9523 Trubore bearing and 9443 or 9446 mini-lab flask heads. Introduced gas exits the hollow…

  • Macro Glass Stirrer Bearings with tooled Lubricant Cup


    Similar to CG-2070 but with a tooled lubricant cup at the top of the bearing to hold an increased amount of lubricant. NOTE: Not for use with CG-2078 or CG-2079 polished stirrer shafts.

  • Stirring Shaft, Glass, Polished, 10mm

    Ace Glass

    Polished glass stirring shafts, 10mm OD. Recommended for use with only our 8050,8066,13443 and 13445 bearings. Join 8083,8085,8086,8087,8096 blades to button type shafts. Join 8088, 8089, 8090 & 8091 agitators to bead type shafts. Plain shafts will accept 8094 & 8095 agitators secured with a…

  • Stirring Shaft, Glass, 10mm, Precision Ground

    Ace Glass

    Precision ground glass stirring shaft, 10mm OD, attached vanes. Vanes will fit through a 45/50 joint and are contoured for use with our 9448 and 9456 series Mini-Lab flasks. Use with Trubore bearings 8036, 8038, 8039, 8040, 8042, 8043, 8047, 8051, 8053 and 8055. Compatible with our 8050 mechanical…

  • Bearing, Trubore, 10mm

    Ace Glass

    For use with Flask Head 9443. By using precision bore tubing throughout the length of the bearing, a stirrer is produced that will hold to within 1mm of vacuum and withstand pressures in the flask up to 300mm. The 9532 Agitator, used with this bearing actually develops a negative pressure of 230mm…

  • Angled Stirrer Blades


    Agitators are made entirely of PTFE and glass filled PTFE and are for use with 19mm or 25.4mm OD stirrer shaft CG-2097 and are available in 45°, 60° and 90° impeller angles. The 45° and 60° impellers are set up to stir downwards in a clockwise direction and upwards when rotated…

  • Bearing, Trubore, Plain, 10mm

    Ace Glass

    Interchangeable bearing designed to be used with our precision ground stirring shafts (8068,8070,8071,8073,9532,9533). Recommended top stirring speed with our 8117 Stir-Lube is 1500 rpm.

  • Jacketed Glass Macro Stirrer Bearings


    Similar to CG-2070, but water jacketed to control bearing temperature. For use in moderate vacuum with a CG-2074 or CG-2075 ground 10mm stirrer shaft. NOTE: Not for use with CG-2078 or CG-2079 polished stirrer shafts.

  • Tru-Stir Stirrer Shaft Coupling


    The unique design of our Tru-Stir™ stirrer shaft coupling eliminates the need to use rubber hose or universal adapters to attach your stirrer shafts to overhead stir motors. Coupling incorporates a unique helical stainless steel spring permitting up to 1/4” of offset misalignment and…

  • Stirring Blade, For 5 & 6mm Shaft

    Ace Glass

    PTFE stirring blades for use with our button type 9524 and 9527 stirring shafts. Blades are 41mm wide x 12mm high and are designed for use in flasks 250ml and less. Match blade to shaft OD.

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