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Static Eliminators

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  • Staticmaster Static Eliminator


    Static Eliminator Duostat For neutralization of static charge on balances, optics, films, etc. Strength 500 µCi; effective range approximately 40 mm No state or USNRC-specific license is required to purchase or possess this unit. Effective life span is one year. Spent unit…

  • Zerostat Anti-Static Gun

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    This device operates on a piezoelectric effect to emit positive (trigger squeeze) and negative (trigger release) charges to neutralize static on virtually any surface. The gun remits no radioactivity and it does not require electricity or batteries. The unit measures 4" x 6".

  • Thomas Anti-Static Static-Away™ Brush


    Brushes remove static charges, resulting in the adhesion of particles such as dust to an object Soft hair brush designs prevents scratching Ideal for dusting balances, cuvettes, microscope slides, optics and instrument/computer screens Removes static as it brushes Conductive composite handle …

  • PYREX® Spinbar® Magnetic Stirring Bars

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Pyrex® Spinbar® glass encapsulated Alnico magnet stirring bars are useful for high temperature applications up to 274°C (525°F). Completely smooth surface offers "zero absorption"; easy to clean Meets US Pharmacopoeia specifications for Type I Borosilicate glass…

  • Static Eliminators


    The work station ionizer effectively eliminates all static charges within 36" of the unit. The operation of the work station ionizer is simple; place the unit on a flat surface and turn the power on. Unit features include; ion pulse rate adjustment, ion balance adjustment and a compact footprint.

  • Staticmaster® Auto-Balanced Ionizing Blowers


    Models 6211 and 6212 electrical ionizing blowers utilize NRD's auto­-balanclng technology, making them suitable for semiconductor back-end, printed circuit board assembly, and general electronics applications. Neither model requires periodic calbration to maintain its low offset…

  • ION-100A Static Ionizer


    ION-100A Ionizer optimizes the accuracy of results when weighing extremely finite samples by mitigating static charges that can lead to inaccuracies. ION-100A eliminates static electricity on plastic and glass weighing vessels which are particularly prone to attracting static charges. The ION-100A…

  • Staticmaster® Alphaboost™ Static Control System


    The Alphaboost™ Static Control System (ABS) is the first aftermarket product used outside of the balance chamber that provides ionization (static elimination) to the entire draft sheild enclosure. ABS is ideal for use in critical weighing applications where precise measurements (in the…

  • Anti-Static Ionizer

    Accuris Instruments

    Static charge can accumulate on many types of samples as well as weighing containers, affecting mass determination on an analytical balance. The Accuris Anti Static Ionizer produces and emits negatively and positively charged ions that will nuetralize static electricity on samples and containers. A…

  • ESD Tools for Hazardous Environments

    LPD Trade

    All products are made with Conductive Polypropylene handle and ESD Bristle. All conductive products were tested and proved to meet the following standards: ESD TR53-01-06 Compliance verification of ESD protective equipment and materials, ESD association (USA) ASTMD-257-78:…

  • ESD Maintenance & Cleaning Products

    LPD Trade

    LPD Trade offers a quality line of ESD tools like spatulas, scrapers, scoops and shovels for hazardous environment including ATEX industry. All made of high quality conductive polypropylene. Warning: Since LPD Trade products are made of conductive material, do not use those items close to…

  • ESD Workstation Kit


    ESD workstation kits provide a ESD safe work surface and grounding supplies for handling static sensitive products. The kit includes a 16 x 24" ESD rubber mat which has a dissipative top layer and a conductive bottom layer. The mat is grounded with a low profile common point ground…

  • Dual-Wire Elastic Wristband


    Patented (US patents 6,052,053 and 6,205,408) Dual Wire Wrist Strap provides redundancy Even if one dual wire wrist strap conductor is severed, operator has reliable path-to-ground with other wire Use with resistive loop technology continuous monitor Continuously verifies the proper…

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