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  • Casamino acids


    Acid hydrolyzed casein with low sodium chloride and iron concentrations. Used in diptheria toxin production. Also known as Casein Acid, Hydrolysate. Appearance: Solid PH Value: 6.6-7.5 RTECS Number: FI3519450

  • A salt of Co(II) that acts as a source of Cobalt Used in electromechanical engineering, for catalyst manufacturing, in analytical practices. Synonym: Cobalt(II) Nitrate Plant Micronutrient Appearance: Solid Boiling Point: 83°C Density: 1.88 g/cm3 HS Code:…

  • Colchicine


    Antimitotic agent that disrupts microtubules by binding to tubulin and preventing its polymerization. Stimulates the intrinsic GTPase activity of tubulin. Induces apoptosis in several normal and tumor cell lines and activates the JNK/SAPK signaling pathway. Synonyms: Acetamide,…

  • Citric acid


    Used in the preparation of citrate buffer for antigen and epitope unmasking in IHC. ACS Grade Insolubles: >0.005% Chloride: <0.001% Oxalate: <0.05% Phosphate: <0.001% Sulfate: <0.002% Iron: <0.0003% Lead: <0.0002% Appearance:…

  • A coenzyme for synthesis of nucleic acids and metabolism carbohydrates Also known as Vitamin B12 Sensitivity: Hygroscopic Substance is listed in Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) inventory Appearance: Dark Red Solid Melting Point: >392 °C RTECS Number: GG3750000

  • Chlorhexidine is a bisguanide antiseptic and disinfectant, which is bactericidal or bacteriostatic against a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It inhibits mycobacterium, fungi and some viruses. Chlorhexidine is most active at a neutral or slightly acidic pH. It is used to…

  • Used in fields of medicine, food processing, biological study, materials of chemical industry and so on. High Purity Grade Specific rotation: +.5.7 to +6.8° Moisture: 8.0-12.0% Chloride: 19.8-20.8% Sulfate: <0.03% Iron: <0.003% Heavy metals (as Pb):…

  • Calcium


    A commonly occuring compound used as a buffer, calcium suppliment and antacid. Anhydrous Reagent Grade Lead: <0.001% Fluoride: <0.005% Arsenic: <0.0003% Magnesium and Alkali Salts: <1.0% Moisture: <2.0% Acidity: 9.0 Appearance: White…

  • Calcium: 30.0-31.7% Acid-insoluble substances: <0.2% Chloride: <0.25 Fluoride: <0.005% Sulfate: <0.5% Heavy metals (as Pb): <0.003% Appearance: White Crystalline Solid Density : 2.31 g/cm3 IUPAC_Name: Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate Dihydrate …

  • A preparation of creatine Also known as Phosphocreatine Disodium Hydrate High Purity Grade Moisture: <25.0% ATP (enzymatic): >0.001% Inorganic Phosphate: <0.01% Appearance: Solid

  • Antibiotic and a partial agonist of NMDA receptors at the glycine modulatory site. Interferes with bacterial cell wall synthesis by competing with D-Alanine for incorporation into the cell wall. Active against most mycobacteria with some activity against gram negative bacteria. …

  • An inducer of HIF-1 production used to study apoptotic effects in HepG2 cells Sensitivity: Hygroscopic Appearance: Blue Crystalline Powder Density: 1.92 g/cm3 at 20°C HS Code: 28273400 IUPAC_Name: cobalt(2+) chloride hydrate Melting Point: 86°C RTECS…

  • A common inorganic salt used in analytical chemistry and organic synthesis Synonym: Copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate Reagent with many uses including organic synthesis, chemistry education, and as a fungicide, and analytical reagent ACS Grade Insolubles: <0.005% Chloride:…

  • Carrageenan


    A natural gelling agent from cultivated red seaweed. Gelatin used to achieve a soft firmness for semi-gelled cocktails or cold soup. It is used in pharmaceutical and food applications. Appearance: Powder

  • 4-Chloro-1-Naphthol is a peroxidase substrate suitable for use in immunoblotting procedures. Ultra Pure Grade Appearance: Solid Melting Point: 118 - 121°C

  • Cesium sulfate


    Used to prepare dense aqueous solutions for use in isopycni centrifugation. Biotechnology Grade Purity: >99.5% Sodium: <0.2% Rubidium: <0.2% Rubidium: 0.03% Potassium: <0.05% Lithium: <0.002% Magnesium: <0.005% Iron: <0.002% …

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