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NPS Spill Control

  • Choose from 6 different kits High capacity neutralizers Wall-mountable or portable case Shaker-top containers Neutralization indicated by color change Uses less neutralizer which provides faster cleanups and less expense. Forms into small clumps making clean-up and…

  • Fluids Contamination Kit


    The Fluid Contamination Kit is a complete collection of hardware and consumables to properly equip your lab for contamination analysis. The kit conforms to standard contamination test procedures such as ARP-598 (hydraulic fluids) and federal standard 791a (lubricants, liquid fuels, and related…

  • Kit contains: 6 x 1kg SpillSolv Acid Neutralizer 1 pair splash goggles with ventilation 1 pair nitril gloves A15 6 H.D. disposal bags 14" x 20" x 4 mil 4 disposable plastic scoops and scrapers 1 big sponge for residue clean ups 1 treatment guide Dimensions: Height 13 inches,…

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