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SP Bel-Art Spectrophotometer Cells/Cuvettes

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  • Stir and Add™ Cuvetter Mixer Of clear acrylic plastic Used to add enzymes and other materials to solution in spectrophotometer cells 8498D06 Cell Mixer has plunger for square 10 mm light path cells; length 105 mm 8498D11 Cell Mixer has narrower plunger for semi-micro cells…

  • Made from clear acrylic, these dialysis cells have stainless steel screws that tighten down on the dialysis membrane also acting as a gasket. Filler hole screws on each half cavity are Teflon® PTFE coated stainless steel Volume shown is for one half cell (double for total cell…

  • Hold Fragile Spectrophotometer Cuvettes in Complete Safety These two tier racks support cuvettes with a minimum of physical contact, greatly reducing the chance of damage. Only the corners of the cuvettes touch the racks Accommodate 12 cuvettes of 10mm light path Will not…

  • Five In-Line Cavities Each half cavity has a top opening for introduction or withdrawal of solutions and holds 1ml in each half cell. Clear acrylic construction with 7 stainless steel screws and wing nuts for clamping cells and dialysis membrane Cavity plug screws are Teflon®…

  • Economical, durable, and gentle on delicate glass or quartz cuvettes, this all-plastic washer replaces costly, antiquated devices that are often more fragile than the cuvettes they wash. Comes complete with a 500 cc polypropylene vacuum flask, Vikem(R) vinly stopper, and 3' of PVC tubing ready for…

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