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  • Dukal Trauma Dressing

    Dukal Corporation

    The multiple-purpose Trauma Dressing offers greater absorbency, protection and padding to the site. Featuring a moisture resistant barrier this pad will wick quickly and prevent exudates from pooling.

  • Nutramax Tonsil & Adenoid Sponges

    Dukal Corporation

    Made from select surgical cotton fiber to maximize absorbency. Prevent dripping and reduce risk of contamination from lint or loose threads.

  • Dukal Peanut Sponges

    Dukal Corporation

    Made of 100% cotton and are X-ray detectable. Available in a variety of packaging choices which ensure accurate counts. Perfect for minor absorption during surgery.

  • Dukal Kittner Sponges

    Dukal Corporation

    100% woven gauze that are X-ray detectable for use in the O.R. Packaging ensures accuracy and traceability of count. Ideal for absorption during delicate surgical procedures.

  • Dukal Emergency Pressure Dressing

    Dukal Corporation

    The Dukal Emergency Pressure Dressing is an all-in-one dressing. It is specifically designed with a highly absorbent pad that offers maximum compression when held in place with the attached bandage roll.

  • TIDI Tidishield™ Latex Specialty Exam Gloves

    TIDI Products

  • Nutramax Stick Sponges

    Dukal Corporation

    All gauze or gauze covered, X-ray detectable stick sponges for prepping or wound cleaning.

  • Dukal Operating Room (O.R.) Specialty Sponges

    Dukal Corporation

    These high quality sponges are used in applications ranging from packing and prepping to light sponging and dissecting.

  • Dukal Round Stick Sponges

    Dukal Corporation

    100% cotton woven gauze and x-ray detectable. Highly absorbent and ideal as prep sponges prior to surgery.

  • Dukal Tonsil Sponges

    Dukal Corporation

    Designed for high absorption. The 100% cotton woven gauze are double strung for easy retrieval and are X-ray detectable to ensure visibility. Packaging ensures count accuracy.

  • Nutramax Dissecting Sponges

    Dukal Corporation

    Small, firm gauze sponges for dissection or absorption in delicate surgical procedures. Locked-in X-ray detectable element.

  • Dukal Cherry Sponges

    Dukal Corporation

    100% woven cotton and x-ray detectable to ensure visibility. Used in delicate procedures for dissection and absorption when precision is necessary.

  • Nitrile Grape-Scented Exam Gloves, Non-Sterile, Powder-Free

    Designed for dentistry, our Great Grape™ gloves are colored to match their light and enjoyable scent. The exceptionally soft, low modulus nitrile synthetic compound is very comfortable for extended periods. Perfect for dentistry! Not only are they patient fun and friendly, they are excellent…

  • Glove, Surgical, Polyisoprene, Dark Green, Powder-Free (PF), Sterile

    This dark green polyisoprene synthetic material has all the preferred physical characteristics of natural rubber latex without the natural rubber proteins and allergens. An ideal option for an underglove when using a double-gloving system, the dark green color allows users to easily see breaches…

  • Latex Dark Green Surgical Gloves, Sterile and Powder-Free

    Dark green natural rubber latex surgical glove are an ideal inner glove in a double-gloving system. The dark green color allows users to easily detect punctures of the outer glove, blooming a dark green color in the presence of fluid.

  • Adhesive Foam Pads


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