Adhesive Sealing Film

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  • PCR Seal


    Clear adhesive film, strong adhesive, peelable, suitable for PCR and optical applications Our PCR Seal is a durable transparent polyester film with a strong adhesive layer. The seal enables a high integrity and efficiently prevents sample evaporation. It is recommended for PCR, qPCR, and other…

  • Adhesive Seals

    Thermo Scientific Pierce

    Adhesive sealing and heat sealing both provide a highly efficient and robust method for protecting samples. These methods of sealing are much more convenient and cost effective than other capping methods. Our adhesive seals leave behind no sticky residue when the seal is removed, allowing the plate…

  • PCR Foil Seal


    Pierceable adhesive aluminium foil, strong adhesive, peelable; suitable for high temperature applications This aluminium foil seal has a strong acrylic adhesive which produces a seal of high integrity. It was developed for PCR and other high temperature applications due to its effectiveness…

  • Air-O-Seal


    Gas permeable adhesive seal, peelable, suitable for cell culture Our Air-O-Seal is a gas permeable adhesive seal which seals assay and tissue culture plates, microplates and storage plates. The Air-O-Seal prevents evaporation and contamination whilst enabling cells to breathe. It is…

  • Optically Clear Sealing Film

    For PE And Other Real Time PCR Machines.

  • AxySeal


    Axygen® microplate sealing films are designed for applications ranging from PCR and Real-Time PCR to ELISA and cell culture. Axygen’s sealing films are the easiest and most cost-effective method for sealing plates. They can be used in wide temperature ranges, making them suitable for many…

  • Aluminum Sealing Film

    Use for PCR, Storage and Light Sensitive Applications, Pierceable, Temp Range: -80°C to 104°C, Certified DNase, RNase and Nucleic-acid-free.

  • AbsorbMax™ Film For Fluorescence

    Excel Scientific

    Ideal for Fluorescent Assays Light-blocking and absorbing properties protect light-sensitive samples Versatile can be applied to either top or bottom of plate Reduces stray light and well-to-well crosstalk Notched film edges aligned with plate bottom supports facilitates…

  • PCR Foil Seal Strong


    Adhesive aluminium foil, strong adhesive, peelable, pierceable; suitable for high temperature incubations and low temperature storage Our PCR Foil Seal Strong is a pierceable aluminium foil seal with a strong acrylic adhesive, recommended for PCR and low temperature storage. This seal…

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