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  • Non HF-Resistant Internal Standard Kit


    This kit includes: EzyFit Glass Mixing T-piece N0777461 Internal Standard Sample Probe 0.25 mm ID N0777465 EzyFit Sample Tube - Twin N0777462 EzyFit Sample Tube 0.5 mm ID N0777463 EzyFit Internal Standard Tube 0.25 mm ID N0777464 Vitex ® Gripper Paper - Qty. 6 N0777848 Orange-Blue Flared…

  • Swing Sampler


    Allows collection from different angles, including 90° Samples liquids, powder or small solids 6' pole extends to 12’, 8' pole extends to 24' Includes 960 mL , wide mouth, high-density polyethylene bottle End of sampler swings, allowing collection of sample from a horizontal flowing…

  • 20 µL Sample Loop, SS


    20 µL Sample Loop, SS

  • Scienceware® Ellipso-Spoon® and Spatula Samplers

    Bel-Art Products

    The Ellipso-Spoon® Sampler has a specially curved shape that permits contact with all corners of bottles and containers preventing material loss. Crystals, powders, granulated and solid substances and thick liquids are easily retrieved. Autoclavable. Offset, deep spoon end retrieves…

  • Clean-Trace Surface ATP

    3M Food Safety

    Real-time ATP surface hygiene test which gives an objective indication of cleanliness in seconds. With its unique liquid stable enzyme, the test offers superior levels of repeatability. This aspect of its performance and its incredible simplicity means customers throughout the world have put…

  • Scienceware® Long-Handled Dippers

    Bel-Art Products

    For easy sampling from tanks, vats, lakes, etc., these high-density polyethylene plastic dippers will not rust or corrode, provide excellent chemical resistance and float, “just in case.” Handles are 2.9cm (1-1/8”) in diameter and welded to a rigid sampling bowl at a…

  • Dipping Vessel


    Dipping vessel for taking all-layer samples from tanks, tank wagons, water courses, water purification plants. Dipping containers are used in various areas to collect liquids for sampling. Bürkle produces the most comprehensive collection of dipping containers by a long way, the right product…

  • Heated Rack 21 position, 30 mm o.d.


    Heated Rack 21 position, 30 mm o. d.

  • Silicone Super-O-Lube, 2 Grams


    Super-O-Lube is not a grease, but rather a high-viscosity silicone oil. It is especially useful as a seal lubricant. It can be used as an assembly lubricant on all rubber polymers, including silicones. It clings tenaciously to rubber or metal surfaces helping to prevent it from being flushed away…

  • TeleScoop Sampling System


    TeleScoop is a versatile sampling system with exchangeable tools for a wide range of applications. The tools (angular beaker, pendulum beaker, bottle holder, stainless steel beaker and dip net) are attached to the telescopic rod by a practical snap-in joint. Ideal for sampling from baths, tanks,…

  • Drum Samplers


    Manufactured from chemically-resistant polypropylene Specifically designed for easy effective sampling of 55 gallon drums or vessels with openings as small as 2 inch id The 100 mL bottle easily passes through the opening for quick filling The 4-inch T-design handle prevents dropping of sampler…

  • 12 Ultem Sample Probe, 1.0 mm I.D., for ASXPRESS PLUS


    The ASXPRESS PLUS Ultem (polyetherimide) sample probe is 12 inches in length, and with tubing, has a capillary length of 75 inches. It requires a Z-drive guide plate. This probe kit Includes: PFA capillary tubing Capillary tube connection fitting Probe clamps, qty. 2 Ferrule, qty. 1

  • SteriWare® Disposable Powder Thief

    Sampling Systems

    The SteriWare Powder Thief is the ideal choice for taking samples from containers of powder. These disposable devices have become an extremely popular choice due to their simple operation and guarantee of cleanliness. Made from FDA and EC conforming HDPE, these samplers are individually bagged…

  • 60 Position Gilson Sample Rack for ASX-1400


    The 60-position Gilson sample rack, for the ASX-1400, features vial wells 12 mm in diameter and 75 mm in depth.

  • Multi Thief Multilevel Powder Sampler

    Sampling Systems

    Class Leading Multilevel Powder Sampler with variable Sample Volumes Key Features Made from high quality 316L stainless steel. Multi-Level Range of inserts available Ideal for free flowing powders Operation: Select the correct volume inserts. Slide the assembled inner rod…

  • Sterileware® Long Handle Sampling Spoons

    Bel-Art Products

    Designed to gather small amounts of sample material, especially in hard to reach containers. Long handle reaches into jars, bottles and other confined areas Minimizes the potential of personal contact with sampled material Sterile, FDA grade polystyrene safe for food, drug and…

  • 8 Position Turntable for High Pressure 100 mL (100 Bar) Digestion Vessels …


    Turntable for High Pressure 100 mL (100 Bar) Digestion Vessels with gas collection system for Titan MPS 8 and 16 Position Microwave Sample Preparation Systems. Vessels, vent tube, and consumables are not included.

  • Q-Swab™ Environmental Sample Collection Device

    Q-Swab is a ready-to-use sample collection and delivery device for environmental surface sampling. Money and time are saved by eliminating pipettes and broth preparation required with other sample collection methods. Each of the broths offered in Q-Swab are self-contained, gamma irradiated and held…

  • SteriWare® Disposable Jumbo Pipettes

    Sampling Systems

    The SteriWare Jumbo Pipettes are an economical option for sampling low viscosity liquids. Three different sampler lengths of 450mm, 900mm and 1100mm. The latter enables you to sample from the bottom of a 200 litre (45 gallon) drum. Each size is available sterile or non-sterile in quantities of 50. …

  • Vessel Cap Disassembly Tools for Standard 75 mL (40 Bar) Digestion Vessel


    For Standard 75 mL (40 Bar) Digestion Vessel.

  • SteriWare® Disposable Sample Spoons

    Sampling Systems

    A comprehensive range of Sample Spoons are available in a variety of different colours and sizes between 3ml and 10ml. These FDA approved polystyrene spoons are moulded and packed in a cleanroom, guaranteeing cleanliness and hygiene. Full batch traceability is provided as standard, with…



    The kit contains everythingnecessary to repolish sodium chloride, potassium bromide, or cesium iodide windows, and includes a smoothing lap, polishing rouge, a sponge, an optical flat, a Selvyt cloth, and a booklet describingthe repolishing technique. Special self-adhesive Selvyts that stick to the…

  • Scienceware® Sample Thief

    Bel-Art Products

    This hand controlled tool allows users to take liquid samples at specific depths. Simply place thumb over top hole, insert to desired depth, remove thumb to allow liquid to enter the tube, place thumb back over tube to prevent liquid from moving in or out, and remove. Polyethylene plastic…

  • Total Count Swab Kit

    GVS Filter Technology

    The right test for each type of contamination Qualitative and semi-quantitative hygiene control Sterile packed and ready-for-use Easy to handle Rapid results Long shelf-life Used for the non-selective development and enumeration of all aerobic bacteria on surfaces in…

  • DispoDipper Disposable Sampling Tubes


    Sampling tube manufactured in a clean room specially designed for disposable use. Due to the blue colour, it is also perfect for use in the food, animal feed and pharmaceutical industries. The scaled sample container can be used for an exact measurement and it shows contents up to 50 ml or 1.5 oz.…

  • LiquiSampler


    LiquiSampler for liquids, according to DIN EN ISO 15528. Made of ultra pure and chemically inert PTFE/FEP or PP for contamination-free sampling. Sampling from open and closed containers, barrels, tanks, silos, water courses. Suitable for all commercially available barrels and containers with…

  • Traceable Spatula Balance


    Unique spatula both scoops material and instantly displays weight. Balance with digital display is located in the easy-grip handle. The weighing range is 0 to 300.0 grams and 0 to 10.580 ounces. Readability is 0.1 gram and 0.005 ounce. Level position repeatability is 0.1 gram and accuracy is…

  • Stainless Dipper

    Sampling Systems

    Ideal for use with a range of liquids. Dippers are quick and easy to use. They are ideal for obtaining a surface sample from a wide range of environments. Sampling Systems™ offer 3 sizes of Stainless dipper. Key Features Manufactured in 316L Stainless Steel Available with 600mm or…

  • 50mL polypropylene vial with screw cap


    28 mm o.d. polypropylene tube with screw cap, Quantity: 50, Volume: 50 mL. Non-PFA sample vessels manufactured from plastics, such as polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene, are a sensible alternative to consider when breakage, surface inertness, and/or disposal costs are a concern.

  • 55 mm Plastic Petri Dishes


    The PerkinElmer 55 mm Plastic Petri Dishes are suitable for NIRA II 60 mm spinner. Includes pack of 1620 transparent polystyrene Petri dishes with lids 55 mm diameter.

  • SteriWare® Disposable White PharmaScoop® (PP)

    Sampling Systems

    The Sampling Systems range of non-sterile and sterile scoops are the scoop of choice for thousands of pharmaceutical and food companies around the world. Our sterile, disposable Scoops (spades) are manufactured in a class 100,000 cleanroom to ensure cleanliness. They are all individually bagged and…

  • Vacuum Pump 115V


    The vacuum assisted Digi FILTER assembly provides a quick and easy way to filter samples prior to analysis.

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