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  • Cork Flask Stands

    United Scientific Supplies

    Made of fine particle compressed cork, these rings are designed to support round bottom flasks, beakers, dishes and more. Cork is naturally elastic with very low thermal and electrical conductivity properties. Small cork stand has a diameter of 100mm and holds 250ml to 2000ml round bottom flasks.…

  • Support Rings


    Wire Models and Extension Rings Wire Models Formed, bright basic wire circle is welded to shank (except 2" size). Aluminum muff. Attaches to support rods up to 3/4" (19mm) in diameter. Extension Rings Shank of Extension Ring clamps to support rods with clamp holder.…

  • Cork Rings, Suberite

    For supporting round-bottom flasks, dishes, etc. All rings are 30 mm high with inside edge beveled

  • Adapter Tee, 15mm O-Ring to Ace-Safe, No-Air

    Ace Glass

    Glass adapter with two end 15mm o-ring joints and a #15 Ace-Safe connector side port. Ideal for connecting components for Schlenk lines Made mainly for connecting the Shlenk or vacuum line to a vacuum gauge Ace Safe has 1/2-in ID hose connection for connecting vacuum tubing.

  • Cork Lab Rings

    GSC International, Inc.

    Used to protect your expensive laboratory glass from breakage. Available in the following sizes: 30mm x 80mm, Fits flask size 10-10ml 60mm x 110mm: Fits flask size 200-500ml 90mm x 140mm: Fits flask size 1000-3000ml 120mm x 170mm: Fits flask size 5000ml 150mm x 210mm: Fits…

  • O-Ring

    Ace Glass

    O-Rings in a variety of sizes and materials. Please see o-ring materials chemical compatibility here: http://www.aceglass.com/downloads/eccc.pdf

  • Chemware® PTFE Raschig Rings for Distillation

    Saint Gobain

    Chemware® PTFE Raschig Rings come in two sizes to enhance the efficiency of random packing for chemical processes and liquid or gas transfer applications. Packing for distillation columns Chemically inert High surface area per unit of volume Minimum resistance to gas and liquid flow

  • Viton O-Rings


    Replacement part for the QC8000, QC8500 and QC8500 Series 2.

  • Raschig rings borosilicate glass, L × O.D. × thickness 6 mm × 6 mm × 1 mm


    Material: borosilicate glass Description: Quantity: ~590/lb. L × O.D. × thickness: 6 mm × 6 mm × 1 mm


    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

  • Ferrules, PTFE

    Ace Glass

    Thomas No. 1165H91 Ferrule, PTFE, 1/8inid hole, use with #7 Ace-Thred, pk12 Thomas No. 1165H92 Ferrule, PTFE, 3/16inID hole, use with #7 Ace-Thred, pk/12 Thomas No. 1165H93 Ferrule, PTFE, 1/4inid hole, use with #7 Ace-Thred, pk12 Thomas No. 1165H94 Ferrule, PTFE,…

  • Raschig Rings


    Rings are made of borosilicate glass and sold in one pound packages.

  • Thermometer, Organic liquid filled

    Ace Glass

    Thermometer designed for our Microscale spinning band Hickman-Hinkle column. Organic liquid filled with a yellow backing. Each thermometer is serialized and includes a Statement of Accuracy indicating traceability to NIST standards. 8 inch length with a 50mm immersion. Order code -40 retaining ring…

  • Adapter, #15 O-Ring to Stainless Steel NPT

    Ace Glass

    316 Stainless steel 1/8" NPT to #15 O-Ring adapter.

  • Rings, Raschig

    Ace Glass

    Fabricated from Borosilicate glass. Wall weight on 5mm size is approximately 0.8, other sizes have wall weight of approximately 1.0/mm.

  • Viton® O-Rings


    Viton o-ring is stocked in brown 75 durometer. They are suitable for acids, aliphatic hydrocarbons, oxidizing agents and all petroleum products. Viton has a low compression set and high temperature resistance. Viton is especially good for vacuum service and low gas permeability and has a useful…

  • O-Rings for Reaction Vessels and Lids


    O-ring for Chemglass reaction vessels and lids. Available in Viton, Silicone, Perfluoro, FEP encapsulated Silicone and FEP encapsulated S.S. spring. The S.S. spring maintains resilience even in long term exposure to cryogenic temperatures. Temperature Range: Viton: -30 to 200°C …

  • Loosening Rings, Polyamide, Rodaviss®


    Split Polyamide loosening ring to enable inner and outer Rodaviss® members to be pulled apart in the event of freezing.

  • #118 Fluorosilicone O-Ring


  • Replacement Viton O-Rings for 1/4" Unions


    O-Rings are 70 durometer Viton.

  • Gaskets, Envelope Style, PTFE, Silicone Core


    These envelope style gaskets are machined using chemically resistant virgin PTFE and have a silicone core. The larger sealing surface results in improved sealing under full vacuum, as opposed to other o-ring materials. The machined in o-ring aids in sealing and centering of gasket on the Duran…

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