Reservoirs, SBS

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  • Polypropylene reagent vessels Reservoirs are made of clear virgin polypropylene for excellent chemical resistance Features an SBS footprint Various formats for any application

  • Reservoir Trough Plates

    J.G. Finneran

    1mL to 7mL capacity per channel 56mL Total Capacity Made from high impact white polystyrene or clear PETG Clear Cover available for reservoir

  • ALL FLEXTROUGHS ARE: Made from Black Polypropylene - Light Blocking Chemically Resistant Pyramid Bottoms for complete sample recovery - Low Dead Volume! Compatible with 96-Probe Heads and Single Channel Automated Liquid Handlers SBS /ANSI Standard Compatibility …

  • VBLOK200 V-Bottom Reservoirs

    AlphaGem Bio, Inc

    VBlok 250ml Open Reservoir, V-Bottom, Clear PP 250ml volume, (283ml max) High capacity, low dead volume Optimized for 8-channel Pooling reservoir Also available presterilized

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