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  • Polybrene Infection / Transfection Reagent


    A highly efficient method of gene trasfer into mammalian cells is through infection with retroviral vectors. The efficiency of retroviral infection is enhanced significantly, 100 to 1,000 fold in some cells, by including polybrene during the infection. Polybrene with DMSO shock is also used to…

  • ROCHE X-tremeGENE™ 360 Transfection Reagent


    Universal polymer reagent for delivering DNA, siRNA, miRNA and CRISPR/RNP to many cell lines Quality Each lot of X-tremeGENE™ 360 Transfection Reagent is carefully tested following established quality procedures to ensure that the product is consistently performing according to…

  • GeneTran™ III Tranfection Reagent


    GeneTran™ III is a proprietary formulation for the transfection of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) into eukaryotic cells providing the following advantages: Highest transfection efficiency in many cell types and formats (e.g. 96-well) Nucleic acid-GeneTran™ III complexes can be…

  • Roche X-tremeGENE™ 9 DNA Transfection Reagent


    Features and Benefits Generate physiologically relevant results using a reagent with extremely low cytotoxicity for maximum post-transfection cell viability Save time and eliminate multiple handling steps; simply dilute X-tremeGENE 9 DNA Transfection Reagent, incubate with plasmid DNA,…

  • Convoy™ Transfection Reagent

    ACTGene, Inc.

    Convoy™ is new generation cationic polymer gene transfection reagent. It has several unique features necessary for efficient transfection - DNA condensation and endosomal release, which improves gene transfection efficiency. Compared with cationic lipids, cationic polymers are extremely…

  • Penetratin 1 Peptide

    MP Biomedicals

    Demonstrated delivery of siRNA to primary cells Internalize peptides and oligonucleotides Low concentrations for internaliztion (1.25-20 µM) Internalized with all cell types tested Penetratin 1 is a patented 16-amino acid peptide corresponding to the third helix of the…

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