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  • Synonym(s): Diacetato[( R )-(+)-2,2'-bis(diphenylphosphino)-1,1'−binaphthyl]ruthenium(II) Empirical Formula: C48H38O4P2Ru Linear Formula: C48H38O4P2Ru Formula Weight: 841.83 MDL Number: …

  • ERM ® certified Reference Material, nominal 0% GMO Storage: 2-8°C

  • Synonym(s): 7-Ethoxy-3H-phenoxazin-3-one; Ethoxyresorufin; O 7 -Ethylresorufin Empirical Formula: C14H11NO3 Linear Formula: C14H11NO3 Formula Weight: 241.24 MDL Number: MFCD00037661 Purity: ≥95% (UV) Melting…

  • Synonym(s): (1 S )-1-[(1 R )-1-[bis[3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]phosphino]ethyl]-2-[2-(dicyclohexylphosphino)phenyl]ferrocene (acc to CAS); Walphos SL-W008-1 Empirical Formula: C46H44F12FeP2 Linear Formula: …

  • Synonym(s): Dirhenium heptoxide; Rhenium heptoxide Empirical Formula: O7Re2 Linear Formula: Re2O7 Formula Weight: 484.41 MDL Number: MFCD00011199 Purity: 99.995% trace metals basis Boiling Point: 360 °C(lit.) Melting…

  • Empirical Formula: C8D3H5N2O2 Linear Formula: C8D3H5N2O2 Formula Weight: 167.18 MDL Number: MFCD19687033 Purity: 98% (CP) Storage: −20°C

  • Synonym(s): Thiosulfate Sulfur Transferase; Thiosulfate:cyanide sulfurtransferase MDL Number: MFCD00132178 Storage: −20°C

  • Empirical Formula: C6H13N Linear Formula: C6H13N Formula Weight: 99.17 MDL Number: MFCD01863020 Purity: ≥97.0% (GC) Density: 0.852 g/mL at 20 °C(lit.) Refractive Index: n 20/D 1.431 Storage: 2-8°C …

  • Ramipril impurity D


    European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Reference Standard Synonym(s): Ethyl (2 S )2-[(3 S ,5a S ,8a S , 9a S )-3-methyl-1,4-dioxodecahydro-1 H -cyclopenta[ e ]pyrrolo[1,2- a ]pyrazin-2-yl]-4-phenylbutanoate; Ramipril diketopiperazine Empirical Formula: …

  • Synonym(s): ( R )-(−)-1-AminoTetralin ® ; ( R )-(−)-1-Aminotetraline; ( R )-1,2,3,4-Tetrahydro-1-naphthylamine Empirical Formula: C10H13N Linear Formula: (C10H11)NH2 Formula Weight: 147.22 MDL Number: MFCD00671629 …

  • Retinyl acetate


    pharmaceutical secondary standard; traceable to USP and PhEur Synonym(s): Vitamin A acetate; Retinol acetate; Vitamin A acetate Empirical Formula: C22H32O2 Formula Weight: 328.49 Linear Formula: C22H32O2 MDL Number: …

  • SIGMA Rc-Ome >=98% (HPLC)


    Synonym(s): (2E)-3-(2-hydroxy-5-methoxyphenyl)-1-(4-methoxyphenyl)-2-Propen-1-one; trans-6,4'-dimethoxyretrochalcone Empirical Formula: C17H16O4 Linear Formula: C17H16O4 Formula Weight: 284.31 Purity: ≥98% (HPLC) …

  • Empirical Formula: C9H13N Linear Formula: CH3C6H4CH(CH3)NH2 Formula Weight: 135.21 MDL Number: MFCD00145202 Purity: 98% Boiling Point: 205 °C(lit.) Density: 0.919 g/mL at…

  • Synonym: Hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine solution, Hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine CAS Number: 121-82-4 Empirical Formula (Hill Notation): C3H6N6O6 Molecular Weight: 222.12 Legal Information Snap-N-Shoot is…

  • SIAL Renin Substrate 1


    Synonym(s): Arg-Glu(EDANS)-Ile-His-Pro-Phe-His-Leu-Val-Ile-His-Thr-Lys(DABCYL)-Arg MDL Number: MFCD00284486 Storage: −20°C

  • analytical standard Synonym(s): NOGE 6-Ring (Novolac glycidyl ether) mixture of isomers; Novolac glycidyl ether 6-Ring Purity: ≥80.0% (HPLC) Storage: 2-8°C

  • Application: Metathesis: Ruthenium-Based Metathesis Catalysts Components: Grubbs Catalyst, 1st Generation, 97% 1G; Grubbs Catalyst, 2 nd Generation 100MG; Hoveyda-Grubbs Catalyst 2 nd Generation, 97% 100MG; Hoveyda-Grubbs Catalyst 1 st Generation 100MG;…

  • Rogosa SL agar


    for microbiology Storage: 2-8°C

  • Synonym(s): ( R )-(+)-4-Bromo-α-methylbenzylamine Empirical Formula: C8H10BrN Linear Formula: C8H10BrN Formula Weight: 200.08 MDL Number: MFCD00066025 Purity: ≥96.0% (sum of enantiomers, GC) Density: 1.390 g/mL at…

  • Synonym(s): (1 R )-1-[Bis[3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]phosphino]-2-[(1 R )-1-[bis(3,5-dimethylphenyl)phosphino]ethyl]ferrocene (acc to CAS); Josiphos SL-J008-1 Empirical Formula: C44H36F12FeP2 Linear Formula: …

  • Empirical Formula: C30H31ClN2O2RuS Linear Formula: C30H31ClN2O2RuS Formula Weight: 620.17 Melting Point: 260-268 °C Storage: 2-8°C



    Storage: −196°C

  • UNSPSC Code: 12352200 Components: cDNA Synthesis Buffer 5x concentrated; Transcriptor Reverse Transcriptase 20 U/μl; Deoxynucleotide Mix; dATP, pH 7.5 (20 °C); Reaction Buffer 10x concentrated; Terminal Transferase, recombinant; Control neo-RNA 1 ng/μl; Oligo dT-Anchor Primer;…

  • MDL Number: MFCD00213041 Storage: −20°C; −20°C

  • Synonym(s): 4,5-Dihydroxyanthraquinone-2-carboxylic acid; 9,10-Dihydro-4,5-dihydroxy-9,10-dioxo-2-anthracenecarboxylic acid; Rhubarb yellow Empirical Formula: C15H8O6 Linear Formula: C15H8O6 Formula Weight: 284.22 MDL…

  • Synonym(s): D-Norvalinol Empirical Formula: C5H13NO Linear Formula: CH3(CH2)2CH(NH2)CH2OH Formula Weight: 103.16 MDL Number: MFCD02683228 Purity: 97% Melting Point: 44-48 °C(lit.)

  • Empirical Formula: C26H34O6 Linear Formula: C26H34O6 Formula Weight: 442.54 Purity: ≥95% (LC/MS-ELSD) Storage: −20°C

  • Rocuronium bromide


    European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Reference Standard Empirical Formula: C32H53BrN2O4 Formula Weight: 609.68 Linear Formula: C32H53BrN2O4 MDL Number: MFCD00867768

  • Synonym(s): 2,4-Dichloro-N-isopropyl-N-(2-isopropylaminoethyl)benzenesulfonamide Empirical Formula: C14H22Cl2N2O2S Linear Formula: C14H22Cl2N2O2S Formula Weight: 353.31 MDL…

  • Synonym(s): N-(p-Hydroxyphenethyl)-4-hydroxynorephedrine hydrochloride Empirical Formula: C17H21NO3 -+ HCl Linear Formula: C17H21NO3 -+ HCl Formula Weight: 323.81 MDL Number: MFCD01657514

  • Synonym(s): Colon and small intestine-specific cysteine-rich protein; Colon carcinoma-related gene protein; Cysteine-rich secreted protein A12-α-like 1; Cysteine-rich secreted protein FIZZ2; RELM β; Resistin-like β MDL Number: MFCD05665422 Purity: ≥95% (HPLC); ≥95%…

  • Synonym(s): Osteoclast Differentiation Factor (ODF); Osteoprotegerin Ligand (OPGL); Receptor Activator of NF-KB Ligand (RANKL); TNF-related activation-induced cytokines (TRANCE) MDL Number: MFCD01867142 Purity: >90% (SDS-PAGE) Storage: −20°C

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