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  • Synonym(s): (±)-1-(1-Naphthyl)ethylamine; (±)-α-Methyl-1-naphthalenemethylamine Empirical Formula: C12H13N Linear Formula: C10H7CH(CH3)NH2 Formula Weight: 171.24 MDL Number: MFCD00004014 Purity: 98%…

  • Dye content 97 % Synonym(s): Phenol Blue Empirical Formula: C14H14N2O Formula Weight: 226.27 Linear Formula: C14H14N2O MDL Number: MFCD00001620 Melting Point: 133-134 °C(lit.) RTECS No.: GU5530000

  • (+)-Nootkatone


    analytical standard Empirical Formula: C15H22O Formula Weight: 218.33 Linear Formula: C15H22O MDL Number: MFCD04974578 Purity: ≥99.0% (GC) Melting Point: 35-39 °C Beilstein Registry Number: 4676969

  • Empirical Formula: C24H40N7O17P3S Linear Formula: C24H40N7O17P3S Formula Weight: 823.60 Purity: ≥85% Storage: −20°C

  • Synonym(s): N -Dodecanoyl- N -methylglycine sodium salt; Sarkosyl NL Empirical Formula: C15H28NNaO3 Linear Formula: CH3(CH2)10CON(CH3)CH2COONa Formula Weight: 293.38 MDL Number: MFCD00042728 …

  • Niobium Standard for ICP


    TraceCERT ® , 1000 mg/L Nb in nitric acid RIDADR: UN 3264 8 / PGIII

  • Synonym(s): 1-(Phenylsilyl)naphthalene Empirical Formula: C16H14Si Linear Formula: C16H14Si Formula Weight: 234.37 MDL Number: MFCD20441980 Purity: 96% Density: 1.069 g/mL at 25 °C Refractive Index: n 20/D 1.644

  • Synonyms: p -Nitrophenol Formula: O2NC6H4OH Formula Weight: 139.11 CAS No.: 100-02-7

  • Synonym(s): p -Nitrophenyl palmitate; Hexadecanoic acid 4-nitrophenyl ester Empirical Formula: C22H35NO4 Linear Formula: C22H35NO4 Formula Weight: 377.52 MDL Number: MFCD00047732 Storage: −20°C …

  • Neohesperidin


    analytical standard Synonym(s): ( S )-4'-Methoxy-3',5,7-trihydroxyflavanone-7-[2-O-(α-L-rhamnopyranosyl)-β-D-glucopyranoside]; Hesperetin 7- O -neohesperidoside; NSC 31048 Empirical Formula: C28H34O15 Formula Weight: 610.56 Linear Formula: …

  • CAS No.: 194920-57-5 Synonyms: N -{2-[2-(2-Aminoethoxy)ethoxy]ethyl}biotinamide trifluoroacetate salt; Biotin-DADOO Formula: C16H30N4O4S ¬? C2HF3O2 Formula Weight: 488.52 Linear Formula: …

  • Storage: 20-25°C UNSPSC Code: 41105339 RIDADR: NONH for all modes of transport Application: • The membrane discs are specifically suited for:Nonradioactive screening of phage or cosmid libraries with digoxigenin-labeled probes followed by detection with highly…

  • Synonym(s): 2-Hydroxy-5-nitrophenyl sulfate; 2-Hydroxy-5-nitrophenyl sulfate dipotassium salt monohydrate; p -Nitrocatechol sulfate dipotassium salt Empirical Formula: C6H3K2NO7S Linear Formula: …

  • SUPELCO No. 2 Fuel Oil


    refinery grade, 20,000 μg/mL in methanol, analytical standard RIDADR: UN 1230 3/PG 2

  • Synonym(s): 1-(Boc-amino)-2-methoxybenzene; N -(2-Methoxyphenyl)carbamic acid tert -butyl ester; tert -Butyl 2-methoxyphenylcarbamate; Boc- o -anisidine Empirical Formula: C12H17NO3 Linear Formula: C12H17NO3 Formula…

  • pore size 0.45 μm, diam. 47 mm, pkg of 50 ea Synonym(s): MEMBRANES NYLON 66 .45UM PK/50

  • Synonym(s): tert -Butyl-5-(tributylstannyl)thiazol-2-ylcarbamate Empirical Formula: C20H38N2O2SSn Linear Formula: C20H38N2O2SSn Formula Weight: 489.30 MDL Number: MFCD07787377 Melting Point: 78-86 °C

  • Formula: NiSO4 · 6H2O Formula Weight: 262.85 CAS No.: 10101-97-0 Legal Information: ReagentPlus is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC Packaging: 1 kg in poly bottle Packaging: 250 g in poly bottle

  • Formula: Ni(NO3)2 · 6H2O Formula Weight: 290.79 CAS No.: 13478-00-7 Purity: ≥97.0% (KT) Density: 2.05 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

  • Synonym(s): 1,2-Diamino-3-nitrobenzene; 3-Nitro- o -phenylenediamine Empirical Formula: C6H7N3O2 Linear Formula: O2NC6H3(NH2)2 Formula Weight: 153.14 MDL Number: MFCD00007722 Purity: …

  • ~98% (TLC) Synonym(s): 2,2'-bis(4-Nitrophenyl)-5,5'-diphenyl-3,3'-(3,3'-dimethoxy-4,4'-diphenylene)ditetrazolium chloride; 3,3'-(3,3'-Dimethoxy-4,4'-biphenylene)bis[2-(4-nitrophenyl)-5-phenyl-2 H -tetrazolium chloride]; p -Nitro-Blue tetrazolium chloride; p -Nitrotetrazolium blue; NBT;…

  • Synonym(s): 4- N -Boc-phenylboronic acid pinacol ester; tert -Butyl N -[4-(4,4,5,5-tetramethyl-1,3,2-dioxaborolan-2-yl)phenyl]carbamate Empirical Formula: C17H26BNO4 Linear Formula: C17H26BNO4 Formula Weight: 319.20 MDL…

  • Synonym(s): Azomycin Empirical Formula: C3H3N3O2 Linear Formula: C3H3N3O2 Formula Weight: 113.07 MDL Number: MFCD00005185 Purity: 98% Melting Point: 287 °C (dec.)(lit.) Beilstein…

  • Synonym(s): 2-Amino-4'-chlorodiphenylamine Empirical Formula: C12H11ClN2 Linear Formula: ClC6H4NHC6H4NH2 Formula Weight: 218.68 MDL Number: MFCD00007686 Purity: 97% Melting Point: 117-119 °C(lit.)

  • Empirical Formula: C10D7HO Linear Formula: C10D7HO Formula Weight: 151.21 MDL Number: MFCD00142671 Boiling Point: 278-280 °C(lit.) Melting Point: 94-96 °C(lit.)

  • Synonyms: N -Nitrosodibutylamine; Dibutyl nitrosamine Formula: C8H18N2O Formula Weight: 158.24 CAS No.: 924-16-3 Density: 0.9 g/mL(lit.)

  • Synonyms: 7-Ethyl-2-methyl-4-undecyl sulfate sodium salt; Sodium 7-ethyl-2-methyl-4-undecyl sulfate; Tergitol(TM) 4 CAS Number: 139-88-8 Formula: C14H29NaO4S Formula Weight: 316.43 Linear Formula: C14H29NaO4S MDL No.: MFCD00072416 Density: 1.06 g/mL at 20 C UNSPSC Code: …

  • Synonym(s): Acyl-neuraminyl Hydrolase; Receptor-destroying enzyme; Sialidase MDL Number: MFCD00131711 Activity: ≥0.1 units/mg solid (using mucin); Activity: ≥0.5 units/mg solid (using 4MU-NANA) Storage: −20°C

  • Formula: C17H27NO4 Formula Weight: 309.40 CAS No.: 42200-33-9 Biochem/physiol Actions: β-Adrenergic blocker

  • European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Reference Standard Empirical Formula: C19H21NO4 -+ HCl -+ 2H2O Formula Weight: 399.87 Linear Formula: C19H21NO4 -+ HCl -+ 2H2O MDL Number: MFCD00150901 Beilstein…

  • Synonyms: Trideuteronitromethane Formula: CD3NO2 Formula Weight: 64.06 CAS No.: 13031-32-8 Density: 1.183 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.) Packaging: 25 g in glass bottle Packaging: 5, 10 g in ampule

  • Synonyms: 2-(1-Naphthylamino)ethylamine dihydrochloride Formula: C10H7NHCH2CH2NH2 · 2HCl Formula Weight: 259.17 CAS No.: 1465-25-4 Purity: >98% Application: Coupling agent for the spectrophotometric…

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