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Reagents, N

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  • N,N-Diethylaniline

    Spectrum Chemical

    CAS No.: 91-66-7 UN No.: UN2432 Class: 6.1 Pkg. Group: PG III

  • Formula: CH3CH(NO2)CH3 Formula Weight: 89.09 CAS No.: 79-46-9 UN Number: UN2608 Purity: ≥96% Density: 0.992g/mLat 25°C(lit.) Packaging: 5, 100, 500 mL in glass bottle

  • Synonym(s): 4-Amino-3-nitrobenzotrifluorideine Formula: C7H5F3N2O2 Formula weight: 206.13 Purity: 98% CAS Number: 400-98-6 UN Number: UN2811 Hazard Class: 6.1 Packing Group: III Harmonized Tariff Code:  2921.43 Hazard Statements: H311-H302-H332-H315-H319-H335 Toxic in…

  • CAS No.: 172617-84-4 Synonyms: 3′- N -Desmethylazithromycin Formula: C37H70N2O12 Formula Weight: 734.96 Linear Formula: C37H70N2O12

  • Synonyms: n-BuLi; Butyl lithium; Butyllithium solution; Lithium-1-butanide CAS Number: 109-72-8 Formula: C4H9Li Formula Weight: 64.06 Linear Formula: CH3(CH2)3Li MDL No.: MFCD00009414 Boiling Point: 80 C Density: 0.775 g/mL at 25 C Storage: 2-8C Beilstein Registry Number:…

  • Synonym(s): N -(2-Aminoethyl)aniline Empirical Formula: C8H12N2 Linear Formula: C6H5NHCH2CH2NH2 Formula Weight: 136.19 MDL Number: MFCD00008162 Purity: 98% Boiling Point: …

  • Synonym(s): C12-NBD Ceramide; N-[12-[(7-Nitro-2-1,3-benzoxadiazol-4-yl)amino]dodecanoyl]-ceramide Empirical Formula: C36H61N5O6 Linear Formula: C36H61N5O6 Formula Weight: 659.90 MDL Number: …

  • 2-Nitroso-1-naphthol

    Spectrum Chemical

    CAS No.: 132-53-6

  • Nonidet P-40

    IBI Scientific

    NP-40 is a non-ionic detergent used to denature cell membranes without denaturing the protein. NP-40 detergent is used to solubilize cerbral GABA receptors and solubilization of proteins and lipids.

  • Storage: 20-25°C UNSPSC Code: 12352200 RIDADR: NONH for all modes of transport Features and Benefits: Microporous nylon 66 membrane on a polyester support, carrying positively charged quaternary ammonium groups. Contents: Membranes Application: • The physical…

  • ChromAR® NMP (N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone)

    Avantor - Macron Fine Chemicals™

    Formula:  C5H9NO Formula Weight:  99.13 Suitable for Liquid Chromatography and UV-Spectrophotometry

  • Synonym(s): N -Lauroyl-L-homoserine lactone; N -[(3 S )-Tetrahydro-2-oxo-3-furanyl]dodecanamide Empirical Formula: C16H29NO3 Linear Formula: C16H29NO3 Formula Weight: 283.41 MDL Number: MFCD11976890 Purity: …

  • Method: NitraVer® 3 Range: 0 - 0.2 mg/L or 0 - 0.5 mg/L Sample Size: 5 mL

  • Nitrate Reagent, NitraVer® 6, Low Range Range: 0-0.40 mg/L as nitrate-N Powder Pillows

  • Nitrogen, Nitrite, LR, NitriVer® 3 Reagent USEPA accepted for reporting wastewater analysis using Hach Method 8507 Method: Diazotization Range: up to 0.30 mg/L Sample Size: 10 mL 100/test

  • Synonyms: N-Me-D-Ala-OtBu·HCl Purity Limit: ≥ 95% (NMR) CAS No.: 405513-14-6 Molecular Formula: C8H17NO2·HCl Molecular Weight: 195.69 MDL No.: MFCD08275767 Appearance: White powder Storage Temperature: Store at 0-8°C

  • Formula: HNO3 Formula weight: 63.01 CAS Number: 7697-37-2 UN Number: UN2031 Hazard Class: 8 Packing Group: II Harmonized Tariff Code:  2808.00 Hazard Statements: H314-H272 Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. May intensify fire; oxidizer. Precautionary Statements: …

  • Naphtha, VM and P

    Spectrum Chemical

    CAS No.: 8030-30-6 UN No.: UN1268 Class: 3 Pkg. Group: PG II

  • Synonym(s): Acetic acid 4-nitrophenyl ester Formula: C8H7NO4 Formula weight: 181.15 Purity: 98+% CAS Number: 830-03-5 Harmonized Tariff Code:  2915.39

  • New Methylene Blue N

    Spectrum Chemical

    CAS No.: 6586-05-6

  • Nitrogen-Ammonia Reagent Set: Nessler Reagent, Mineral Stabilizer, Polyvinyl Alcohol Dispersing Agent USEPA accepted for reporting wastewater analysis (distillation required) using Hach Method 8038 Method: Colorimetric Range: 0-3 mg/L 250/test

  • SIGMA N-Z-Amine® HD


    Synonym(s): Peptone from casein

  • Nitrogen-Ammonia Reagent Set (Colorimetric Method) Salicylate Method contains: Ammonia Cyanurate Reagent Powder Pillows and Ammonia Salicylate Reagent Powder Pillows Sample: 10 mL 100 tests Powder Pillows

  • Synonym(s): O-(3,4-Dihydro-4-oxo-1,2,3-benzotriazin-3-yl)-N,N,N',N'-tetramethyluronium tetrafluoroborate, TDBTU Formula: C12H16BF4N5O2 Formula weight: 349.09 Purity: 98+% CAS Number: 125700-69-8 Harmonized Tariff Code:  2933.99 Hazard Statements: H315-H319-H335 Causes skin…

  • General purpose medium for the cultivation of a wide variety of microorganisms.

  • ~98% (TLC) Synonym(s): 2,2'-bis(4-Nitrophenyl)-5,5'-diphenyl-3,3'-(3,3'-dimethoxy-4,4'-diphenylene)ditetrazolium chloride; 3,3'-(3,3'-Dimethoxy-4,4'-biphenylene)bis[2-(4-nitrophenyl)-5-phenyl-2 H -tetrazolium chloride]; p -Nitro-Blue tetrazolium chloride; p -Nitrotetrazolium blue; NBT;…

  • Formula: KNO2 and CHCl in Water Formula Weight: Description: 1000 ppm N as Nitrite (3285 ppm NO2)

  • Formula: HNO3 Formula Weight: 63.01 CAS Number: 7697-37-2

  • EC Number: 231-786-5 General Description Each package, when mixed with sulfuric acid, makes 5 pt of cleaning solution. Metal-free, non-polluting, EPA recommended, non-carcinogenic. Legal Information NOCHROMIX is a registered trademark of Godax Laboratories, Inc.

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