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Reagents, C

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  • Cyclosporine, USP

    Spectrum Chemical

    Grade: USP CAS No.: 59865-13-3

  • 2-Chlorophenyl Isothiocyanate

    Spectrum Chemical

    CAS No.: 2740-81-0 UN No.: UN2810 Class: 6.1 Pkg. Group: PG III

  • Chemical synonyms: 2-Hydroxy-1-(2-hydroxy-4-sulfo-1-naphthylazo)-3-naphthoic acid; 3-Hydroxy-4-(2-hydroxy-4-sulfo-1-naphthylazo)naphthalene-2-carboxylic acid; Cal-R Product Brand: Analytical Density (g/cm3): 1.14 Molecular weight: 438.41 Molecular formula: C21H14N2O7S

  • Cadmium Metal, Mossy, Reagent

    Spectrum Chemical

    Grade: Reagent CAS No.: 7440-43-9 UN No.: UN3288 Class: 6.1 Pkg. Group: PG II

  • UNSPSC Code: 12352200 RIDADR: NONH for all modes of transport Features and Benefits: Use cOmplete Protease Inhibitor Tablets to protect your proteins from a wide range of proteases. In just minutes, uninhibited proteolytic activity can degrade the protein you have spent days isolating. Each…

  • Cobalt Carbonate Basic, Powder

    Spectrum Chemical

    CAS No.: 12602-23-2

  • DPD Method, Free Chlorine Reagent Powder Pillows Pack of 100 USEPA accepted for reporting drinking water analysis using Hach Method 8021 Sample Size: 10 mL Range: up to 2.00 mg/L For best results use with a Hach colorimeter or spectrophotometer. Backed by over 20 years of DPD experience!

  • Storage: 2-8C UNSPSC Code: 23201100 Features and Benefits: Use cOmplete, Mini Protease Inhibitor Tablets to protect your proteins from a wide range of proteases. In just minutes, uninhibited proteolytic activity can degrade the protein you have spent days isolating. Each of these convenient…

  • CAS Number: 6132-04-3 Harmonized Tariff Code:  2918.15 Hazard Statements: H318 Causes serious eye damage. Precautionary Statements: P280-P305+P351+P338-P310 Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several…

  • ALDRICH Carbendazim, 97%


    Synonym(s): BCM; Methyl 2-benzimidazolecarbamate; Methyl benzimidazol-2-ylcarbamate Formula: C9H9N3O2 Formula Weight: 191.19 CAS No.: 10605-21-7 UN Number: UN3077 Purity: 97% Packaging: 100 g in poly bottle

  • Empirical Formula: C6H3Br2Cl Linear Formula: Br2C6H3Cl Formula Weight: 270.35 MDL Number: MFCD00070765 Purity: 95% Melting Point: 91-94 °C(lit.)

  • Synonyms: Cyclo(-Phe-Phe) Purity Limit: ≥ 99% (TLC) CAS No.: 2862-51-3 Molecular Formula: C18H18N2O2 Molecular Weight: 294.35 MDL No.: MFCD00190985 Appearance: White powder Comments: It is found in chicken essence, is a dual inhibitor of the serotonin transporter, and…

  • Synonym(s): MWCNT; MWNT; Multiwall carbon nanotube Purity: >90% carbon basis Melting Point: 3652-3697 °C(lit.) Density: 1.7 g/mL at 25 °C; ~2.1 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

  • Formula: CaCO3 in HCl

  • Synonyms: 3ß-Hydroxy-5-cholestene5,6-Cholesten-3-ol Grade: Ultra Pure Purity Limit: 99+% CAS No.: 57-88-5 Molecular Formula: C27H46O Molecular Weight: 386.7 MDL No.: MFCD00003646 Appearance: Fine white crystalline powder Melting Point: 144-152 ºC Optical Rotation: -34 to…

  • Synonyms: 2-Butenal, mixture of cis and trans CAS Number: 4170-30-3 Formula: C4H6O Formula Weight: 70.09 Linear Formula: CH3CH=CHCHO MDL No.: MFCD00007003 Purity: >=99.5% (GC) Boiling Point: 101-102 C(lit.) Density: 0.853 g/mL at 20 C(lit.) Refractive Index: n20/D 1.437 …

  • Analysis Note 1000 mg/L Cu in 2% nitric acid, prepared with high purity Cu metal, HNO3 Trace SELECT® and water Trace SELECT®Ultra General Description This certified reference material (CRM) is produced and certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO Guide…

  • SIAL Chloroform


    contains 100-200 ppm amylenes as stabilizer, ≥99.5% Synonym(s): Methylidyne trichloride; Trichloromethane Empirical Formula: CHCl3 Formula Weight: 119.38 Linear Formula: CHCl3 MDL Number: MFCD00000826 Purity: ≥99.5% Boiling Point: …

  • Storage: 2-8°C UNSPSC Code: 12352200 RIDADR: NONH for all modes of transport Application: Clostridium collagenase from Roche has been used to prepare cells from many types of tissue, such as hepatocytes, adipocytes, pancreatic islets, epithelial cells, muscle cells, endothelial…

  • Powder Pack Reagents are pre-measured, unit dose, reagents in a convenient foil package. These DPD reagents have been specifically formulated and will provide accurate results with Lovibond and other manufacturer’s spectrophotometers, colorimeters and test kits. Lovibond Powder…

  • Synonym(s): 4-Chloro-3-methyl-1 H -pyrrolo[2,3- b ]pyridine Empirical Formula: C8H7ClN2 Linear Formula: C8H7ClN2 Formula Weight: 166.61 MDL Number: MFCD15529289 Purity: 97% Melting Point: 184-189 °C

  • Synonyms: N -Chloro- p -toluenesulfonamide sodium salt Formula: CH3C6H4SO2NClNa · 3H2O Formula Weight: 281.69 CAS No.: 7080-50-4 Purity: ≥98.0% (RT) Supplemental Hazard Statements: Contact with acids liberates toxic gas. …

  • m-Cresol, 0.99


    Synonyms: 1-Hydroxy-3-methylbenzene; 3-Hydroxytoluene; 3-Methylphenol CAS Number: 108-39-4 Formula: C7H8O Formula Weight: 108.14 Linear Formula: CH3C6H4OH MDL No.: MFCD00002302 Purity: 0.99 Boiling Point: 203 C(lit.) Melting Point: 8-10 C (lit.) Density: 1.034 g/mL at 25…

  • Chloramine T Sodium Salt Trihydrate is a reagent for selective oxidation of methionine. It is used as an antibacterial agent; a topical antiseptic. Capable of oxidative cyclization to produce various heterocycles. Nitrene source for aziridinations and aminohydroxylations. Reactant for Preparation…

  • Synonym(s): Cesium dodecafluorododecaborate Empirical Formula: B12Cs2F12 Linear Formula: B12Cs2F12 Formula Weight: 623.52 Purity: 97% Melting Point: >600 °C (dec.)

  • CAS Number: 519-62-0 Formula: C55H70MgN4O6 Formula Weight: 907.47 Linear Formula: C55H70MgN4O6 MDL No.: MFCD00079053 Purity: ~95% (HPLC) Melting Point: 183-185 C (lit.) Storage: -20C Beilstein Registry Number: 4122778 EC Number: 208-272-4 UNSPSC Code: 12352200 …

  • Storage: 2-8°C UNSPSC Code: 12352200 RIDADR: NONH for all modes of transport Features and Benefits: Contents: Lyophilizate, nonsterile Application: Collagenase from C. histolyticum is used for the dissociation of tissues for the establishment of primary cell cultures.…

  • Formula: C7H3ClN2O2 Formula weight: 182.57 Purity: 99% CAS Number: 16588-02-6 Harmonized Tariff Code:  2926.90 Hazard Statements: H315-H319-H335 Causes skin irritation. Causes serious eye irritation. May cause respiratory irritation. Precautionary Statements: …

  • CAS Number: 7440-43-9 Formula: Cd Formula Weight: 112.41 Linear Formula: Cd MDL No.: MFCD00010914 Purity: >=99% Boiling Point: 765 C(lit.) Melting Point: 320.9 C (lit.) Density: 8.65 g/mL at 25 C(lit.) Beilstein Registry Number: 8137359 EC Number: 231-152-8 UNSPSC…

  • Chlorpromazine impurity D


    European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Reference Standard Synonym(s): Desmethylchlorpromazine; 3-(2-Chloro-10 H -phenothiazin-10-yl)- N -methylpropan-1-amine Empirical Formula: C16H17ClN2S Formula Weight: 304.84 Linear Formula: C16H17ClN2S

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