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  • Hand Held Barcode Scanner


    The compact hand held barcode scanner, 4ti-4060, delivers the speed typical of laser scanners on any barcode, including both 1D and 2D codes. It is capable of scanning 2D codes, as found on FrameStrips®, Break-A-Way plates, Cryotubes and Cryovials, including codes from other…

  • SAFE® READ Multi Standard Reader

    LVL technologies

    The SAFE® Read Single Express 2D reader offers easy, out-of-the-box set up and is delivered pre-calibrated and ready to read. This instrument can read all racks in the SBS format, regardless of the configuration or number of tubes, and by a quick and easy change of mask (included as standard)…

  • LabElite® I.D. Reader

    Hamilton Storage Technologies

    Automated Barcode Reading The high-speed I.D. Reader automatically decodes 2D barcoded tubes on most common tube racks, including honeycomb-shaped racks, providing complete sample tracking during processing. Features of the I.D. Reader Processes a 96-format tube rack in less…

  • Code Reader CR1500 Barcode Reader

    Brady Worldwide

    Scan it and go. Make reading 1D and 2D barcodes extremely fast and more reliable than ever with the CR1500 omnidirectional barcode reader. Compact, lightweight and rugged design survives your tough industrial environments Boasts a high-performance scan engine and intuitive targeting to…

  • SampleScan Plus 2D Barcode Readers

    Argos Technologies

    SampleScan Plus - Single Tube Reader Scans tubes in one second Scans 1D & 2D codes Small footprint, measures only 4”L x 4”W x 5.5”H Weighs only 2.5lbs Compatible with Mac or PC

  • SingleScan™ and PluraScan™ Bar Code Readers

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    The WHEATON SingleScan Bar Code Reader makes sample traceability easy. The SingleScan Bar Code Reader is a sophisticated 2D Data Matrix and 1D Linear Bar Code Reader capable of reading bar codes from a wide range of manufacturers and label printers. Plug and play design enables easy…

  • SAFE® 1D Rack Reader

    LVL technologies

  • SAFE® Access Defrost Roller

    LVL technologies

    The formation of ice on the bottom of the tubes can make the reading process difficult. This is especially true, if the samples are stored in the nitrogen gas phase. So that the 2D codes can be read quickly in such cases, it not only requires a good reader but also the rapid removal of ice from the…

  • Samples Management Software


    A sample management system optimised for your laboratory’s needs Samples is a laboratory sample management tool designed to keep your sample storage inventory organised. Samples software includes a host of features designed to streamline your sample storage workflows and makes adding…

  • Cryo.s™ Rack Scanner

    Greiner Bio-One

    Ideal for Labs Scanning Frozen Racks With the Cryo.s™ Rack Scanner Greiner Bio-One provides an optimum solution for scanning ambient temperature or frozen Cryo.s™ with Datamatrix and Cryo.s™ Biobanking tubes in SBS-formatted racks. Scans and decodes one rack in 8-10…

  • SAFE® READ Single Tube

    LVL technologies

    SAFE® READ Mini Stationary (Thomas No. 1148T10) 2D code single tube reader Fast scanning of 2D tubes Compatible with SAFE® and other 2D tubes Keyboard Wedge setting allows data entry directly into your application Strong mineral glass window Decoding software with…

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