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Cytiva Protein Blotting Instruments

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  • TE 62 Transfer Cooled Unit New hinged cassettes molded of tough, glass-filled polyethersulfone for increased durability. Transfer four standard gels or 16 mini-gels. Load cassettes easily with even contact between the gel and transfer membrane. Secure, sturdy electrode panels lock…

  • Blot Module


    Blot Module Perform 1-D and 2-D electrophoresis and electrotransfer in a single compact unit. Cast, run, and blot mini-gels in four streamlined components: gel module, blot module, lower buffer chamber, safety lid. Run two mini-gels or four mini-blots at once, using 10 × 10.5 cm gel cassettes…

  • TE 22 Mini Tank Transfer Unit Perform protein and nucleic acid transfers in less than 1 h. Transfer four mini-gels up to 9 x 10 cm in about 1 l of buffer. Control transfer temperature through built-in alumina heat exchanger. Set up transfers quickly with the hinged, color-coded cassettes. …

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