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  • Finnpipette F2-series GLP Kits

    Thermo Scientific

    Experience Good Laboratory Pipetting Finnpipette F-series GLP Kits include everything you need: 3 or 4 Finnpipette F2 pipettes 1 F-stand (6-position) 3 Racks of Thermo Scientific Finntip Flex tips 15 Disposable reservoirs (assorted) 1 USB stick 1 F-series pen, brochure & pipetting…

  • Tips for Finnpipette Digital Single Channel Pipets.

  • Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ F1 GLP Kits offer a variety of single channels in a range of volumes that are packaged with compatible Finntips, and a convenient pipette stand to support good laboratory pipetting in your lab. Select the kit that is right for you, and take advantage of…

  • Finnpipette™ Novus GLP Kits

    Thermo Scientific

    Thermo Scientific* Finnpipette Novus GLP Kits provide ergonomic and easy-to-use Finnpipette Novus pipetters in an all-inclusive kit containing everything you need for pipetting. Finnpipette Novus delivers performance with greater ease-of-use and reduced risk of injury. Unique to Novus, the…

  • Finnpipette MCP Stand

    Thermo Scientific

    Thermo Scientific Finnpipette stand holds Finnpipette pipetters when not in use Pipette stand for one multichannel pipette

  • The enhanced volume adjustment on Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ F1 Variable Volume Pipettes is now silent and effortless with textured adjustment knob for a firmer feel when setting volumes. The adjustable finger rest, and lightweight design maximizes comfort without sacrificing…

  • Finnpipette™ F1: Everything you want in your everyday, go-to pipette Great for set protocols and QA environments, Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ F1 Fixed Volume Pipettes deliver a light, smooth pipetting action and an adjustable finger rest to maximize your comfort. For…

  • S1 Pipet Fillers

    Thermo Scientific

    Thermo Scientific* S1 Pipet Filler is a lightweight, cordless pipet filler that allows longer, fatigue-free pipetting—for use with graduated and volumetric glass and plastic serological pipettes. Ergonomically designed, the S1 Pipet Filler offers simple efficient pipetting performance and…

  • Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ Novus Multichannel Electronic Pipettes feature a wide range of models for common laboratory tasks, such as repetitive dispensing into 96- and 384-microplates. The lightweight handle and unique index-finger operation are designed to prevent muscle stress…

  • Ten pipetting functions Nine speeds Intuitive menu Finnpipette Novus ergonomic and lightweight design takes account of each part of your hand and your pipetting motion, to keep stress and exertion to a minimum. The adjustable finger rest takes the load off your hands and ensures…

  • Finnpipette Stand

    Thermo Scientific

    Rugged, molded supports will not wobble or shift Pipettors are hung by finger rest on aluminum crossbar to avoid contamination

  • Silver (Ag) ions create an antimicrobial surface which inhibits growth of bacteria, microbes and fungus New Advanced Volume Gearing mechanism enhances pipetting performance and increases accuracy/precision/durability Easy set and forget pipetting button contains a lock mechanism to adjust the…

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