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  • AEROSOL FILTER TIPS prevent pipettor contamination and sample carry-over. Recommended for sensitive PCR work where contamination can be detrimental to assay results. In addition to pipetting DNA or RNA solutions, filter tips are also recommended for pipetting hazardous solutions containing…

  • Tip Cone Filter Sets

    Sartorius Products (Biohitfamily)

    Prevents liquid or liquid vapors entering into internal mechanism of pipettor, even in case of over-aspiration. Protects samples from carryover contamination.

  • MLA Seal Kits

    VistaLab Technologies

    Seal Kits   For repairing fixed-volume MLA pipets of size indicated on listings. Include grease and sealing rings sufficient for one pipet. Replacement Nozzle Insert is for MLA Microliter Pipets.

  • THOMAS CLEARANCE SALE! 50% OFF! Original Price: $60.30 CLEARANCE PRICE: $30.15* * Sale price valid only on current stock. Additional units may be available for purchase at original price. Sales are on a first ordered, first served basis. NOTE: Image might not…

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