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Leneta Paint Testing, Physical

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  • Designed for informal brushout applications, the paper stock is thicker than regular chart paper to give greater rigidity for more convenient handling. They are also used widely for drawdowns and colorimetric measurements. Form 5DX is a black and white brushout card The top is white and…

  • Opacity Charts Test pattern is a simple combination of black and white areas large enough for wide aperture reflectance measurements. Charts comply with all test methods specifying charts of such design. Dimensions: Form 2A - 5 1/2" x 10"; Form 5C, 3B - 7 5/8" x 11 3/8"; Form 14H - 11 1/4" x…

  • Form WDX is a plain white card with convenience hole at top. Special sizes available upon request

  • Aqueous dispersions of detergents, cellulosic thickener and preservative Media is adjusted and tested to assure batch-to- batch uniformity. Each container is fully identified by batch number and shipping date. Contents of unopened containers are guaranteed standard in performance for one year.…

  • This form was designed for use with the Leneta Anti-Sag Meter and finds additional use with the Leneta Leveling Test Blade. Its special characteristic is the provision of an applicator path with a considerable length of black in the middle. Thus by making test observations only over the black area,…

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