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  • Made of high impact polystyrene This rugged tray used as a drain rack can hold up to 200 microscope slides in 100 individual numbered slots. All slides are stored upright for easier insertion and removal. Simply tilt them forward and backward with one finger to easily and rapidly pick up the…

  • At last a tamper evident multi purpose container for mailing, staining or storing microscope slides. Constructed of extra-strong and clear polypropylene, it will hold up to 4 standard 3 x 1 in. or 75 x 25 mm slides vertically. Inside channels are slotted to keep slides safely separated.…

  • Base made of high impact polystyrene / Cover made of polystyrene The Junior model can hold up to 200 slides per unit in just 860 cm3 (53 cu. in.) and is stackable for space efficient storage. Each SlideFile™ Jr. includes a slide box and a removable tray. A tinted hinged cover makes the…

  • SlideTray™ microscope slide holder made of HIPS lasting many years even under the most adverse conditions. The SlideTray™ will hold up to 20 microscope slides in an almost horizontal position. Each slide can be easily removed and placed back in its position. The SlideTray™ is…

  • Made of high impact polystyrene This model is similar to the M710-100 DrainRack™ and can hold up to 100 microscope slides in 50 individual numbered slots. Will resist temperatures between -80 °C and +80 °C. Not autoclavable.

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