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  • Ultraviolet UV Light Meter - UV-A/B

    Sper Scientific

    Measure damaging UV (ultraviolet) light in the environment and museums UV degradation studies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, semiconductor, printing, window tinting, and other industries Laboratory chromatography, electrophoresis and forensics Test UV sterilization and dermatology lamps in…

  • Radiometer Light Meters

    Solar Light

    Solarmeter® Models Standard UVA Meter Solarmeter® radiometers are compact, handheld radiometers with simple pushbutton operation and NIST-traceable accuracy. The Solarmeter® Models Standard UVA Meter measures the UVA region from 320-400nm. Applications for this device include…

  • Thomas Traceable® Dual Range Light Meter


    Color correction filter Unit recalls highest, lowest and average readings Analog output for strip and chart recorders (0.1 millivolts per digit) Accuracy is ±(5% plus 2 digits) Ranges in Lux are 0 to 1999 (1 Lux resolution), 2000 to 19,900 (10 Lux resolution) and 20,000 to…

  • Digi-Sense Data Logging Light Meter


    Ensure lighting standards and increase system efficiencies Designed for precision light intensity measurements indoors and out. Ensures safety and quality control requirements are met while increasing comfort levels and productivity. View measurement data in graphical formats as well as…

  • UVX Radiometer

    Analytik Jena

    This digital UVX Radiometer is used with one of the three interchangeable sensors (ordered separately) for measuring 254nm, 365nm and 302nm UV wavelengths. Measurement of lamp irradiance is the most effective way to monitor the useful life of any UV light source. Main Features Order…

  • Pocket-Size Foot Candle Light Meter


    Features: Large 3-1/2 digit (1999 count) LCD with over-range indication Two ranges: 200.0 (0.1Fc) and 2000 (1Fc) 5% basic accuracy Precision color-corrected, photo-diode sensor Battery operated with low battery indication Complete with 9V battery, remote light sensor with 47" (1.2m)…

  • Broad Range Light Meter

    Sper Scientific

    Compact and portable; can be used to monitor light levels anywhere or to check lux level of a specific light source Range: 0.1 to 400,000 lux, 40,000 fc Extra large LCD (1 1/2” high) with bar graph Quick, accurate responses Selenium cell photosensor is hermetically sealed…

  • Standard Portable Lux Meter

    Milwaukee Instruments

    The light is necessary for the development of the plants. In fact, it is necessary a sufficient contribution of light in order to favor the photosynthesis and the closing of the plants. The supplement of light by means of lamps electrical workers is the method simpler and economic in order to bring…

  • Lu-mini Luminometer

    Vitl Life Science Solutions

    Maximize your bench space with our compact, lightweight and low-cost luminometer. Introducing the Lu-mini, a robust, single-tube, benchtop luminometer which can be used for a wide variety of assays including, luciferase assays, ATP assays, cell-based assays for drug discovery and many more. We…

  • Blak-Ray Direct Reading Ultraviolet Intensity Meter

    Analytik Jena

    Photovoltaic device for measuring the intensity of UV light sources Unit is ideal for monitoring germicidal lamp irradiance, measuring Q.C. Inspection lamps and producing accurate and repeatable measurements for critical experiments Certified to be within UVP’s published standards…

  • Light Meter Datalogger


    Automatically stores up to 16,000 readings or manually store/recall up to 99 readings Wide range to 40,000Fc or 400,000 Lux Cosine and color corrected measurements Utilizes precision silicon photo diode and spectral response filter Peak mode (10µS) captures highest reading Relative mode…

  • Traceable® Dual-Display Light Meter


    Dual displays show lux or foot-candles, or percent differential from a reference point, and the selected light source (daylight, tungsten, fluorescent, or mercury). Traceable® light meter has computer output that allows it to be connected to a computer or data logger for monitoring and keeping…

  • Pocket Meters

    Sper Scientific

    Easily carried in a shirt pocket These tiny meters are less than ¾" thick and weigh only 4oz (120g). The controls, display and sensor are all neatly contained and protected within the folding case. Directions are printed right inside the cover. When open, the sensor may be extended for…

  • Light Meters Lux/FC

    Sper Scientific

    Fast, stable and accurate response Light Meter Lux 840006 Monitor light levels anywhere with fast, stable and accurate response. Results are easily read on t he extra large digits ( 7/8" high, 2 2mm) t hat also indicates w hen t he battery is low or the reading over range. The color and…

  • Foot Candle/Lux Light Meters


    Includes analog output and fast/slow response feature 401025 is a Foot Candle/Lux Meter which measures light level to 5000FC (foot-candles) and 50,000 Lux with a 5% accuracy using a precision photo diode and color correction filter. Meter features fast/slow response time and an analog output…

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