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  • PC200 Portable pH/Conductivity Meters

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    The labForce TS-PC200 Portable pH/Conductivity Meter combines advanced digital processing technology and software design, specially designed for all types of professional pH and conductivity measurements. The meter has a ±0.01 pH accuracy in a range of -2.00-19.99 pH., with 0-100°C…

  • Digital Density/Specific Gravity Meter


    This density meter is easy to grip and control even when you're wearing thick work gloves. The narrow 1" (2.5 cm) depth lets you maneuver in tight spaces. Meter features a pipette-style pump for good sample flow control — no bellows or bulb to rupture and leak. To draw in a sample,…

  • PH200 Portable Meter Kit for Soil

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    The labForce TS-S200 Portable pH Meter is designed for professional direct soil pH measurements. The 3-in-1 POM pH/Temp. Electrode uses Polymer electrolyte, Long-Life reference system, and a unique blue spear sensor tip, making precise direct soil pH measurement easier than ever. This soil pH…

  • 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter


    Meets EPA Method 180.1 Single-standard RapidCal™ calibration offers the simplest solution for low-level measurements Single-step verification and on-screen assisted calibration eliminates the need to reference complicated manuals Optional USB module enables simple data transfer. All data…

  • Ultraviolet UV Light Meter - UV-A/B

    Sper Scientific

    Measure damaging UV (ultraviolet) light in the environment and museums UV degradation studies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, semiconductor, printing, window tinting, and other industries Laboratory chromatography, electrophoresis and forensics Test UV sterilization and dermatology lamps in…

  • PH200 Portable Meter Kit for Purified Water

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    The labForce TS-W200 Portable pH Meter is designed for professional pH measurement of purified water such as drinking/RO/distilled/deionized water and other low ion-concentration solutions. The 3-in-1 Glass pH/temp. Electrode uses a moveable sleeve junction, Long-Life reference system, and a…

  • Waterproof pH Meter


    PH90 is a Waterproof ph Meter. Featuring a rugged, waterproof (IP57) housing with Flat Surface Electrode for measuring pH in liquids, semi-solids, and solids and also displays temperature on the large LCD. The electrode does not break or get junctions clogged like the traditional glass bulb probes.…

  • pH 700 Benchtop Meter


    Compact footprint is over 40% smaller than other benchtop meters Large display permits easier readout viewing Datalogging allows you to store and recall up to 100 data sets The easy-to-use, microprocessor-based pH 700 benchtop meter measures pH, mV, relative mV, and temperature. The…

  • EasyPlus™ Density Meters

    Mettler Toledo

    Affordable density meters (specific gravity meters) for daily applications Simple and Affordable Designed to bring simplicity to your operation, the compact METTLER TOLEDO EasyPlus Density Meters are suitable for a variety of industries whether in your lab or near your production…

  • Tracer Pocketester


    Pocket-sized ISE meter with interchangeable sensor modules Waterproof design with rubberized housing Automatic shut-off and low battery indicator Memory saves calibration values and stores up to 15 readings Chlorine and pH also display sample temperature PockeTester…

  • pH/Conductivity/TDS/ORP/Salinity Meter


    Large LCD built into adjustable "flip-up" cover displays measurement and Temperature simultaneously Microprocessor based with splash proof housing and front panel tactile touch pad to slope and calibrate Rugged design for handheld or benchtop use; neckstrap for…

  • Star A113 Dissolved Oxygen Benchtop Meter

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    Thermo Scientific Orion Star A113 Dissolved Oxygen Benchtop Meters combine simplicity with accuracy. Icons provide quick updates on battery life and completed calibration status. Simple button layout and onscreen messages help with calibration and setup menu choices. Features and Benefits…

  • Conductivity/pH Ultrameter

    Myron L

    pH/ORP Sensor protective cap Memory for 20 readings Display prompts for simple pH calibration Temperature compensation This meter has a reading accuracy of ±1%, which has been achieved through advanced four-electrode conductivity cell technology, a unique pH/ORP sensor…

  • Star A111 pH Benchtop Meter

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    Thermo Scientific Orion Star A111 pH Benchtop Meters combine simplicity with accuracy. A large LCD displays pH or mV readings along with temperature. Icons provide quick updates on battery life, electrode status and calibration information. Simple button layout and onscreen messages help with…

  • PosiTector® Coating Thickness Gages


    All Gages Feature: Simple Ready to measure—no calibration adjustment required for most applications Enhanced one-handed menu navigation Flashing display—ideal in a noisy environment RESET feature instantly restores factory settings Durable Solvent, acid, oil, water and dust…

  • Conductivity Calibration Solutions


    Calibrate your equipment for maximum accuracy Reagent-grade secondary standards Traceable to NIST standards 1,000, 10,000, 50,000 and 100,000 µmhos/cm Each bottle includes detailed instructions and a table of corrections at temperatures between 20 and 30°C. Packaged…

  • HQ40D Portable pH & Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Meter


    Designed for your water quality laboratory applications measuring pH and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), the Hach HQ40D portable multi meter is a two channels advanced handheld digital meter that takes the guesswork out of measurements. The Hach HQD digital multimeter combines reliability,…

  • PH200 Portable Meter Kit for Dairy Products

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    The labForce TS-D200 Portable pH Meter is designed for professional pH measurement of dairy products (milk, buttermilk cream, yogurt, etc.) and other liquid food such as jam, BBQ sauce, syrup, etc. The 3-in-1 Glass pH/Temperature Electrode uses Proselyte electrolyte, Silver Ion Trap reference…

  • Model D7 Polarimeter

    Bellingham & Stanley

    Enclosed dual scale Micrometer drum LED light source Intensity control 90-230V~, 50/60Hz Lightweight Small footprint For over 40-years, the Model D polarimeter and sodium lamp outfit has been the primary choice of leading industrial and academic institutions throughout the…

  • LiquiMobil Flow Indicator


    LiquiMobil flow indicator made of SAN is mainly suitable for cooling systems and helps to reduce water consumption considerably because the cooling water flow can be adjusted better. Not suitable for aggressive substances. Flow indicators give precise visual indication of the flow velocity of…

  • Calibrated Flowmeters For Liquids And Gases


    Chemically compatible, Teflon® and glass construction Calibrated/correlated Accuracy ±2% of reading Repeatability ±1% Choose these flowmeters for economy and accuracy in low-pressure applications (for higher pressure capability, see 5080K60 series). Specially designed Teflon® stops allow…

  • MultiLine® IDS Series of Multi-parameter Portable Meters


    The WTW MultiLine IDS series of meters are the first of their kind, redefining the way electrochemical measurements are conducted. The innovative, digital technology of the MultiLine IDS series eliminates the need for dedicated meters for specific parameter measurements; now, measuring is simply a…

  • FiveEasy™ pH/mV Meters

    Mettler Toledo

    The well-priced pH/mV and conductivity FiveEasy and FiveEasy Plus benchtop meters are the perfect choice for a wide range of laboratory applications. Time is an ever more valuable asset. Thanks to the Five's intuitive operation, sleek design and simple data export functions, you can…

  • Large Display Salinity Pen & Large Display Conductivity Pen

    Sper Scientific

    1 year warranty CE Mark Highly stable and accurate readings with large LCD display. Designed for simple one-hand operation. Simultaneously displays the parameter being measured and temperature in ºC or ºF. Features automatic temperature compensation, 2 pt. calibration, auto power off, hold…



    Replacement sample cells for use with portable turbidimeters. Pack of six sample cells with caps

  • pH 5+ Meter


    High ±0.01 pH accuracy at economical prices Reads pH and temperature Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) All push button operation Three-point pH calibration Auto buffer recognition Hold function; Auto-off Use with most pH electrodes with BNC connectors …

  • Star A215 pH/Conductivity Benchtop Multiparameter Meter

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    The Thermo Scientific Orion Star A215 pH/ Conductivity Benchtop Meter is the ideal choice for any lab. Get the information you need quickly and easily from the large, backlit graphic LCD display. Informative display shows individual pH/mV/RmV or conductivity/TDS/salinity/ resistivity results…

  • Digi-Sense Data Logging Light Meter


    Ensure lighting standards and increase system efficiencies Designed for precision light intensity measurements indoors and out. Ensures safety and quality control requirements are met while increasing comfort levels and productivity. View measurement data in graphical formats as well as…

  • Multi 3320 Set 1 pH/Dissolved Oxygen/Conductivity Meter


    Multi 3320: The Environmental Expert The Multi 3320 for measurement of pH, ORP, ISE, conductivity and dissolved oxygen (electro chemical) is a perfect meter for environmental applications in ground and surface water, aqua culture, waste water treatment plants and much more. An integrated ISE…

  • 3320 Multi-Parameter Portable Meters


    pH/Cond 3320:  Professional pH/conductivity meter with 2 inputs (DIN, 8 pin socket), backlit graphic display, for mobile application with data logger and USB interface. Single instrument including short instruction manual, CD-ROM and batteries, cable. pH/Cond 3320  SET 2: …

  • Portable pH Meter with Temperature

    Sper Scientific

    Advanced pH Meter Reads either pH (in 0.01 resolution) or mV in large digits, with time, date, and temperature (in ºC or ºF) shown simultaneously on the lower display. Also indicates stable reading, low battery and displays calibration data. Scroll 99 data points with time stamps and min/max…

  • 2100Qis Portable Turbidimeter


    The Hach 2100Qis Portable Turbidimeter offers unsurpassed ease of use and accuracy in turbidity measurement. Only Hach offers this unique combination of advanced features and measurement innovation, giving you accurate results every time. The USB+Power Module provides additional benefit by…

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