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Bioline Membrane Filtration Media

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  • Ready-to-use molecular weight marker, designed for easy size determination of nucleic acids from 50 bp to 2000 bp. Product Highlights Broad size range – 15 evenly distributed bands from 50 bp to 2000 bp Easy to orientate – several brighter reference bands Stable…

  • The 14 regularly spaced, easy to remember bands, ranging from 200 bp to 10,037 bp, with higher intensity reference bands at 1000 bp and 10,037 bp and a doublet band at 1500/1517 bp allow for easy identification and orientation of your band at a glance.

  • HyperPAGE is a broad range protein marker containing 9 purified prestained recombinant proteins with molecular weights ranging from 10 kDa to 190 kDa, ideal for molecular weight determination for a wide range of expressed proteins. The proteins are prestained and resolve into 4 blue and 5 pink…

  • EasyLadder I


    5 regularly spaced bands, ranging from 100 bp to 2000 bp, EasyLadder™ I is a molecular weight marker especially designed for fast size determination of linear double-stranded DNA fragments on 0.5% to 3% TAE or TBE agarose gels.

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