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  • Percoll®

    MP Biomedicals

    Percoll® is a medium for density gradient centrifugation of cells, viruses and subcellular particles. Percoll® is composed of colloidal silica coated with polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), which renders the material completely non-toxic and ideal for use with biological materials. Centrifugation…

  • Phosphate Buffered Salts, Dulbecco's Formula (DPBS) is a balanced salt solution (BSS) used for the handling and culturing of mammalian cells. DPBS is used to to irrigate, wash, and dilute mammalian cells. Phosphate buffering maintains the pH in the physiological range. Calcium and magnesium…

  • Yeast extract powder is a vacuum dried autolyzed yeast extract produced from 100% Baker's yeast. It is a concentrated source of soluble protein components, carbohydrates, and B Complex vitamins natural to yeast. Yeast extract is used as a bacteriological media component for a variety of…

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