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  • Petrifilm™ Yeast and Mold Count Plate

    3M Food Safety

    3M™ Petrifilm™ Yeast and Mold Count Plates identify food borne yeast and mold in your food products and in your food processing environment. Yeasts are easily differentiated from molds on the plate: - Yeasts are typically indicated by small, blue-green colonies with defined edges…

  • Agar Medium O (Baird Parker Agar)


  • Bottle Trichophyton Agar 4 500G


  • DRB200 Digital Reactor Block


    Easy-to-use and fast The Hach DRB 200 Dry Thermostat Reactor provides unique one-key operation. Programs for Hach procedures with digestion are preprogrammed into the instrument. And it’s fast—the block heats from 20 to 150°C in less than 10 minutes. Safe to operate The…

  • Salmonella H Antiserum F 3mL


  • Petrifilm™ Rapid Yeast and Mold Count Plate

    3M Food Safety

    The 3M™ Petrifilm™ Rapid Yeast and Mold Count Plate method is faster and easier than the traditional agar method that requires a five-day incubation period. Yeast and molds can grow in a wide range of conditions in raw materials, finished products and production environments,…

  • Recombinant Canine IL-24

    IBI Scientific

    The Recombinant Canine protein IL-24 has a gene ID of 609213. The proteins are lyophilized and are reconstituted with PBS containing at least 0.1% carrier protein. The calculated M.W. is 18.2kDa. The proteins are expressed in a yeast system and endotoxin free.

  • Fro-Marker

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    A wide tipped pen designed for use with frozen sections. The pen provides a sticky membrane which when applied to the slide and onto which the section is placed it eliminates the section from falling off, moving, or wrinkling on the slide during immunostaining procedures. The membrane is stable up…

  • Sheep Blood, Defibrinated

    Hardy Diagnostics

    Our animal blood is obtained from a controlled herd that is kept free of antimicrobic drugs and disease. All animals are maintained in a healthy condition and treated humanely in accordance with government regulations. Fresh blood is delivered to Hardy Diagnostics every week. We ship to our…

  • Bottle Corn Meal Agar BBL 500G


  • Sucrose, A.R.


    Synonym: Dihydro-2,5-furandione; D-(+)-Saccharose; d-glucopyranoside. Molecular Formula: C12H22O11 Molecular Weight: 342.30 CAS No.: 57-50-1 Shelf Life: 4 years

  • Granulated Super Broth


    Granulated Super Broth is for mass cultivation of Escherichia coli.

  • Jensen’s Broth


  • Bifido Selective Supplement B


    A selective supplement recommended for the isolation of Bifidobacterium species by colony count technique from milk products. Storage and Shelf Life Store at 2-8°C. Use before the expiry date on the label.

  • Cultrex® 3-D Spheroid Fluorometric Proliferation/Viability Assay


    The 3-D Spheroid Fluorometric Proliferation/Viability Assay provides a useful tool for modeling tumor response in vitro. The kit utilizes a 3-D Culture Qualified 96 Well Spheroid Formation Plate alongside a specialized Spheroid Formation ECM to drive aggregation and/or spheroid formation of cells.…

  • SS Agar, Modified


    Salmonella and Shigella are gram-negative, facultatively anaerobic, non-sporulating rods in the family Enterobacteriaceae . They are widely distributed in animals, infecting mainly the stomach and the intestinal tissues. SS Agar is recommended as differential and selective medium for the…

  • Petrifilm™ Enterobacteriaceae Count Plate

    3M Food Safety

    An indicator in the 3M™ Petrifilm™ Enterobacteriaceae Count Plate colors all colonies red. The top film traps gas produced by some bacteria. Acid-producing bacteria are  seen as red colonies surrounded by yellow zones. Bacteria producing gas and/or acid are considered to be…

  • Petrifilm™ E. coli/Coliform Count Plate

    3M Food Safety

    3M™ Petrifilm™ E. coli/Coliform Count (EC) Plates contain Violet Red Bile (VRB)  nutrients, a cold-water-soluble gelling agent, an indicator of glucuronidase activity,  and an indicator that facilitates colony enumeration. Most E. coli (about 97%)  produce…

  • Petrifilm™ Coliform Count Plate

    3M Food Safety

    3M™ Petrifilm™ Coliform Count (CC) Plates contain Violet Red Bile (VRB) nutrients, a cold-water-soluble gelling agent, and a tetrazolium indicator that facilitates colony enumeration. The top film traps gas produced by the lactose fermenting coliforms. U.S. Food and Drug…

  • Petrifilm™ Rapid Aerobic Count Plates

    3M Food Safety

    3M™ Petrifilm™ Rapid Aerobic Count Plates (RAC) feature technology that facilitates colony enumeration in just 24 hours for most food matrices / environmental samples and resists distortion caused by spreader colonies. Aerobic count bacteria are present in a variety of food…

  • Pail Todd Hewitt Broth 2Kg


  • Corning Matrigel Matrix


  • Bottle Macconkey Broth 500G


    Dehydrated culture media. Selective medium for detection of gram-negative, lactose fermenting coliforms in water and foods.

  • ISP Medium No. 3


  • Bottle Koser Citrate Medium 500G


  • Lindemann Orchid Macroelements


      Technical Data Sheet

  • Cetrimide Agar

    General Lab Products

    Base for the Isolation and Cultivation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

  • Attest™ Biological Indicators and Test Packs for Steam

    3M Food Safety

    48 hour result (brown cap) and 24 hour result (blue cap) biological indicators and test packs for steam sterilization cycles Biological indicators that monitor the effectiveness of the steam sterilization process and provide results within 24-48 hours. Biological indicators provide the best…

  • Melin-Norkrans Medium, Modified


    Media for the isolation of fungi from mixed microbiological samples Dehydrated Appearance: cream to tan powder Soluble in water Working Concentration: 20.82 g/L Contains: Ammonium Phosphate Monobasic Calcium Chloride FeNaEDTA Magnesium Sulfate Potassium…

  • Swab-Samplers

    3M Food Safety

    Swab in pre-filled bottle with various diluents. Benefits Swab reaches into corners and hard-to-reach areas for increased accuracy. Convenient design helps improve sampling consistency from tech-to-tech and plant-to-plant. Bottles have ample headspace for sample addition and…

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